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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Perfect Zen of Scalia's Death

The death of Antonin Scalia, fittingly on a ranch in West Texas, could not have come at a more opportune time for Demotards, especially one Bernard Sanders. I will note that Scalia was a brilliant man, albeit one whose brilliance served rightwing evil, but he was also said to be kindhearted, jovial and a great friend to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is perhaps the most liberal Jurist on the Major League Legal bench.

The chance for Obama to select the third SCOTUS appointee will cement his legacy in the top tier of Presidits. It is no small feat to make the third seat of US political power do a 180% ideological turn during your term in office. In fact, such an accomplishment would showcase the completion of the power shift from right back to left that Obama's two terms represent in a way that will become truly magnificent with the forthcoming election of one Bernard Sanders (D-Vermont).

Did I also mention the culmination of 12 year's worth of donkeytale prescience battling internet loosers who believe anything accomplished that isn't 100% pure whitier-than-thou progressivism is "selling out" by "DINOs?"

The problem of attaining purity was answered by the greatest sage of all, Prince Gautama, who understood the journey to enlightenment as the eightfold noble path.

(Note to purists: that is eight paths, not one path)

Further, the concept of purity is an attainment that results from the difficult struggle within the self to rid us of those qualities that make us hardheaded, self-confident cocksure ideologists.

For we are all pure at the core of our conception and yet we become defiled as a result of our willful tendencies and those placed upon us by the material world. The path to purity involves ridding ourselves of ourselves.

Deep down, all of Buddhism affirms our purity because all of Buddhism affirms the teaching of no-self. Sin is not at our core, but neither is some sort of pure being, or any thing that we just need to uncover. At the core is no-core.
The absence of self is not merely an absence, but a connectedness, a fullness beyond description. But around the core which connects us to all beings is “us,” with all of our bad habits, mistaken ideas, and (most nefarious of all in Buddhism) our very concept of self.
Bernie Sanders is practicing zen in this campaign. Obama, for all of his frustration dealing with the unprecedented obstruction placed upon him by a racist opposition, has practiced an imperfect zen, but one that successfully brings us forward to this point in time.

His ability to outwit the obstructional GOP Congress has enraged and frustrated their lunatic base as never before and brought them over the edge of earthly insanity that we see realized in the current circus that passes for their nomination process.  The GOP is now at its lowest point since Reagan.

They cling to power only because liberals clump together in larger cities and the Constitution disburses congressional seats in a way that penalizes progressives. We win resounding victories in fewer districts and states, while the GOP wins more districts (aided by heinously undemocratic gerrymandering) and more Senate seats in states with fewer people.

Thus, the ideological tide has turned during the Obama two terms but the power shift is yet incomplete.

Here is where Scalia's death offers the perfect opportunity. The GOP will block and obstruct Obama from selecting a third justice even though there is no precedent for this to happen with eleven months to go in his term. The court will be rendered dysfunctional for perhaps a year and a half as there will be no clear majority. Arthur Kennedy, ironically the "swing vote" on many social issues but a conservative nonetheless, was in fact seated during the final year of Reagan's presiditzy.

But in our current climate the GOP will block Obama because he is Obama. Black, historically relevant, a better than average presidit who will reach upper echelon historically if he manages to turn one third of the federal apparatus around to the left. The media will have a field day because of this unprecedented blockage. The Demotards will hold the obvious high ground on both practical and 'fair is fair' terms. Greater turnout, more shifting of the center towards the Demotards will likely result.

Obama must seize the moment make this his last stand, a hugely significant effort that will garner much heat and light controversy to highlight for the last time how truly awful the GOP obstructionism has hurt Amerikkka. Obama will by necessity either outwit the GOP one more time and gain a last herstoric victory (based on a compromise candidate of course which will engender the purists howling for the last time) or he will sacrifice historicity by standing strong and loosing with a progressive appointee, thus setting the stage for a Demotardic victory in 2016 of both the White House and likely the Senate too.

The sheeple will look aghast at this next stage GOP-rendered congressional dysfunction spilling over into the Supreme Court, tying it to the criminally conservative tool Republikkkans eventually nominate.  Bernie Sanders will benefit all the way into the next inauguration with a Senate majority at his back. Congress, alas, is still too rigged (and liberals too clumped) for a win there.

