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Friday, February 19, 2016

North Carolina, Neoliberal Political Operative Busted Peddling #BernieSoBlack Dirty Politics at Daily Kos

There was a recent brouhaha over at the Daily Kos. Someone with a dormant account showed up out of nowhere and dropped a #BernieSoBlack smear hoax. It's currently available in Google cache. Just search the title.

Her username is cook for good.

That person is extremely weird. On her website, she explains how she used to work for the Military-Industrial Complex.

Not. A. Regular. Guy.

Before folks start groaning that this will be another entry on Hal Turner, no worries. I think Linda Watson is a political operative, not spy factory material.

The hoax fits too snugly into the kind of dirty politics the Hillary people are well-known for doing. They are scared s_ _ _less about Bernie. They are desperate to keep the assumed monolithic Black vote firmly in H.'s back pocket.

This is not my first convolution rodeo. Thus, I am able to go with a Bernie zen-styled socratisation.

If this is one's first such rodeo, they might want to take a bubble bath instead. This is my personal lesson for the rest of internet bubbleboy freak society. There is more to life than having to fricken solve every wackadoo viral nonsense that hits the computer screen.

Yet, since we've already opened this can of worms, here goes.

Linda Watson is the start and finish to the whole enchilada with perhaps one or two other persons I could possibly smear with truth staples. Then add to that a few useful idiots, political operative sock puppets, and some paid useful idiots, and there's the hoax explained placing myself yet again on top of the zeitgeist.

The intended narrative: Nutty "cook for good" is a BernBot volunteer working under Aisha Dew, Bernie's state director for North Carolina. Linda drops a nasty BernieSoBlack entry making it seem Reverend Barber of Moral Mondays didn't want Bernie people at the march, but of course Hillary people were welcomed to attend. In short, Bernie sucks and Black people don't like him or any other lily-white Bern Bros/Babes. But since this was simply a misunderstanding between well-meaning BernBots, it's best that we hush hush what happened. It's the overzealous campaign volunteer schtick or something.

The entry was scrubbed as it well should have been. It apparently reached Barber's attention and he mentioned that "lies" had been posted on Daily Kos. It was a non-partisan event. His movement as a non-profit or wtf could get in a lot of trouble if it starts blending in with specific candidates.

So that's the narrative.

Everything got scrubbed and by necessity must remain top secret because Bernie people f_ _ _ _ _ up. That's the ticket.

I'm mailing the rest of this in. I do not know the person above, but she's obviously a Kos Kop.

Aisha Dew is so quiet. There is a Chris Telesca who seems legit but who is also very quiet and refusing to explain wtf happened. I asked him about Watson and yellow dogs. Linda Watson used to run something called Wake Up Yellow Dogs. She is not a regular guy and thus can be seen for the political operative that she is.

My conclusion is that Telesca and Dew are remaining quiet because they got socially engineered and feel embarrassed. Not only that, they have been gaslighted to feel that they are hurting the Bernie campaign. They don't want this fake story hitting the media. Neither of them seem to have had anything to do with the situation except it's on them to be transparent which they refuse. They are in nothing to see here, let's move along mode.

gratuitous link on gaslighting written up by a shrink

Buried in a new DKos entry allegedly explaining wtf happened are screenshots of the emails exchanged between Dew and Watson.

Look up yellow dog. Those are democrats who vote up and down the ballot for "democrats" no matter what. They are the people least likely to lean towards Bernie and most likely to be Hillary Clinton supporters.

The kingpin from what we see begins and ends with Linda Watson. This was her agitprop baby. She owns it in the cache of the original entry:

Watson had to keep pushing the envelope, no? Has Dew fired her? Aisha Dew has basically put her fingers in her ears while saying, "I'm not listening. Please go away. Someone please make this go away."

There is one more person involved I wish to mention. Her name is Lucy Butcher.

Hush it everyone or we won't get our revolution. Bernie people are to blame.

No, Linda Watson was to blame. She socially engineered the whole thing. Lucy's role was to publicise the hoax.

Breaking News: I interrupt this blog entry to share with you a shocking expose on BernBroBots by investigative reporter Carl Diggler.

"CARL DIGGLER EXCLUSIVE: I Went Undercover Inside A Bernie Bro Online Harassment Gang"

Lucy Butcher is quite the wackadoo. She wrote the following in dm's which I relayed to Chris. I was doing him a favor. He wanted my personal info and to talk on the phone.

I'm not gonna replay the whole flame fest that followed between myself and Chris. I just wanted to ask a few questions. He got very paranoid.

I think the guy got played. He's also got no clue what social media is. He is like a Colonel Samuel Flagg, very suspicious.

I will wrap this up with some more on Lucy and then go back to Cook for Good, then call it fin.

The hoax needed someone to deliver it, a fake reporter so to speak. Lucy Butcher filled that role.

Lucy is what it is referred to as a concern troll.

Hmmm, what's all this?

I thought it was interesting there was a second company in the building which does political consultancy. Bernie spoke of everything but the kitchen sink getting tossed at him. I do not know if Watson is a Hillary operative or more of an internal DINO neoliberal troll within North Carolina politics. Linda Watson made the mess and Lucy Butcher provided the spin.

I got a little CookGood action in at Twitter. I have been just a regular guy asking all these various people wtf happened.

                                                                 yellow dog apples are the best

Not. A. Bern. Bot. It was some kind of dirty politics to make Bern look bad or it was some old-school Hal Turner schtick. I am going with the former because CookieGood has a political background.

She likes to retweet Alex Jones.

I do thank her for admitting to the yellow dog identity, although it's easy for anyone to google and verify. I didn't see much out there. Although I did see enough proof that she has a political operative background. She's no Julia Child coming out of nowhere feeling the bern.


And now the money screenshot, connecting AppleFace to the Netroots. You can't make this stuff up.

I also located proof Watson has donated money to one of Hillary's buddies, Jen Granholm.

