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Saturday, February 13, 2016

DFQ2 projects Bernie Sanders as winner of the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination

Bernie put on a clinic last night. His current delegate lead is 36-32. The Nevada caucus is a week from today. Technically it is Saturday as I start this laborious chore of writing. Nevada is worth 35 delegates. South Carolina is two weeks from today. It is worth 53 delegates. The big day is obviously March 1st called Super Tuesday. The delegates will be flying all over the place on that date.

The super delegates do not count. They are not set in stone. Bernie's path to the nomination is simple. He needs to beat Hillary in regards to actual votes. Moving the field goalposts is never effective. The phrase flip-flop gets applied. Hillary is backed into a corner. Younger people have just finished up high school and in college or otherwise still aware of the history they learned. No one can prove Bernie has reached a certain threshold to become the front runner, though it certainly feels that way especially after last night!

The new poll out of Nevada (pdf) has Bern vs. H. tied at 45%.

I have no clue about the polling company Target Point. I immediately see that 59% of the respondents were female. They also seem to lean towards older people. It comes down to Target Point's credibility, I suppose.


Target Point Consulting Calls Stranger At Home To Insult Him

Anyway, that's a pretty funky poll. Feel free to take a look at it for yourselves. I'm ready to move on. I still contend polling is obsolete. I'm only whining about polls because the coverage is poll driven. Now if donkeytale is correct that people are smarter than they seem, that's great news. The overwhelming rush to the ballot box by young people classified as Millennials is nothing short of a social movement.

This is why DFQ2 has decided to just say f_ _ _ it, this one is over. Bernie has this in the bag. He is a political genius. I've never seen him run for an election. I have known about him forever. People complained that he was a sheepherder. I said to have patience, that Bernie does attack. Bernie has his own style. Last night was the final proof anyone should need that Bernie is a politician who wins elections.

Think of Sanders in terms of internet fun and blog games. He knows how to play the game. He doesn't react to trolls. He lets the opponent troll himself. He lets the reader decide.

Bernie used to be the underdog in his races. That's what he was with this one. He is getting tons of money from regular people. Hillary is up the creek. Those Super PAC ads are going to have to admit at the end they were paid for by such and such. There will be no this is Hillary, I approve the ad, my b _ _ _ _ _ _.

Hillary postponed Wall Street fundraisers for after the NH primary. We shall see. If she tries to have one of those, watch and see how quickly the Progressive Army pounces on her. Bernie did this the last time. I think Hillary ended up canceling or postponing something. Bern made a tweet. I did my part by retweeting. It was democracy through Twitter in theory.

I guess this wasn't so laborious. But that's because this effort was actually mailed in. Usually when I say such and such a blog entry has been mailed in, I'm really being humble and am not gonna say damn, that's good stuff.

Harry Belafonte, man. That's what I'm talking about.

I'm sorry about John Lewis. I know he was a great guy, but he's got a few nuts and bolts clanking around inside his noggin'. Barbara Boxer? Wtf is her excuse?

How many of these DINO neoliberals know exactly what they're doing and who is some mindless automaton?

Barney Frank? Al Franken? Frank Burns?

I simply feel Bernie has this thingie won. I've felt that way for a while now. This is mystical. This is as profound as it gets.

Henry. Kissinger.


donkeytale said...

Lenny Doritos exposes himself?

It's all good mi amigo.

donkeytale endorses DFQ2's projection.

The yellow Mao tent coat (also worn by Hillary when last seen blowing Goldman Sachs chairman Lenny Blankcheckstein) was the topper.

That yellow thingie is seared into the nightmare id of Amerikkka, right below the lacquered hairdo.

She cannot win. No chance. Bet oniy

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks for the link. Yes, it is all good.

What is up with Hillary's wardrobe?

Why does the Beacon post Maddow's show without any write-up?

Why did they write up a trollish title?

Yes on the connection with Goldman Sachs. I am curious where you found that. I know because Jeanette put it together. She was like, "Hmmm. Where have I seen that outfit before?"

Telegenic theory pointed me to question the burlap bag outfit she wore at a previous debate.

She is obviously trying to hide the true shape of her body.

I understand she is an abuela and our metabolisms slow as we age. I also know it can be perceived as sexist to harp on a woman's weight. Or to put it this way, why are fat men jolly and women not in regards to stereotypes?

She seems to be putting on weight as the political season continues.

I am not promoting polls as you insinuate, my friend. I've known donkeytale for 25 years, no, about seven years. I respect and am friends with donkeytale. We disagree on some things.

The only thing you have proven is that great minds think alike, as in myself and Rachel, another of my friends.