But either way, now or then, the SCOTUS will turn. Bet on it.

The right's ascent during the 80s was aided by similarly fortuitous events. The left's resurrection now finds it's own moment.

Antonin Scalia, RIP.


donkeytale said...

Sorry about the timing but this needs to be stated.

Lenny Fritos said...

You're saying Bern is Lakers' ex-coach Zen Master Phil Jackson? Wow.


just kidding, my friend. Great stuff. It's an instant classic and has been processed through Twitter search engine optimisation.

Lenny Fritos said...

The devil's advocate might say you are hyping Obama more than he deserves. The media tells us Obama is greatness. Don't get me wrong. You have artfully articulated the process by which the Republicans have fallen apart to the point of needing to blow up their team and rebuild.

It feels like you are letting Obama off the hook. Even if Obama is one of the greatest Presidents of all time, that would not be saying much?

And of course you sidestepped the process of triangulation, that which turned many progressives into Jill SteinBots or NaderBots or JesseJacksonBots, KucinichBots. I suppose back in the day there were McGovernBots.

Another problem is the time crunch.

I was listening to some Watts before bed last night. Some might have found what he said racist. He said something like racism and inequality are small potatoes compared to the big pressure cooker of world problems. He was talking about the Earth. He was talking pretty much about your slant on buddhism.

Despite Obama's weaknesses or sins, depending on one's judgment day viewpoint, he has done great stuff or he didn't really do that much great stuff and it's folly to spin it any other way.

There's a phrase all cops are bastards.

There is apparently this feeling that to critique Obama is to hurt Bernie's chances.

I suppose the state of Vermont deserves credit for voting the man in decade after decade.

I imagine Bernie has always been a regular guy. He was probably drifting through life. Then it hit him to run for political office. He must have been quite the patient bugger, for it is only now and under these specific coronation procedures, that Bernie at age 74 has finally become a national political player. Before then, he was always just the voice of reason and taking care of Vermont.

Politics is the art of tying other politicians to voting the right way on bills.

Bernie is historic in that he knows there must be a political revolution. He understands that Obama ran a brilliant campaign against Hillary based on hope and incremental progress, in theory.

I am not ready to coronate Obama as historic greatness. I will never be able to. Look at all the hype Lincoln got and still gets when all one need do is a little research and find out that Lincoln was not the great man he is spun as.


Lenny Fritos said...

Of course, people will argue you can't judge a man or woman based on what more enlightened people in the future could see that he couldn't.

It's called historical revisionism or something. There is another phrase I can't seem to remember. It's when we critique people in other times without a feel for the moral compass of those times. Whatever.

I'm sorry, but I feel Obama was about him and neoliberals, not us. It was about the glorification of the first Black president, not about reforming social and environmental justice. You know, like let's whoop it up for Margaret Thatcher. She might have been a fascist pig, but oh my, a woman ran England! What progress!

But to focus on the Obama debate could be feeding into the coronation gut.

I accept your analysis that the Obama years have helped bring us to this moment, the Bernie moment.

Does not Zen equate to be here now, as in this moment?

The DNC is saying there is a special place in hell for those who don't vote for H.; That we are smearing Hillary and do not realise there has been a vast right wing conspiracy tearing down that wonderful person.

Life is tricky business. I also agree that the ego is one of our country's biggest problems. The phrase I like is cult of personality.

The biggest change I see is that Millennials especially and older people like us are finally being offered a candidate who speaks our language. There were tons of street protests that the media never covered. I am talking about the last year or two after what happened to Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and too many others.

Hitting the streets is one thing you have always recommended. The beauty of Bernie as an us, not him, movement, is that all one need do is try a little; To hit the grassroots. All it will then take is to make it to the voting booth. No need to worry about cops and tear gas. Just go to your voting precinct and vote for Bernie Sanders. It couldn't be more simple.

And we figured this out and Bernie has always mentioned that he is not pie in the sky and it needs everyone to wtfu.

Bern has Hillary caught in some form of political Chinese finger hold. No matter what the DINOs try, it backfires. Because we have never had a candidate as good as Bernie, people tend to remain jaded. But not the Millennials. Steinem will say I am a BernieBroBot because I am after the dirty old man experience with BernGals with daddy issues. But I digress.

I will reply that it is conspiracy fact Steinem is a CIA asset.

I stayed on the digression.