It's the same Linda Watson above. It's the same address.

Granholm is a miserable person. Only a blue dog would support her. I've seen her on t.v. and supertrolled her on Twitter. I found a link on the other politician and it looks like he was involved in some scandals. But I don't care. This is not my job to blog. This is unpaid all for free from me to you the readership.

Nonetheless, I don't mind little puzzles like this which are sort of like fat fastballs with little velocity, right over the plate for me to smash out of Fenway Pahk.

I've got a few more screenshots I want to unload on ye. It will probably be in the form of bonus convolution in the form of even more screenshots. I am tired of this writing racket.

Yes and check this person below who disputes Watson's narrative.

Sometimes convolution sounds like Hal Turner. Other times it sounds like dirty politics. Check out this next concern troll. How is the clown below not a paid fake? Who thinks like this?

Hmmm. The Michael Bouldin troll who cybersmeared Dave Weintraub also showed up. Such people are referred to as Kos Kops.

To wrap this up, I'll go with what I tweeted below for my final answer. I want to get to the bonus convolution.

el fin

DFQ2 Infotainment Intermission Before Bonus Convolution Coverage

Here is a Youtube still shot screenshot to be the equivalent of the DFQ2 movie preview:

It's only four minutes and this was my reaction:

Without further ado, here is the rest of the DFQ2 intermission material. Kudos to the video creator. That's great stuff.

                                       "LEAKED: Hillary's Angry Reaction To Bernie's Primary Win"

Bonus Convolution Coverage:

I apologise if folks are on devices that don't like this many screenshots. I had no choice. I am a tired blogger. I'd rather write something original and more free-form style. I am not used to being an embedded political reporter covering the Democratic Party presidential race.

What I wanted to say is that I have been vindicated by Ben Dixon. He has taken on as many Black elites as possible in his capacity as a BernBot. He is a member of "family." He's not some pasty white dude like me calling others Uncle Toms. I can't help it. No one believes me, but in my previous life I was Lenny Bruce. Dave Chappelle liked my work from the previous incarnation. I don't know what else I can say. But anyway, even donkeytale appreciates Ben Dixon. The kid definitely has potential. And my saying that is not white paternalism nor a BroBot-ism. 

Ben is prolific, no doubt. I am not going to track down the video, but he recently said, "Charles Blow can be tossed into the same batch," or something very close to that. So yes, I've been vindicated. Charles Blow is a blowhard, period. Vindication is sweet.

Where DeRay Mckesson equated charter schools to a Black Panthers community service program. It doesn't get more wow, just wow than this:

bonus Black Elite screenshots:

@ColorArousal is Francis Holland. He is a verified HillaryBot.

I don't know wtf happened to him, but his Twitter account is on protected status.

The last Black person I will go after in this entry is Oliver Willis. He works at David Brock's Media Matters. They are tied to the Netroots and the whole stinking fake left, social media.

He's a DNC operative as revealed in the archived blogroll:

Oliver Willis is a neoliberal.

Charlton Heston with the fake Latino moustache doesn't look for parties. He seeks truth akin to a Kung Fu but on the computer and with a goofy westernised version of the grasshopper schtick.

Some people are simply f_ _ _ _ _ up. They are sociopaths suffering from authoritarian personality disorder. They are shallow and despicable neoliberals, period.

While Amerikkka cries out for social and environmental justice, others are wastes of space and not our allies.

Anyway, the Celtics play at Utah tomorrow night, then Saturday is Nevada! Go Bernie!

I'm done, done. That's it. I think Bernie can do this.

                                  Rotary Connection - Respect - 1969 [Psych-Soul]

fin fin


donkeytale said...

I see what you did there. With all the gratuitous images you completely knocked my Bernie Zen masterpiece off the front page and hijacked my Bernie Zen image to help do so.

LOL. You are the master (click) baiter. Just kidding that's an example of Meta Blog Chess right there. Well played, Mr Baits.

Lenny Fritos said...

I see what you did with the i see what you did schtick theft?

It's all good. I had some Mexican for lunch.

Yeah, I was going to ask but forgot. Where did you find that Bernie as ZenMaster mashup? Whoever created it is the true victim. It' snot us.

Lenny Fritos said...

Ben Dixon was on CNN. Currently I am watching some Jeanette and also I found a Goldman Sachs website page with Hillary on video giving a speech in front of rich, white people. I tweeted her the link, so hopefully she will be able to circumscribe the video into her amazing media productions.

donkeytale said...

Dixon on CNN is awesome...except I had predicted MSNBC.

I still think this counts doe at least one NHL style prescience point.

It is also a cautionary tale for your schtick. The zeitgeist changes the media, not the other way around, my fren. This too is conspiracy fact.

donkeytale said...

As for Bernie Zen. I think I googled "Bernie Zen image".

Hopefully we don't get busted.

donkeytale said...

As for the Mexican you had for lunch.

Her name wasn't Juanita by any chance?

I used to crack up at those Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World commercials.

One goes, his little black book contains 27 entries for "Juanita."


donkeytale said...

I'm feeling good today. Bernie is going to win this thing in Nevada even if he looses. And I believe you will get 2 prescience points as you long ago predicted a Bernie win in the State that the Mob Built.

But a close second is same thing and bodes well for the big prizes in California and TX coming up. Minorities there make all the difference and they will see the Bern feeling in Nevada and come closer to the flame themselves.

In other news, I see where both Boston and particularly GS got blown out last night in the return from the All Star Break.

donkeytale said...

Hillary won the Nev caucus in 2008 but Obama still won more delegates. I agree these caucus thingies smell bad....but it does point out who has the best boots on the ground and maybe that is the point. To force the serious contenders to sharpen their ground games.

donkeytale said...

This concludes todaze stat padding.

I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, I grok your point. It's not black and white, no pun intended. People hit the streets so much on police brutality and murder that the medium was forced to cover it. Or I suppose you are saying social media did it?