I got a lot of mentions at Twitter this morning. I can go day after day receiving no Twitter love. When you get mentions, there is a notification box that lights up. It can be quite terrifying. You never know what's gonna be in there.

It was a false alarm. Instead of getting trolled on, I received all retweets/likes (favourites). I went after another Black man. :/

It was on some clown at the Washington Post who is spinning Bernie as a fraud for pimping one of those photos which Capehart says isn't Bern.

I saw this last night. I don't mean Capehart's piling on. I only noticed him this morning. Anyway, the genesis of this was from a Time Magazine article. It is still there and I'll look for it if you like. It's basically a big fat retraction with the disinfo still there.

It'd be like writing up a long piece and then having to update it with, "Sorry guys. None of that is true. My bad. Later."

Lenny Fritos said...

There's a chance your tinfoil is correct. The conservatives are so dense, maybe they want Bernie as the challenger instead of Secretary/Senator/FLOTUS Hillary?

I did say the poll was very funky. And as my friend Maddow points out, it is odd how the polling companies have been nowhere to find lately.

Polls schmolls is not off the table.

Maybe the polling company is new and saw an opportunity to fill a space? Maybe they felt putting them at a tie was a good guesstimate? I did see the opinion that the poll was slanted, almost akin to a push poll.

We shall see if your tinfoil wackadoo theory is correct?

God bless Ben Dixon, Jeanette, and the American people. And Tim Black. He's pretty good too. We the random nobodies are figuring out new paths to becoming the ideal media that the mainstream media is incapable of being.

It seems we are in agreement that no one knows anything about the votes. The only thing we have to go is zeitgeist sniffing. C. Wright Mills coined it as the sociological imagination.

Lenny Fritos said...

I must come clean that the DFQ2 projection was made by me, myself, and Irene. I am no better than the CBC PAC. I am no better than Seargeant Wasserman Schultz who now admits the super delegates are there to prevent a grassroots movement winning the nomination.

There is a lot of Sun Tsu art of war going on, imho.

Bernie is a genius. I imagine you were watching the debate and got goosebumps. Henry? Kissinger? Bern is playing political chess while Hillary is still trying to master checkers?

I knew Bernie would do this and that's why I have won the political internet this early in the 2016 presidential regular season. I am Golden State, though I am still trying to figure out who the Spurs are. Maybe that's the coronation media?

Some guy said Bern only has to win 35% of SC's Black vote to win the state. Nevada comes first. This is great stuff. I am not as nervous about Nevada and SC than of Super Tuesday. If we are feeling this good on March 2nd, then the projection stands and I won't make any retractions.

Folks will probably argue that H.A. Goodman won the internet. Nope. He said Martin O'Malley would come in second place in Iowa.

Goodman placed the earliest bet is all.

I, on the other hand, was more professional and was not going to blindly call the election without due diligence, i.e. zeitgeist sniffing.

There is so much going on. Erica Garner. DWS. My friend Belafonte. I do think Bernie will win Nevada. I am keeping an eye on polls. I mean, we've come this far, we might as well keep on checking out polls and the occasional 538 chatter.

We are perhaps looking at the glasnost/perestroika of Amerikkka in real time?

If politics were food, this is all very delicious? I'm done?

donkeytale said...

No doubt the GOP is trying to engineer Bernie as the candidate.

In classic agent double 0 soul fashion, however, the scheme will backfire and Bernie will win it all.

In fact, if DFQ2 is predicting the nom, we might as well also predict the general election too.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks for the tune! No sarcasm.

I can't keep up with all the mentions at Twitter. Thankfully most of it is retweets, so I am under no obligation to respond. None of us know each other at Twitter. You and I know each other. Twitter also has the 140 character restriction, so often times it's all a bunch of small talk.

Well, to be clear, I called this one early that it was Red Sox/Yankees 2004, that whoever wins Bern or H. is winning it all.

I recant half of that. I am no longer sure Hillary will win the presidency if she wins the nomination. That feeling changed around the time Bernie or Bust started getting pushed.

donkeytale said...

Scalia dead. I'll always remember him for busting up laughing out loud when Stephen Colbert eviscerated W during that White House Correspondent dinner. That was pretty cool as all the other fascists sat there in shock

But this is huge and a vindication of the Obama game of inches. I remember having this very argument

What is this, his third SCOTUS selection?


Next President Bernie owes a HUGE debt to Obama's ability to get re-elected. Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

very argument with Byron and Fairleft vis vis backing Obama over Jill Stein or staying home...Bernie will have a SCOTUS majority and possible to regain Senate majority.

donkeytale said...

GOP already saying "wait until President."

BULLSHIT!!!! there is no longer a majority on the SCOTUS. One of the major advantages for winning the WH is the ability to apt SCOTUS.