I just woke up. Today is a good day.

donkeytale said...

Actually, Obama was a liberal who campaigned on a moderate path proclaiming to end polarity between the parties on either end of the aisle. The fake left revisionists had it that Obama's mandate was to bring about a political revolution. The same people who complained most about Obama and pushed third party, the cynical Marisacats and fairlefts, et al didn't vote for him.

Frank-Dodd by the way did put an end to too big to fail. The banks were required to increase capitalization to debt ratios. Their stocks tanked. The only reason some didn't fail is they were acquired on the cheap by other banks. But lets not let facts get in the way of a compelling narrative. That would require research and thinking about subjects that BernBots know nothing and history.

Obama had several fails. He had several wins. He socialized General Motors, costing the fat cats huge losses while holding the unions and their jobs together. His timing coming after the Great Recession and his mandate to work across the aisle doomed him when the 0ther side refused to cooperate. He did drive them insane in the process which today works to Bernie's favor. Herstorically. a third term for one party seldom happens.

It appears that Obama drove the right so batshit that Trump has replaced them and a socialist (public library version but whatever) is in position to beat their asses in November.

You can characterize any way you want. A third SCOTUS appointee to change the court which has been controlled by the GOP for 50 years will land Obama a place in the top 10 all time. Eventually he may get there anyway, considering what he fought through. He increased taxes, got a large stimulus through and the US has done much better since 2008 than any Euro economy, most of whose RIGHTWING govts instituted austerity measures and failed.

But no, this story is about Bernie and continuity.

Dollar Bill Clit-on had no coat tails and his 8 years rolled straight into the disaster that was W. Currently, he rates highly among Presidits because of his bubble based economy.

He was the neoliberal tringulator not Obama. Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

Be here now, in the moment, sure that is the pop culture California ideal of zen. Quite simpleminded but yeah, man. Alan Watts.

True zen postulates no here and no now, which are ideas that originate from the false mind.

Bernie is zen. He ignores the false choice between here/there/now/then. Words of truth fall out of his mouth as rain from a pregnant cloud because the original mind escapes the false dichotomies of the human mind. He speaks truth as rain falls.

donkeytale said...

This is a difficult entry for the Twitter hive mind to comprehend. I can see how you got sidetracked on Obama. It is easier to go with known know dogma than to truly open your mind.

Not you necessarily but the loosers on Twitter. This is why I am here not there and why my schtick will never play to the masses, especially the BernBot masses who need a simpler belief system that cannot be sidetracked or derailed by any truth that doesn't fit the scheme.

And I respect that is where you are, appreciate and understand. It is worthy and necessary but you should respect and understand me too. I am after something else, writing the music not the lyrics. Like Coates, I am a Bern voter but I am by necessity not a BernBot. I aspire to a truth that leads to Bernie but encompasses more than just an election. I am Malcolm X not MLK Jr.

donkeytale said...


donkeytale said...

Yes, I agree with much of what you say.

Obama leads to the Bernie moment. Exactly. One cannot denigrate what comes before without denigrating oneself.

Besides, the black vote you seek may be unhappy with Obama's accomplishments or lack thereof but they know how much more difficult it is to accomplish anything when you are black, even as Presidit.

Overhwelmingly, Black Amerikkkans do not disown Obama. White BernBots should understand Obama in the proper perspective.

Bernie does.

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks for the astute commentary.

I am curious what the definition of a BernBot is. There are as many BernBots as there are Bernie supporters. We've had this discussion before which transcends politics. You are Creedence Clearwater. I'm the dude who says don't forget to put the flower in your hair, my bruh.

You know me. I want schadenfreude. I want pay stubs on the paid fakes. I don't think John Lewis came up with his attack on Bernie all on his own. A comment in the Guardenia paper says oh my, Willie Brown came out with the same lingo about Bernie being a fake activist.

You don't like Gawker, but there is one article exposing newspaper "journos" taking marching orders from H..

I got hit by a second front. First it was the BernBots who liked my schtick on Capehart.

Now the fricken Canadians are all over me.

I done good. I got a decent chunk of Canadians to investigate what is up with their truth in media laws.

That's because they are thoughtful.

Here no one will ever do anything about media propaganda. It gets spun as free speech, similar to how Citizens United perverts corporate money into so-called free speech.