Cautionary tales are good. I will try not to freak out ever again in the future. I can't make any promises. It's like Hillary with lying. She claims to try not to lie. Or maybe that was a lie.

A new Massachusetts poll has Bernie ahead by seven points. Another one has him up six in Colorado. I sound hypocritical referencing polls. I know. But we did agree that Bernie has to do well in the states that on paper should lean his way if any states would.

The polls have Nevada at a tie. I am trying to add five to ten points to Bernie on top of polls I sense depress his actual support. That's been the gist of my poll schtick.

Millennials have changed the political game. Everyone including us was focused on the "monolithic Black vote." I do think somewhere in my past rants I mentioned Millennials voting as a bloc.

People like us are the Wayne Gretzky of the professional prescience league.

We have been so correct on so many things, it is hard to remember any one statistic. Like Bobby Orr. He was before my time, but I have seen him on ESPN Classic and/or Youtube. All I can think of is that one goal he scored to win the cup. He is flying through the air. Maybe that's because I kept watching the Bruins theme song video. I love that song. Bernie should make it his theme song. Da da daa di diih da dum da de da. Bernie Sanders is a B for Bruin. From Vermont. Hopefully there isn't a backlash because he's from New England. Perhaps the best thing that happened for Bernie's odds was the Patriots not winning the Super Bowl. I mean from a silly zeitgeist sniffing, blarney stone angle.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie could win big states like Massachusetts, New York and California by big margins like he did in NH.

I suppose H.A. wins the internet because he declared all of this before anyone and in the way it happened. He said by this time Bern would be winning states and leading in national polls. He might have been a blind squirrel locating an acorn.

Lenny Fritos said...

You are Garfunkel getting a raw deal as I became Paul Simon. You had the crucial article on Greece. You re-posted your medium as conspiracy masterpiece. You immediately said Bernie/Hillary was 50-50 despite Colonel Sanders getting clobbered in polls.

I tweeted Tracy Chapman's song talkin revolution. Maybe she is the one on top of the zeitgeist for being prescient.

I also tweeted an entry I wrote in 2010 calling out Goldman Sachs and capitalism. That is the equivalent of photos of Bernie popping up with his being arrested with African Americans in Chicago. This is Hillary's ultimate problem. Her attacks on Bernie sound extremely disingenuous. It was a perfect storm. Too many progressives stepped up to the plate. H. could no longer spin her Breitbart/Fox News strawman.

Lenny Fritos said...

I found the source to the Bernie zen image.

"A Socialist in the Running? A Progressive Buddhist Politics for 2016"

The Dos Equis ads were brilliant. I agree. That is a funny man. That's akin to an SNL schtick which never goes stale. I'm surprised they didn't make a Dos Equis Man movie.

I like dry humour.

If I don't want to become dehydrated, I can throw on some Three Stooges with Shemp for uncontrollable caveman-styled hilarity.

I wish they'd get over Scalia already. I do not like the political chatter too much, but today is Nevada, so that's what I wish they'd be discussing.

What if Scalia was Hitler? Would they be putting on this extravagance? Scalia was a bad man. There was a beauty to Mark Ames' chicken dance on Andrew Breitbart. On a conformist gut level, one should never dishonour the dead. But the people who think like that are hypocrites who probably laugh the hardest at Moe Howards' psychopathy.

The Celtics picked a bad time to be on ESPN. That game was awful. Olynyk is out for a month and it was obvious they missed him. The C's have depth, but it isn't quite the kind of depth a team needs. The C's are greater than the sum of their parts. Take away even one solid part and it's painful.

The whole team was flat.

Lenny Fritos said...

I forgot to add. I found this out last night. This is my last comment while I await this Scalia nonsense to shift to the political drama we are all eating up like Mexican food.

Aisha Dew, Bern's NC chief, is a member of the Truman National Security Project.

There were two others on the list with DKos affiliations. They are Dante Atkins and Arjun Jaikumar.

Lenny Fritos said...

I guess I am never done. I am not sure what you mean about Obama/H. 2008. Yes in Iowa Bernie seems to have gotten a much greater chunk of the popular vote than Hillary, but his people were too saturated in certain precincts.

As for the super delegates, I am not afraid of those as much as others. There would be riots and mayhem if the DNC cheated to that extent. With proportional representation, Bernie cannot possibly overcome the fake delegates or at least not quickly.

Bernie is ahead 36-32, period. He doesn't have to run the table, but if he ends up with a lot more delegates than Hillary, yet not enough to prevent a cheating outcome, I still can't see the cheaters as bold enough to attempt such a theft.

I saw someone say the DNC might have to draft Biden. I think a lot of comments get made that have no basis in reality. Biden is not running. The DNC can't simply "draft" or wtf a candidate of their choice. If they had a problem with Bernie, they should have found a way to prevent his running in the first place. But that wouldn't have been possible either.

Bernie is a genius.

I suppose if he somehow wins South Carolina or is very close, as in Iowa close, as in a dogfight, this one could be over very soon for a Bernie win.

Then there is the kitchen sink part of it.

Bernie figured out how to turn every smear and idiotic claim by neoliberals into his advantage. Is it that guy Roy Jones who boxes primarily from a defensive position? Or is that Mayweather? I know there is a boxer not known for flash. He simply knows how to defend anything thrown at him. That is Bernie. He cannot be touched. He is not an overwhelming threat on offense. See "no one cares about damned emails."

But on the other hand, Bernie tweeted something out linking to a website article trollbusting Hillary. It was something we would have posted. To paraphrase, Bernie said, "I thank you for this, Hillary. Folks can go to such and such a website and see you are pulling things out of your arse."

donkeytale said...

Hillary won the caucus vote in Nev but Obama won more delegates. No idea how that works.

Hillary also won the pop vote 2008 NH but Obama won the most delegates.

Yes, the super delegate thingie is a fraud and should be done away with. Also yes, if Bernie wins the popular delegate totals the supers will switch. They cant afford to align with the looser and remain party big shots.

