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Friday, February 19, 2016

North Carolina, Neoliberal Political Operative Busted Peddling #BernieSoBlack Dirty Politics at Daily Kos

There was a recent brouhaha over at the Daily Kos. Someone with a dormant account showed up out of nowhere and dropped a #BernieSoBlack smear hoax. It's currently available in Google cache. Just search the title.

Her username is cook for good.

That person is extremely weird. On her website, she explains how she used to work for the Military-Industrial Complex.

Not. A. Regular. Guy.

Before folks start groaning that this will be another entry on Hal Turner, no worries. I think Linda Watson is a political operative, not spy factory material.

The hoax fits too snugly into the kind of dirty politics the Hillary people are well-known for doing. They are scared s_ _ _less about Bernie. They are desperate to keep the assumed monolithic Black vote firmly in H.'s back pocket.

This is not my first convolution rodeo. Thus, I am able to go with a Bernie zen-styled socratisation.

If this is one's first such rodeo, they might want to take a bubble bath instead. This is my personal lesson for the rest of internet bubbleboy freak society. There is more to life than having to fricken solve every wackadoo viral nonsense that hits the computer screen.

Yet, since we've already opened this can of worms, here goes.

Linda Watson is the start and finish to the whole enchilada with perhaps one or two other persons I could possibly smear with truth staples. Then add to that a few useful idiots, political operative sock puppets, and some paid useful idiots, and there's the hoax explained placing myself yet again on top of the zeitgeist.

The intended narrative: Nutty "cook for good" is a BernBot volunteer working under Aisha Dew, Bernie's state director for North Carolina. Linda drops a nasty BernieSoBlack entry making it seem Reverend Barber of Moral Mondays didn't want Bernie people at the march, but of course Hillary people were welcomed to attend. In short, Bernie sucks and Black people don't like him or any other lily-white Bern Bros/Babes. But since this was simply a misunderstanding between well-meaning BernBots, it's best that we hush hush what happened. It's the overzealous campaign volunteer schtick or something.

The entry was scrubbed as it well should have been. It apparently reached Barber's attention and he mentioned that "lies" had been posted on Daily Kos. It was a non-partisan event. His movement as a non-profit or wtf could get in a lot of trouble if it starts blending in with specific candidates.

So that's the narrative.

Everything got scrubbed and by necessity must remain top secret because Bernie people f_ _ _ _ _ up. That's the ticket.

I'm mailing the rest of this in. I do not know the person above, but she's obviously a Kos Kop.

Aisha Dew is so quiet. There is a Chris Telesca who seems legit but who is also very quiet and refusing to explain wtf happened. I asked him about Watson and yellow dogs. Linda Watson used to run something called Wake Up Yellow Dogs. She is not a regular guy and thus can be seen for the political operative that she is.

My conclusion is that Telesca and Dew are remaining quiet because they got socially engineered and feel embarrassed. Not only that, they have been gaslighted to feel that they are hurting the Bernie campaign. They don't want this fake story hitting the media. Neither of them seem to have had anything to do with the situation except it's on them to be transparent which they refuse. They are in nothing to see here, let's move along mode.

gratuitous link on gaslighting written up by a shrink

Buried in a new DKos entry allegedly explaining wtf happened are screenshots of the emails exchanged between Dew and Watson.

Look up yellow dog. Those are democrats who vote up and down the ballot for "democrats" no matter what. They are the people least likely to lean towards Bernie and most likely to be Hillary Clinton supporters.

The kingpin from what we see begins and ends with Linda Watson. This was her agitprop baby. She owns it in the cache of the original entry:

Watson had to keep pushing the envelope, no? Has Dew fired her? Aisha Dew has basically put her fingers in her ears while saying, "I'm not listening. Please go away. Someone please make this go away."

There is one more person involved I wish to mention. Her name is Lucy Butcher.

Hush it everyone or we won't get our revolution. Bernie people are to blame.

No, Linda Watson was to blame. She socially engineered the whole thing. Lucy's role was to publicise the hoax.

Breaking News: I interrupt this blog entry to share with you a shocking expose on BernBroBots by investigative reporter Carl Diggler.

"CARL DIGGLER EXCLUSIVE: I Went Undercover Inside A Bernie Bro Online Harassment Gang"

Lucy Butcher is quite the wackadoo. She wrote the following in dm's which I relayed to Chris. I was doing him a favor. He wanted my personal info and to talk on the phone.

I'm not gonna replay the whole flame fest that followed between myself and Chris. I just wanted to ask a few questions. He got very paranoid.

I think the guy got played. He's also got no clue what social media is. He is like a Colonel Samuel Flagg, very suspicious.

I will wrap this up with some more on Lucy and then go back to Cook for Good, then call it fin.