The only thing I know about free speech from a personal standpoint is that I have become a BernieBotBro supertroll.

BernBots are getting their arses gaslit, mi abuelo.

I think we just have different backgrounds is all.

Obama is the dude who has solidified the Spy Factory. He bailed out Wall Street. And I agree there is something going on with Black people in, what a shocker, people are people and not some monolithic stereotype to cookie cut.

These are extremely interesting times. As soon as there is one amazing story to soak in (Steinem/Albright), here comes the Kissinger schadenfreude.

It gets a bit stale always thinking of the race in terms of the Black vote.

I think the Millennial thingie is huge. It has very much shaken the coronation committee to its core. SNL did a skit with Hillary trying to woo young people. I saw a clip. I didn't think it was that funny, but the idea was good. The Black vote is also interesting, too.

Political operative heads are exploding. Hmmmm. It looked like the Black vote was going to be the DINO firewall. However, there are Millennials who are also African American. Bernie does seem to have won over the BLM vote. But I am simply rambling, caught up in the euphoria of feeling alive and that there is true hope.

I don't think John Lewis is an Uncle Tom. I think he has that long-term problem with concussions or he's getting up there in age.

He reminds me a bit of Edward G. Robinson. I think he was blacklisted from Hollywood for being a leftier than thou. Later on he would grovel for Hollywood acceptance, that he was no fricken commie. Then the acting gigs came back. Well, that would be different.

I guess one would have to know John Lewis' history as a politician. Is he being loyal to the DNC or does he have a loose screw or two?

I mean, just look at what he said. I can't believe that came out of nowhere.

I am not attacking him and Belafonte cancelled out his comments anyway. And John Lewis recanted what he said, too. It's all good. There's a lot going on and it is exciting.

If that makes me a BernBot, I own it.

donkeytale said...

A bernBot is an Obamabot upgraded 8 years later. One can be either/or or both.

Or none.

One could say the bernbot is qualitatively superior to the Obamabot but I would counter only because the candidate himself is a qualititave upgrade as a result of the political evolution. Before Obama, OWS and BLM seemed not even possible uder the fascist boot crunch of GOP executive action. Before Obama a darkness had settled upon the earth for decades.

After Obama, there are more, many more possibilities. This is akin to the conservatives and Nixon. Before Nixon conservatives were in the toilet. After Nixon they rose slowly to prominence.

Just as without Obama there would be no Bernie (at least a Bernie this close to winning it all) there also would be no BernBots without ObamaBots preceding them.

Bernie wants to build on Obama. You should take your cue from the man himself.

Anyway, it is all just an internet game unless and until you are hitting the streets. I agree there is a there there in zeitgeist shifting but the real game will only commence when Bernie wins and faces the extreme opposition. His stating that he works across the aisle and therefore can get things done as Presidit is eerily similar to what Obama said in 2008. No, not eerily similar, exactly the same.

You can be a BernBot, it is a fine and noble calling. But getting more done after the election than Obama is the only way Bernie sets himself above Obama at all. And Bernie follows Obama where Obama followed Bush, inheriting nonsensical wars and a great recession.

Obama voted to bail out the banks. Yes indeed he did. No question.

Lenny Fritos said...

Apparently in 2008 we had the presidency and both houses. I'm reading a fascinating article on Bernie's historic win in NH. It's Thom Hartmann. If true, I'm not sure where the obstruction was at the beginning of the Obama era.

You are an Obama apologist. That's fine.

Obama fucked up the schools.

He fucked with Chelsea Manning.

Sorry for cursing, but your tone is just a tad condescending.

Obama is a neoliberal, period.

I'll agree to disagree, but don't think I am going to accept DNC styled propaganda without an `I disagree profusely'.

Anyway, if you look at the NH historical stats, Bern is alone at the top with video game like results. I bet Bernie won Iowa by at least 10% in the popular vote. One poll consistently overshot its predictions for Bernie's votes in NH. Most polls, however, underrated the strength of his lead which lends credence to the idea that polls are now obsolete. Unless of course one wants to say it's better than nothing. Well, then don't have so much poll driven coverage.

The polling I imagine is reaching on average the not very bright people, possibly shut ins and folks who tend to watch a lot of vapid t.v., perhaps even The View.

Let's agree to disagree with Obama. It seems pointless and it will probably turn off our burgeoning Canadian audience.