Where it becomes potentially problematic is in the event of a tie.

donkeytale said...

Bernie attacks with cunning while Hitlery attacks with old fashioned ham hands. Or pig knuckles. Actually she looks more like Kim Jong Hil with those horrible Mao jackets not covering her rotundity and that lacquered hairdo.

Bernie is the Lao Tzu of political candidates when it comes to effective attacks. The best part is he really just has to point. She's guilty as sin and everybody want to convict her in blog court anyway. So the calibration is about right and Bernie wins these scrapes every time

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks. I saw someone write that there will be a popular vote given for today unlike with Iowa.

Perhaps Obama won more super delegates?

Or if each precinct gets a specific chunk of delegates no matter what, then the popular vote really doesn't matter. That hurt Bernie in Iowa although he still tied it.

He had a lot of Millennial voters bunched up in college areas. So those precincts leaned heavily to Bernie. It's like if you win a baseball game 18-3 yet are worried about the next game when you lose 2-1.

Maybe that is Captain Obvious territory. I am brand new to following this stuff state to state.

Lenny Fritos said...

If it's close, though, if Bernie wins by 50 or 100 delegates, then I could see them cheating. So the better Bernie does, the more likely your super delegate analysis is correct. I do not know where the cutoff line is.

It shows how stupid 538 was in hyping the super delegates. Now they are backing up from that analysis. They never considered that the more establishment people endorse Hillary, the more real people will vote for Bernie. All the indicators showed Bernie posed a true threat. Even you knew this before the polls shifted.

Lenny Fritos said...

You are correct. He doesn't even have to respond half the time. He has political skills we can only observe. He is not exactly an artful smearer. He is sort of like us. He is not going to deliberately lie and he is not going to quickly apologise for anything unless it's proven. And like us he is open-minded enough to admit he is wrong. What Bernie most has going for him is that he isn't corrupt in a system full of corruption. Hillary trolls herself. There's something about Hillary people faking as nurses in Nevada. The nurses are a big group who have Bernie's back.

I think eventually and it has already started, Bernie will pull away and establishment figures will try to jump the HRC (her royal coronation) Ship and act as if they are as progressive as the next regular guy.

I think Hillary has concussion damage. She has always been a bit of an idiot, but she had a little charm and a bit of evil genius to her. It's not age. Jimmy Carter beat cancer or wtf. I thought he was dead. Hillary seems like damaged goods. She would be like a Ronald Reagan by the end of eight years. She is coughing like mad even barking. Maybe she got rabies.

donkeytale said...

Not to re-generate an argument but facts are facts.

The polls were on target in both SC and Nevada.

They were off in Iowa (they are always off in Iowa) and more on target in NH.

For instance, your hated 538 predicted Hillary by 6 points. All the polls pretty much had Trump winning with 35% and that is where he landed in SC.

The point I'm making is not that you are wrong about the polls, but let's move beyond the polls as some kind of demon. I would say same about media, although I admit that even as it reflects it has influence in shaping events, and the bloviators can have an undue influence, especially at the micro level. Overall, the media follows more than it leads.

We're Zeitgeist Theorists and we win on that game nearly every time. Our record is nearly infallible. 538 gave Trump no chance (although this may still be true once the loosers start dropping) in the beginning of the race and Silver has taken some ribbing about that. Likewise Enten the Terrible has had to back off the pro-Hilliary schtick.

Clearly, Trump has a great chance at the nomination especially if Rubio and Cruz both stay in long term.

Bernie has a great chance. I'm still on 50-50. He did not do well enough among minorities to pull the upset last night but he is closing in and clearly making headway.

I feel good about his prospects in the many whitier than thou states such as Colorado and Washington. Hopefully, his campaign is making huge moves to get the word out in Mass, NY, Cali and Texas.

I must say I do not see evidence in Texas. Hillary has been here many times already, but mostly to fund raise.

I agree that she has a bad look and sound. The Amerikkkan sheeple will not tolerate 8 years of her. That is why it is so important that Bernie win this thingie before it gets handed to the GOP.

Fortunately, there is time for shoes to drop.

I would still like to see Bernie become a bit more...expansive on the issues that make him a contender. He will face gridlock. How will he overcome this, for instance, to pass Medicare for all and social security increases?

Frankly, I think he has a more realistic shot at SS. Simply removing the salary caps or increasing them while improving benefits for and poor alike, would be a popular decision.....if he can get it through Congress.

Still, as I see Bernie as part and parcel of a historical process moving back to the left ("Class struggle") that began with Obama I believe the glass is half full already.

Fill er up!

donkeytale said...

By the way, the SS solution was originally put forth by where due.

donkeytale said...

Where you have been most prescient is in the realm of social media. Ther eis no denyting that Bernie...and Trump for that matter...would not be where they are without it.

You done good.

donkeytale said...

In fact, where I would like to see Bernie make some rhetorical moves would be in making the moderate middle class more comfortable. While this group is comparatively
better off and less needy it is still good politics to highlight how they will benefit under higher taxes/more services.

Social Security is the perfect place. Many Amerikkkans have lived a high debt/low savings lifestyle and do not have the money to retire. Many Amerikkkan look around and see their job security going down he drain anyway. Robotics, changes in skills required that older sheeple may not have the ability to adapt (projecton alert), etc.

Guaranteed income eventually maybe the only solution, a very Marxist solution, however, its time has not arrived even to bloviate on.

But the first step would be to make sure people are comfortable, or more comfortable in retirement by increasing SS taxes and benefits. This is an area where the Trump supporters, many of whom are in need themselves (why they are leading his particular rebellion against the status quo)will obviously relate and Bernie hitting this issue hard may even force Trump to hit it hard as well or risk losing support to the Bern.

donkeytale said...

donkeytale said...