The hoax needed someone to deliver it, a fake reporter so to speak. Lucy Butcher filled that role.

Lucy is what it is referred to as a concern troll.

Hmmm, what's all this?

I thought it was interesting there was a second company in the building which does political consultancy. Bernie spoke of everything but the kitchen sink getting tossed at him. I do not know if Watson is a Hillary operative or more of an internal DINO neoliberal troll within North Carolina politics. Linda Watson made the mess and Lucy Butcher provided the spin.

I got a little CookGood action in at Twitter. I have been just a regular guy asking all these various people wtf happened.

                                                                 yellow dog apples are the best

Not. A. Bern. Bot. It was some kind of dirty politics to make Bern look bad or it was some old-school Hal Turner schtick. I am going with the former because CookieGood has a political background.

She likes to retweet Alex Jones.

I do thank her for admitting to the yellow dog identity, although it's easy for anyone to google and verify. I didn't see much out there. Although I did see enough proof that she has a political operative background. She's no Julia Child coming out of nowhere feeling the bern.


And now the money screenshot, connecting AppleFace to the Netroots. You can't make this stuff up.

I also located proof Watson has donated money to one of Hillary's buddies, Jen Granholm.

It's the same Linda Watson above. It's the same address.

Granholm is a miserable person. Only a blue dog would support her. I've seen her on t.v. and supertrolled her on Twitter. I found a link on the other politician and it looks like he was involved in some scandals. But I don't care. This is not my job to blog. This is unpaid all for free from me to you the readership.

Nonetheless, I don't mind little puzzles like this which are sort of like fat fastballs with little velocity, right over the plate for me to smash out of Fenway Pahk.

I've got a few more screenshots I want to unload on ye. It will probably be in the form of bonus convolution in the form of even more screenshots. I am tired of this writing racket.

Yes and check this person below who disputes Watson's narrative.

Sometimes convolution sounds like Hal Turner. Other times it sounds like dirty politics. Check out this next concern troll. How is the clown below not a paid fake? Who thinks like this?

Hmmm. The Michael Bouldin troll who cybersmeared Dave Weintraub also showed up. Such people are referred to as Kos Kops.

To wrap this up, I'll go with what I tweeted below for my final answer. I want to get to the bonus convolution.

el fin

DFQ2 Infotainment Intermission Before Bonus Convolution Coverage

Here is a Youtube still shot screenshot to be the equivalent of the DFQ2 movie preview:

It's only four minutes and this was my reaction:

Without further ado, here is the rest of the DFQ2 intermission material. Kudos to the video creator. That's great stuff.

                                       "LEAKED: Hillary's Angry Reaction To Bernie's Primary Win"

Bonus Convolution Coverage:

I apologise if folks are on devices that don't like this many screenshots. I had no choice. I am a tired blogger. I'd rather write something original and more free-form style. I am not used to being an embedded political reporter covering the Democratic Party presidential race.

What I wanted to say is that I have been vindicated by Ben Dixon. He has taken on as many Black elites as possible in his capacity as a BernBot. He is a member of "family." He's not some pasty white dude like me calling others Uncle Toms. I can't help it. No one believes me, but in my previous life I was Lenny Bruce. Dave Chappelle liked my work from the previous incarnation. I don't know what else I can say. But anyway, even donkeytale appreciates Ben Dixon. The kid definitely has potential. And my saying that is not white paternalism nor a BroBot-ism. 

Ben is prolific, no doubt. I am not going to track down the video, but he recently said, "Charles Blow can be tossed into the same batch," or something very close to that. So yes, I've been vindicated. Charles Blow is a blowhard, period. Vindication is sweet.

Where DeRay Mckesson equated charter schools to a Black Panthers community service program. It doesn't get more wow, just wow than this:

bonus Black Elite screenshots:

@ColorArousal is Francis Holland. He is a verified HillaryBot.

I don't know wtf happened to him, but his Twitter account is on protected status.

The last Black person I will go after in this entry is Oliver Willis. He works at David Brock's Media Matters. They are tied to the Netroots and the whole stinking fake left, social media.

He's a DNC operative as revealed in the archived blogroll:

Oliver Willis is a neoliberal.

Charlton Heston with the fake Latino moustache doesn't look for parties. He seeks truth akin to a Kung Fu but on the computer and with a goofy westernised version of the grasshopper schtick.

Some people are simply f_ _ _ _ _ up. They are sociopaths suffering from authoritarian personality disorder. They are shallow and despicable neoliberals, period.

While Amerikkka cries out for social and environmental justice, others are wastes of space and not our allies.

Anyway, the Celtics play at Utah tomorrow night, then Saturday is Nevada! Go Bernie!

I'm done, done. That's it. I think Bernie can do this.

                                  Rotary Connection - Respect - 1969 [Psych-Soul]

fin fin