Lenny Fritos said...

I didn't mean to restart trouble.

I'm wiped out.

I saw some Bernie speech from today in Nevada. It's pretty amazing how much energy the crowd had. The people were so happy. Bernie is the political version of the Beatles. Hillary is the rock star who has fallen off the charts.

McLuhan would love this stuff. He'd say Michael Jordan was on the jumbotron. Bernie too is self-aware of the rock star atmosphere.

There might be a blog entry in this stuff. It'd be quite difficult though. You have to do a lot of free form then cleaning it up takes a long time.

It's a seed of an idea.

Maybe I am trying to zeitgeist sniff Bernie Sanders' soul?

No, that's not it. I am soaking in regular people. He makes them so happy. He is a genius. He is historic. This could be turning into Ali-Liston I. Not even close. Liston tried to make Ali blind. He had to run around for a round. The DNC and Sergeant Schultz play all these games. Now they want to steal money. They want to break Obama's rule.

Liston and Clinton are cheaters. Ali and Bernie are Mount Rushmore type individuals.

You can be Malcolm X. I thought you were that singer. I was Lenny Bruce.

I might give it a rest until Nevada. Maybe I can take a BernBot break.

It gets the adrenaline pumping.

donkeytale said...

There was a thing called "Blue Dog Democrats." Joe Lieberman was one. He said "no public option" and that was all it took. See, Bernie will not face that, however it is unlikely he will have 60 solid Dem votes.

There were several other Blue Dogs. These were truly DINOs. They got beat and/or retired at the mid terms.

When Bernie wins you will get to know the meaning of the filibuster. This means with the exception of bills that directly impact the budget you must have 60 votes in the Senate to pass anything. Yes, Blue Dogs weren't automatic Dem votes. They held Obamacare hostage, stimulus hostage, pretty much anything to do with Wall Street and the financial arena hostage.

Most loosers believe the Dems always had 60 votes during the first two years. However, this too is conspiracy lie of the fake left.

First, recall that Al Franken was in a protracted battle for his seat with Norm Coleman because the vote was so close. Not seated means he couldn't vote.

And when he finally came in from the cold Ted Kennedy caught a cold and never returned except once he came in on a gurney to cast a symbolic vote but for the rest of his life he didn't show and couldn't vote either. Finally he was replaced by a Republikkkan thanks to you leftier than thou Massachusetts voters.

If all this sounds condescending it is because in this instance I am.

What did you say to me the other day? Do the work or STFU? I think that was a projection alert on your part, my fren.


But yes, the Army threw the book at Chelsea. Obama chose not to intervene. Obama has made several poor ideological choices.

Yes, indeed. And let's see how quickly Snowden gets a Bernie pardon post-inaugural.

FWIW, Ali is a Republikkkan.

donkeytale said...

Oh wait we already have Bernie's answer on pardoning Snowden:


"Sanders, however, stuck with considering Snowden played a vital role for reform. “I think Snowden played a very important role in educating the American people to the degree in which our civil liberties and our constitutional rights are being undermined. He did break the law, and I think there should be a penalty to that. But I think what he did in educating us should be taken into consideration."

The usually straight shooter spoke a pretty dodgy answer there. Definitely not zen-like in that instance.

But don't expect to see Ed jumping the first flight out after the Bernie inaugural.

As for Manning, Chelsea has formally requested a pardon from Obama. Obama hasn't commented. Neither has Sanders.

Lenny Fritos said...

Ali is currently a Republican? How long has that been going on?

He was rather rude to Joe Frazier. Some might say Muhammad was racist. But I am not family, so I'll leave that to others to socratise. Or maybe I will google this. You have woken me from not dogmatic blogging slumbers. I'll need time to coin a phrase.

But now I am interested again in life. INFPs have a fundamental honesty that shocks the typical numbnut. I do thank you for the Politico styled commentary above and other times. I could have done without the artful smear.

That was a low blow, Secretary Clinton?

It's all good.

That doesn't sound too bad with Bernie and Snowden. It'd be nice to put Hillary's judgment side by side. DeRay asked that Manning be thrown in prison with the key tossed asunder. Then when DeRay was busted, he at first called everyone a troll who called him out. Then later on he said, "Yeah, I have evolved. I was wrong." Evolving is cheap when you're only talking a few years.