Yes, Trump is less than 20% according to Nate for the nomination. Closer to 40% according to Zeitgeist theory which is confirmed in the link by that generic poli sci bloviator.

Dude must be schtealing our schtick.

November 28, 2015 at 11:41 PM


Last night:

Nate Silver 8:19 PM

Your question presumes that Trump is the favorite, but that’s not obvious according to betting markets. As I type this, Betfair has Trump with about a 45-50 percent chance to win the nomination, 35-40 percent for Rubio and 10-15 percent for the field. That seems basically reasonable IMO, although I’m reserving my right to change my mind after seeing exactly what the final percentages are tonight and what happens over the next few days (dropouts, endorsements).


Nuff said

donkeytale said...

Corny West and Killer Mike aren't getting it done. Celebrity endorsements are vastly overrated anyway. Especially wealthy ones who are critical of Obama.

Fat Hillary trounced Bernie among African American voters. Early numbers suggest 76-22%

On the bright side of the road, Bernie actually won a majority of latino voters fueled by an active volunteer GOTV campaign of young latinos going door to door and few if any latino celebrity endorsements.

Note to Bernie: ditch the semi-celebrity blacks and get the street activism going door in the African American community.

2nd note to Bernie: The Corny Wests and the Killer Mikes aside (wealthier than thous), black Democrats are extremely proud and supportive of Obama's presiditzy. Figure it out, BernBots.

Dissing Obama, a better than average presidit who has been heinously abused by a racist GOP and still affected a national zeitgeist turn to the left, is not a winning strategy for winning black voters, regardless of how you view his 8 years.

Just win baby.

donkeytale said...

Bright Side of the Road

Lenny Fritos said...

(I just finished rattling out this long response, so I will go with the continued schtick to bypass Blogger's character limit. I am not proofreading any of this at all. It is what is.)

I don't know if this is sustainable, but we are getting some good stats. I hardly ever look at them. They show up as soon as I log in. Blogger redirects to it.

Perhaps building up a blog is similar to campaigning. You have to hit the ground and participate in the process. You have to do the blogging equivalent of shaking hands and hopefully your the kind of blogging candidate who does well with babies. Bernie was smeared or has a bit of awkwardness with newborns. It's probably because Bernie is a man of Abe Lincoln stature. I mean for height. One of the first things a friend said to me early in the "getting to know you. getting to like you, la di dah bern," she said wow he is very tall. I thought he was a little mensch. I must say that occurred to me also, but way back in the beginning.

You were correct. Months and months into the campaign you said it was still spring training or at the latest the top of the third inning.

Plus, it is clear to all of us from the Atlantic Ocean side of the equation, that those games on the West Coast can go on a very long time. In 2000 during the presidential world series, the games had to be postponed on account of pregnant chads.

You spoke of dripping molasses. Unfortunately, I don't do very well with euphemisms. So I took what you said literally and ended up on a fascinating article on the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. I jest, but I just googled that and apparently there are a lot of decent articles out there on that specific story.

I hate to repeat my rebuttals, but we have no idea what the popular vote was in Iowa. It's simply not available. We've only had three contests. Iowa is non-applicable to zeitgeist analysis of polls since there is no hard data. Nonetheless, there is good reason to believe Bernie won Iowa by can I say 10%? We don't know, but it is factual Bernie asked the kids to spread out the votes, to go home for food, do their laundry, and caucus in their boondocks, not become a diluted Millennial delegate vote. There is the adage one can only hammer in a nail so far. In Iowa, there were too many Bernie nails being hammered in concentrated college areas.

I won Iowa or it is like the Black Sox scandal and we'll never know exactly. Or maybe the baseball thinger (similar to a thingie) has been socratised to a greater extent than I imply and it is a bad example.

PlameGate. Good example. You're at home plate ready to say out or safe. Someone throws a lot of dirt in the air. How am I supposed to see what truly happened?

Or NBA refs. A lot of plays the officials miss what happened and you can tell they are relying on crowd noise and/or player reactions. Every once in a while they sense there will be a riot in the stands if they don't get it right, so they go to the scorer's table and make contact with their NBA buddies at the Replay Center.

I think I won Iowa and Nate lost.


Lenny Fritos said...

538 and the polls definitely lost New Hampshire. You gave them the win because they called it for Bernie. That's not good enough. This wasn't about a winner take all for being prescient. This game is about the point spread.

In that respect Bernie won yesterday. The media was quick to pronounce Hillary the big winner.

I agree with you things have not gone as smoothly so far as they could have. A win in Iowa would have been yuuuuge.

There was a noticeable gap in time recently when there was no polling being done. One might end up with a conspiratorial attitude since that coincided with major Bern surges.

I also imagine that the polls done right before events are going to be much more accurate than previous ones. Sure, if polls are a snapshot in time as Nina Turner puts it, then of course the numbers will be stronger in prescient terms. However, I am talking about procedures, the protocols, the inside game of polling.

I felt watching the Hillary campaign was the best indicator of shifting momentum. They have internal polls and I imagine they want to know the truth no matter what it is, for themselves. With the public polls, everyone started to realise the landline issue, push polling (systematic distortions/dirty politics), all sorts of convolution slanted media distorted what the true numbers were.

The Clinton/DNC are running a scam. Unfortunately for them, the eyes of social media are on it. The key to this 50-50 dilemma, call it the should I stay or should I go now hypothesis, is whether masses of aware BernBots can penetrate the numbnuts who aren't internet addicts or don't really care what Ben Dixon's and Jeanette's have produced.

It seeps through, though. That must be what you mean. Van Jones has acquitted himself well. Even Donna Brazile has begrudgingly admitted that the Bern is on fire, that the people love him silly. The latter comes from the fieldnegro angle that it is better to be nice to the BernBots because their votes will be needed in the Finals.

The Bernie side doesn't need the DNC. In fact, this whole Bernie/Hillary thingie is boiling down to an internal fight on the left side of the two party system.