This will become a huge campaign issue, the Demotards need to begin exploiting as soon as the ourning period is over.

Lenny Fritos said...

I had to nap. I'm not built for Twitter success. It was sensory overload. Here it's good. You usually know where to go, to one spot, if you want to say junk. If not, one starts a new mailed in full-featured blog entry.

At Twitter, you open up those notifications and anything over ten of them is wtf territory.

My initial reaction to Scali was doing a chicken dance. I posted the Mark Ames photo from back when Mark Ames was cool and not part and parcel of Peter Thiel's empire.

Talk about a sellout. In fact, it has taken Scalia's death to remind me indirectly about Pando. Soon I will forget about them again for months or possibly years.

Yes, bingo, this is great news. That five-four fascists versus regular guys supreme court is now tied at four with Obama as tiebreaker.

Hillary should have switched parties. Jim Webb should have switched parties.

Yeah, there was yourself going up against the Nader/Stein coalition. I know for a fact now that our friend Kevin Shadowztola is not a paid fake. Otherwise, he wouldn't have revived your posts from Firedoglake.

This will backfire on the Republicans. I agree. This could help with the political revolution. You mentioned zen. Yup. It's a form of reverse-trolling. It's all about Sun Tzu for the progressive army. To H., it is about Suzy Q's. But that's sexist. It's also laziness to keep harping on her weight. The point is people are figuring out how to be effective rather than frustrated.

It's tough to put into words. Bernie Sanders is blowing my mind. Sure, I predict his victory as a sport's homer. I am caught up in the euphoria of social movement. It is pinch me, is this real time. It's like Red Sox 2004 down 0-3 to the Yankees. After each win, we were crazy enough to ask, why not us?

But no one if they are honest will say I had it the whole way. Bern is gaining confidence because he finally sees the path to the nomination I mailed in above. He is dangerous in that he poses a true threat to the coronation. He might even be the front runner. Harry Belafonte? He is just one more vote, but a good one. He quickly neutralises the John Lewis schtick.

And the Millennial thingie? That is turning into money in the voting bank. They are on the streets for Black Lives Matter. I know students shouldn't get too much credit for social movement. You will say it takes a village of unions, blah blah, et al, and I will say there is nothing in what Colonel Donkeytale says that I disagree with.

You know when I decided to call this election for Bernie? It was when he went into the Kissinger schtick. So apparently Bernie is friends with Hillary, respects her, and disagrees, but Henry Kissinger is no friend of mine while Hillary loves him silly.

I saw in Hillary's eyes, "Damn, he is good at this shite."

He disarmed Hillary. He let her go, "Thanks, Bernie."

He suckered H. into thinking, "What a cute, little mensch man sheepherding me some vote. I want to pinch his cheek!"

Bernie is a pool shark. Just replace billiards with politics. Or use the chess/checkers analogy. It's all good with chips and salsa.

Lenny Fritos said...

I just checked the stats. Apparently we are expanding DFQ2 into a worldwide 500 or wtf country campaign. We now have virtual offices all across Canada. We have moved beyond the base of England and France and am stretching into the adjacent European areas. We won Russia months ago. After securing Germany, we will move South into Africa coinciding with a ground game into South America. I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

Okay, I have an explanation for why our Canadian numbers have rocketed. When Poppy and Lamont Hill said Bernie said all lives matter, I found out Canada has a law against the media spreading disinfo.

The tweet I made that triggered the notification avalanche was saying Capehart from the WP could never get away with what he did in Canada.

So I went to google to see if I could find the link I used to condemn CNN.

I couldn't find much. It looks like the Canadian truth in broadcasting law might have been watered down.

Anyway, the Canadian regular guys I know at Twitter are now looking into it. A few of them must have clicked on this blog's link in my Twitter profile.

I guess the moral of the story is to study Sun Tzu and then apply the wisdom to reverse-trolling for good operations.

People can no longer get away with stuff it seems. Look at Wasserman Schultz or Hillary. Look at David Brock. Everything those clowns attempt to do to Svengali the election backfires. It's possible we have hit critical mass awareness. Think 100th Monkey effect.

I hope our projection stands and Bernie becomes president. From my own stupid perspective, I'd be gobbling up everything at that point; 538 bawling like babies. H. being frog-marched to prison or at least to political retirement. Blah, blah blah.

I'm talking about a perfect feeling we may be experiencing in the near future.

New supreme court.

Bernie with executive order pen/ability to keep us out of imperial wars.

That we have broken through a wall that has been in place for as long as societies have formed.

That there is light at the end of the inequality/war tunnel.

Mostly though, I am looking forward to Harry Enten's social media downfall. I am not perfect.