Manning? What did he do that deserved more than maybe a couple weeks in the stockade?

Assange has been vindicated. Something good happened for him recently. Those years are lost for him. I'm sure he does the best he can, but he has suffered an injustice.

Bernie is not perfect. I said think glasnost/perestroika. Trump is probably Putin or Mussolini, so you win again if there is a Trump presidency. I see what you're doing.

Just kidding.

I haven't been to 538 in a while.

Maureen Dowd nailed Hillary in the NYT's. It pertained to the female vote.

Whenever you see all these coincidences, they can't be coincidences.

I don't know if it was Gawker's scoop. It must be from a batch of the emails where she tells actual reporters what to write and they did it.

The internet is entering a new phase. I'm just planting seeds of thought here.

Bernie never would be in this position without the internet.

But the internet is not new. Something changed with the internet. I'm talking about zeitgeist dark matter. You coined that. That is what I want to study, zeitgeist dark matter. Maybe see if I can string along some words and create immortality. You say the ego dies. I say it lives on in our words, Horatio.

Lenny Fritos said...

Hillary looks pretty stupid on weed.

Something changed. The hidden 80% regular guy area has come together in a collective consciousness manner. Bernie says fock it, let's make weed legal. H. says we need more studies.

She is pretty stupid.

It's turning true that all that was needed was the rest of the country getting to know him.

He made it to the Finals right away. I see a Bernie landslide against the GOP in the Finals. He might put up Wayne Gretzky type stats for the popular vote.

It's good Nevada comes before SC. Both are interesting.

When should we start sorting through Super Tuesday?

Maybe I will try to put something together on that. I like everything organised, nice and tidy.

It's not that I'm Rainman. I doubt he could mail in prose this half decent.

Like Texas. Don't you ever hear anything? What's the political pulse. I hope you're not going to say wait and see. I did notice Texas is open. That is good for Bernie. Same with Minnesota. That means hello Snowden/Nader votes. Snowden for the libertarian vote, Nader represents Green/anti-corporate FDL lefties.

You can call them fake. I don't stoop that low.

Bernie Sanders is a fluke, an anomaly for good.

Without Bernie, this would have been a total theft of the white house.

This is epic.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is as fried as it gets. This makes me want to cry.

CAMPAIGN NOTES; Muhammad Ali Switches His Support to Reagan

donkeytale said...

So, you are endorsing Snowden's arrest and conviction? As long as Bernie approves?

This too is a symptom of BernBottery. Yes, sorry to break it to you so harshly about Ali. His rightward lurch is symptomatic of the postwar generation.

And of course Bernie is not a fluke. Bernie is so clearly part of a process that starts with Obama runs through OWS and yes he was forced by activists into BLM, which itself owes a debt to OWS.

You just want to deny my clear eyed analysis. Bernie doesn't deny it, why do you?

Of course the harsh left, or the internet fried left, whatever you want to call it was not particularly fond of OWS either, as it was a diffuse/ leaderless moment with no clear cut political goals....and BLM has adopted the same stance.

Both OWS and BLM owe a debt to the hated Media by the way for giving them so much exposure. But again, I'm sure you will cockeye deny the reality.

I will let it rest now. But you should take note of the illogic of your statements when under the sway of rigid bernbottery and hopefully step back from the ledge. At least here. On Twitter you're good. Everything is fried on Twitter, you stand out as the voice of reason.

donkeytale said...

If you want to say Bernie is in reaction to the failed leftist promise of Obama I can live with that although it is a herstorical revision. Obama never promised to lead a leftist revolution. He did lead from the left as far as Nixon led from the right.

These are transitional presitidzies, bridges to a change in the political zeitgeist.

Nixon adopted many liberal policies because he was dealing with a liberal Congress.

Obama did same with the Blue dog inflected 60 vote non-majority he possessed and the automatic obstruction of nearly everything from the GOP.

It's all good. You deal in hard black and white while I see reality as the middle path. You prefer a simple explanation where none truly exists.

But propaganda is the way of the world and if it leads to Bernie, go for it.

But keep it at Twitter. Dave too was an Obamabot and he was a cleareyed strategic thinker.

donkeytale said...

Or don't keep it at Twitter. LOL. This is your blog after all.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

Hillary sucks. On weed or off weed. That's a given.

donkeytale said...