The Millennials have done in one election still in the third inning or whatnot what all the firedoglake crowd and leftier than thous like us could only whine about.

That bodes well in a long-term way. Bernie told Katie "CrazyLegs" Couric a long time ago that he wasn't sure he could possibly win. She kept hammering at him. But Bernie. You know I love you Bernie, but... Stuff like that. Bernie admitted okay Katie, you are correct with your implications. We are up against it. That's what he told her after being badgered in the sweet way Katie does her schtick.


Lenny Fritos said...

South Carolina is going to be huge. It's going to come down to the expectations game again. These early states don't provide a million delegates on the table, so I am starting to see what you meant with your 50-50 50 state wishy-washy, well, it could go that way or the other. Haha, you certainly covered all the outcomes. Just kidding, my friend. You said it was 50-50 when it was only myself, H.A. Goodman and a few other delusional crazies predicting Bernie can do this.

We were crazy enough to be prescient?

Our best schtick was probably when we delved into the African American vote and more specifically the concept of a Black elite.

I had to lay off as soon as the Breitbarts yet again picked up on my insights or blind squirrel capacity to find an acorn or two. Once I saw them going after DeRay and then Shaun King, I knew I had to get the hell out of there. I could have a million followers right now and the verified check mark. You saw it. You coined me as the Breitbart poodle.

I got rid of nearly every one of those clowns. I am down to maybe one or two token libertarian types on the feed. I am mentally in a much better place having nothing to so with the convolution I mastered. It's not that I am arrogant. That is not in dispute. The reason I glorify and explain myself is because it's about us, not me.

The DNC is going about this Bernie versus Hillary thing the wrong way. This didn't necessarily have to evolve into #BernieOrBust.

The dirty politics coming out of the Clinton campaign has backfired nearly each and every time.

I imagine once you saw Bernie raking it in with donations from masses of regular guys, you were then confident to proclaim this as a true battle and not sheepherding 101.

This could have been Warren's moment in the zeitgeist sun, but she decided to not enter. Biden had to deal with his family issues and hedged too long. If he was going to run, he had to put what was left of his waffles to the side and jump into the fray. By the time he realised by jove I should enter this thingie, it was too late. Bernie had already seized the second slot. Bernie is San Antonio. Hillary is Golden State. Biden was the Celtics. Either make a trade or forget about championship aspirations and call it a bridge or transitional political season.

Ben Dixon has vindicated me with what could have been spun as a racist BernBros schtick. Black elites have vindicated me with their outrageous buffoonery. Just google Joy Reid, Capehart from the WP, or track down the Dixon video where he says we can toss Charles Blow into the same batch.

I am not sure how accurate exit polls are or if there is any way to truly know how the Black vote will go. Elon James White has mocked the idea that Black Millennials will vote for Bernie. Bernie is obviously better for African Americans than Hillary. That is conspiracy fact. If the Black vote goes for Hillary, that tells me one thing, that the dirty politics are working.

Bernie just needs to keep doing what he's doing.

Of course those hippy states in the Pacific Northwest and obviously Vermont, the Massachusetts of the country, on paper are Bernie territory.

The polls have been meaningless, period.

538 has been raking in money on the premise that polling matters. I have done more (admittedly mailed in) to articulate the polling story than 538 has ever done.

Someone would have to be a total clown to have said Trump didn't have a good chance of winning the nomination. It doesn't make 538 look good placing emphasis on how the actual gamblers view the race. They look silly having placed so much emphasis on the coronation as 99% in the Goldman Sachs' vault. They couldn't have looked worse with their premature ejaculation claiming the Bern surge was ovah.

I don't go to 538 that much anymore. I used to like reading the comments for Enten's entries. Then I noticed the people who disputed 538's schtick stopped visiting the comments. The 538 comments now suck. Basically, there is no reason to visit that website anymore.


Lenny Fritos said...

I am not worried about whether or not Bernie has made a strong enough case for his ideas that the pie in the sky, kooky uncle in the attic smear has been neutralised. I think he has accomplished that. I think that is more of an issue for the general election anyway. It doesn't matter. It's about baby steps. It's about a marathon. Most tried to spin Bernie as a Kucinich or perhaps Howard Dean/Ron Paul, that there was a little surge and Bern's a great guy, but he ain't winning nothing from nobody.

It looks like these first four spread out primaries/caucuses are regular season games. Perhaps Super Tuesday will be regular season games after an all-star break. Bernie is in a political league in which only two teams have a chance of winning.

I couldn't care less about the Republican side of things except for having an I know everything attitude and only need a few crumbs to explain their side. Yesterday, the idea of Bernie or Bust re-emerged. You know how it is for emotional sports fans. We live and die with each game. Like you said above, there is a glass and it is either half full or half empty.

The super delegates don't matter at least right now. It looks like the current score is a tie, but I would have to confirm that. On paper Hillary should take the lead with South Carolina. The next showdown will definitely be about expectations. I am learning a lot. I have never tried this before.

Texas is an open primary as I mentioned previously. That means it could have the dynamics of New Hampshire. Of course the weather couldn't be any different and of course you have a very diverse population. Texas will clearly be a barometer. I suppose they are all barometers.

So yes, I agree it is currently 50-50. Bernie needed to win Iowa or Nevada. In his defense, he pretty much turned those into ties. Or if Nevada had another week or two to go, maybe Bernie wins that state. I don't know.

March 2nd will be a wild day. Maybe March 2nd will be the true all-star break of the Democratic Party primary season. My suggestion to Bernie is to spend some of that mountain of $27 donations in South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states. Hillary is in another dimension. She is always thinking of future debates with Trumpolini, RubioBot or Grandpa Cruz Munster.

If Iowa/NH was all about Bernie showing he can truly be competitive, then Nevada/South Carolina are sort of like that and then Super Tuesday will definitely be like that. So my advice to Bernie is you can't take it with you. Spend money early and often in those states. Bernie has the trajectory working in his favour. I guess we should stick to South Carolina for now. I think if Bernie can make a showing there similar to Nevada or at least nowhere like Hillary getting trounced in New Hampshire, then of course Bernie is the front runner and the DNC will have to tread very carefully if they wish to spit on democracy in regards to super delegates.


Lenny Fritos said...

Texas. I'm glad you are there. I assume we will be in for some great stuff from you as DFQ2 reporter embedded in that steaming hot region bordering Mexico. Do you at least get perfect weather at some point in the year? Do you get California type weather after the Summer?

There's a reason why people in California are so happy or relatively happy. It would be sweet to wake up to sunny 70 degree weather every day. Or at least that is the perception of California weather.

I can see Bernie's path to victory.

If Bernmeister isn't the nominee, I am voting for Jill Stein. I am not kooky enough to believe that a write in campaign for him in the election would work. It's obviously not impossible. He'd obviously get millions of votes. Hillary operatives and their useful idiots would attack such a campaign as 100% Nader strategy.

That might be the best thing I beat around the bush. Not everything is about Fox News/Breitbart and a vast right wing conspiracy. It's as if the two parties don't realise they are now in the minority. We are done with their antics. Social and environmental justice either emerges or expect future pitchforks. Or maybe the next election someone comes out of nowhere as a third party candidate. If Bernie is in the fight of his political life and it is still only 50-50 despite his greatness, Jill Stein (God bless her) has 0% chance of winning. The third party would have to cross the hurdle Bernie did turning an insurgency campaign into a populist one that could very well succeed.

We shall see. If DWS or some other loser is still the DNC chief, if nothing really changes, then it looks like we are truly f***ed long-term, as in our political system is irretrievably broken. Let's face it. A lot or most of these politicians back in the days of France would have been given the guillotine. Hillary Clinton defined as a criminal is not hyperbole or anything to do with right wing smear campaigns.

Hillary is playing by old rules.

I'm pretty sure the losers in Romania and the Philippines never expected to be ousted or have their heads chopped off.

Malcolm X spoke of chickens coming home to roost. He spoke of the ballot or the bullet. The phrase Bernie or bust has multiple meanings.

I agree with you Bernie needs to reassure folks with his plans. I heard Bernie dropped a ton of ads in Nevada and they worked. This is tied in with the great debate on polling. Call it the landline issue or whatever, but a chunk of voters are dependent on regular guy t.v. for their political info. Bernie targeted that demographic, for example older people who know H. but not him. The corollary speaks to Jeb Bush's horrific campaign. He poured ads into New Hampshire and came up with nothing. He was spending money on the people who would already be most likely to know Jeb and vote for him. He and Bernie have had the opposite problem.

Jeb dropping out could bode well for Bernie. People are fed up. I am under the impression that Bernie won the Latino vote in Nevada. That is huge. He is well ahead in terms of the expectations game. And unexpectedly Bernie is somehow Mr. MoneyBags, the beauty of which is that his is a grassroots supported adventure, unlike the corrupt Hillary Clinton dependent on big banks and similar crooks.

You downplay the influence of media, but they are the reason Bernie is having trouble with the Black vote. It could be a tragedy in the making. African Americans get shit on for centuries and then finally have a candidate with a Civil Rights background. If they are basically a monolithic bloc and are in Hillary's back pocket, then they are shooting themselves in the foot.


Lenny Fritos said...

I see great support for Bernie from a lot of African Americans. I don't think that it is set in coronation stone Hillary dominates the Black vote. If they do mess up, I will not scapegoat them, as in look at those idiots. I will not hedge from the simple maxim that people are people. Nonetheless, it would be quite ridiculous as it is the Bernie supporters who are more pro-Black rights than anyone other than African Americans. It is a tragedy, so far, that the cookie cutter says they do not comprehend the obvious. There are all sorts of votes out there. I am part of the granola vote. I have spoken of a Snowden vote. Now we see there is a Millennial vote. I contend there is a huge bloc of voters to be defined as the Svengali vote. They are very similar to the Trump voter.

I think Bernie still has this, so I am not going to go there. But if your stats are correct, that is very disturbing. Are a percentage of African Americans anti-semitic? I'm not trying to be a Bern Bro, but it is highly suspicious and has been one of the bigger puzzles to solve in this election season. You are correct. The Bernie people need to figure it out or to go back to your prescient analysis, Bernie doesn't have to win every African American vote, but he can't get by if they are leaning 76-22 towards the robber baron warmonger.

Thanks for the tune. I was never a big Van Morrison fan, but my years in Ireland were the best of my life until these last couple years. And the message of that song is a good one.

Caucuses are weird and should be abolished. That's something I am ready to be definitive on, based on Iowa and now Nevada. I still believe Hillary is a loss waiting to happen as you predicted. If we wake up on Super Wednesday hangover day still in the game, then Hillary is in some serious doodoo. The more pressure placed on her campaign, the more likely she will tip the zeitgeist further into acceptance of Bernie Sanders as the only option to vote for. Think about it. The longer the Bernie campaign survives and grows, the more likely it is he becomes the next president. Hillary had Massachusetts by 25% or maybe even 30%. There was only a poll or two. If Bernie wins Massachusetts by 20% similar to New Hampshire, wins Minnesota, unexpectedly is strong in SC and Texas, that he basically shines, then the two personas will have been effectively swapped. Hillary will be on the ropes. Hillary will be the one no one is sure has a chance at winning the Democratic Party nomination. These are big ifs. You are correct this is still 50-50. Hillary and her dirty politics are a bigger mountain to climb than zeitgeist sniffing claimed was otherwise. That's why yesterday and Iowa were somewhat a letdown despite Bernie doing well. But Bernie survived those places. Bernie as president is not off the table.

Lenny Fritos said...

I forgot to add I know about the basic income schtick. It is picking up ground. It's either that or dystopia unless good people take over the political system.

I am proof that a basic income can make all the difference for one's happiness. I am a simple man and doing very well for myself in regards to personal growth. Of course that has nothing to do with blogging and being academic or infotainment/social media player.

There's this guy Scott Santens who started following me months ago. He writes at HuffPo and elsewhere. His whole schtick is on basic income. So yes, I grokked what you said.

Lenny Fritos said...

Did I mention that a Hillary DNC big wig blipped on the socratic cybersleuth radar system? I forget her name, but I took care of the political operative on Twitter. She came snooping around someone's account. She campaigned with Newt Gingrich in 2012! You can't make this stuff up. But then if you look at the smear hoaxes by the DNC, they are obviously rigged.

The whole #BernieSoBlack was Hillary/DNC dirty politics. Bet on it.

The two times Hillary got confronted by BLM, the reporting was either the sounds of crickets chirping or on John Lewis and H. Facefick ranting about progressives getting things done. You're telling me John Lewis came up with that stuff recently on his own about not seeing Bernie, basically questioning who the f does Bernie think he is? Bernie is so Black? Fucj you?

Anyway, I had gotten in good before everyone else calling out Lewis for his patronising BLM in Atlanta. This time with Lewis, I realised he was too easy a target. Capehart, on the other hand, is a young healthy man on top of the medium world. To go after him is definitely punching up. Soon enough the internet SuperTroll mob unit piled on and Capehart basically now has no future which will include integrity.

Then somehow I got the NC Moral Monday scoop. I've been piling up a lot of stats lately without even sweating. If you saw the Matrix movie, the dude could dodge bullets and whatnot. I've seen David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, and Larry Bird at their greatest. That's where I am at. Mike Tyson knocking dudes out in 44 seconds.

donkeytale said...

Sorry, not much time to comment today. I grew up in SoCal and I can tell you the happiness quotient is no greater there than anywhere else. The weather is great but undermined by overcrowding, extreme high cost of living, yes incredible income inequality, strife and ennui.

Raymond Chandler made his bones writing about the rottenness beneath the shiny exterior. Nathanael West, ditto.

I've lived everywhere in this blast country and the weather impact is transitory. Personally, the lengthy winters are worse for me, although I love snow.

Right now is the beginning of spring in North Texas. Temps have been in the 65-75 degree range for a couple weeks now, very pleasant. Today is raining (always a good here) and tomorrow too with the temps dipping into daytime highs in the 50s.

The weather here is turbulent. The 4 hot months are bearable once you become acclimated. There are maybe two months of intermittent colder weather that seldom lasts for more than a few day. This is our winter. Spring is lush and green and fall is generally dry and California like.

All in all not bad.

As for the rest of your excellent commentary I simply don't have time for now.

Yes, we have recently produced some great mailed-in entries which is why our work is zooming up the charts.

Your takedown of the polling is to be expected, but by any normal reading they have fairly reflected the zeitgeist on both side. I disagree that point spreads matter in polling but I do agree that the later the poll the better it should be. What you are looking for is trend in these primary polls, especially in Iowa and NH where opinions often don't form until the last polls have been taken.

538 nailed Nevada. 6 points.

Your biggest support for the polls are obsolete came from Britain where they called it wrong. That is a fail, but as I pointed out the Brits themselves are a shifty, loutish lot of loosers and their system is nowhere near same as ours in terms of how short the campaigns are, the way votes are counted etc. And this time they had that Scottish thingie third party which destroyed labour in the North.

Those tthings are difficult to account for with poll reading because unprecedented.

The recent polls here all show Bernie closing the gap and he has closed the gap significantly. He still has some work to do among blacks. My idea is he needs more street level engagement by the younger blacks who support him and rely less on the Cornys and the Killers who clearly don't seem to be having much impact.

West is an embarrassment and Killer Mike is a well meaning though also very wealthy celebrity and celebrity endorsements are extremely overrated anyway.

donkeytale said...

The polls in Btitain failed, meant to say, not that you failed.

I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

For those wondering where myself and donkeytale went to, we are perusing the archives from early 2009 and can be found in the comments of the following.

shrewst said...

I found this blog when researching Aisha Dew in a related article by video blog by Nico House.
He is a Bernie Sanders supporter and came out with a series of videos related to possible dirty trick infiltration of NC Sanders campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign.

Not a political hack or op and wanted to get a feel for how authentic this young man's whistle is blowing.

Lenny Fritos said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. I was shocked a couple days ago to find the Niko House videos. I agree with you it'll be very interesting to see what he has for a complete story.

An internet friend informed me of what was going on at Daily Kos. I have a history with them and "internet meta" in general.

The spin is that we are kooks. That was the original spin as awkwardly described by myself in real time when this first emerged. But I am not from NC nor do I have the tools by which to investigate stories properly except for what I can find on the internet.

I often go with feelings or hunches. However, I also believe in academic principles and truth no matter what it is.

One can look at Niko House and then at any of the people I mentioned, Chris, Lucy, Linda, Aisha, and some of the bloggers at Daily Kos. Niko is obviously a regular guy, while the others are apparently on shady payrolls.

Real people have jobs or can otherwise fill in their lives to a point in which folks can then see there is sincerity.

The plausible deniability is that in politics oftentimes people switch campaigns. I, too, am interested in what Niko has to share. When I wrote the above, I figured Aisha and Telesca got played. Now I am not so sure and am glad this is being looked into by people with greater tools and connections than myself. I guess it boils down to what will come out of the wash. So yes, I agree with you. Let's hear what Niko House has to say and see what sticks for truth rather than conjecture.

Truth and sunlight is best. It was ridiculous how at DKos certain players were spinning very hard. They wanted us to accept that Bernie people messed up, but that it is embarrassing and hurts Bernie, so let's let this thing dissipate. I don't think that way. I want the truth especially when with a little bit of googling, one finds out that the people explaining the story lack credibility and deserve to be persons of interest to get their arses troll busted.