This pretty much says it all about Twitter and Amerikkka.

Lenny Fritos said...

Do you ever give intellectual dishonesty a rest?

This is what frustrates me time after time. Instead of being able to feel free and express myself, I consistently wake up to you trolling me. You seem to think I exist for you. Get over yourself.

Now I have to spend time answering more bullshit you posted?

You said: "So, you are endorsing Snowden's arrest and conviction? As long as Bernie approves?"

I never said that? Why do you have to be such an ass at times?

You had originally written: "Oh wait we already have Bernie's answer on pardoning Snowden:


"Sanders, however, stuck with considering Snowden played a vital role for reform. “I think Snowden played a very important role in educating the American people to the degree in which our civil liberties and our constitutional rights are being undermined. He did break the law, and I think there should be a penalty to that. But I think what he did in educating us should be taken into consideration."

The usually straight shooter spoke a pretty dodgy answer there. Definitely not zen-like in that instance.

But don't expect to see Ed jumping the first flight out after the Bernie inaugural."

You must be lacking reading comprehension skills.

Thanks again for kissing Obama's arse. I am not here to play chit chat with donkeytale Wasserman Schulz or whatever variety of DLC/DNC Bluedog nonsense he is spouting today.

I have a good mind and try my best. You are basically a liar. You make up lies in order to feel good about yourself? Do you feel good hurting others?

You expect Bernie to have exact answers every time. To me, it sounds like Snowden wouldn't get much jail if at all under a Bernie administration.

That's intellectual dishonesty how you spun my response. Then you followed up with some other garbage about the "fried internet left" while trash talking me further. Dude, I'm not the one who went to business school and then took a couple "adult education" courses. You probably went in looking for Yoga but saw some nice chick was offering a Karl Marx 101 schtick.

This is riotous because you have in the past smeared both Assange and Snowden. Maybe you have been on the up and up with your Chelsea Manning analysis.

Why do you do that?

I responded: "That doesn't sound too bad with Bernie and Snowden. It'd be nice to put Hillary's judgment side by side."

It sounds like Bernie wants to give Snowden a slap on the arm.

Put that side by side with Obama who f*cks with all those guys.


Lenny Fritos said...

Have you noticed his buddy Rahm Emanuel in the news? What about Arne Duncan, mr. genius? It should no surprise you couldn't care less DeRay blasted Chelsea Manning and is a cookie cutout for obscene TFA and charter schools?

One could argue a political revolution is moving on despite your constant attacks on free thinkers. You support actual neoliberals. You are a bit to the left of Hillary and David Brock? That's about all I am grokking from your posting patterns.

You wrote: "And of course Bernie is not a fluke. Bernie is so clearly part of a process that starts with Obama runs through OWS and yes he was forced by activists into BLM, which itself owes a debt to OWS."

Starts with Obama?

(see dishonesty, intellectual)

Hey, people are wondering when you will next smear Cornel West?

Why can't you just share the knowledge on Ali? Why does it have to be converted into look at the BernBottery?

I try to say it's all good, let's agree to disagree, but you make that impossible by playing mind games.


I deal in feelings. That is one-fourth of my makeup. I am an INFP. That means I am introverted, intuitive, understand feelings (i.e. zeitgeist sniffing, the sociological imagination), and am perceptive.

I am not on the internet to get my head bashed in emotionally as often as you attempt to do.

I meant Hillary sucks on the marijuana issue. You probably knew that's what I meant because I spelled it out a little bit. I wasn't saying if you're baked, stay away from H., that it will be a bad trip, man.

You probably knew what I meant about Bernie not sounding too bad on Snowden.


Lenny Fritos said...

You are not a political operative, but it is amazing how often you post things that make you seem to be a DNC sheepherder.

It's a consistent pattern. It's not my fault you don't look into things beyond the surface. For someone who talks about dropping the ego, you sure seem to have one of the biggest, fattest egos on the internet and are very much embedded into propagating the need for a third Obama term, but with Bernie, not Hillary.

That's where your analysis falls off into the deep end of mainstream status quo idiocy. Or it's laziness combined with your ego, mr. buddhist.

Sorry, I don't have the time to read your link. You are slowly turning into some of my old conservative friends from back in the day. They were nice and fun in general, but it became pointless to ever discuss politics with them. They were such ideologues. Like you, it would be about "winning" the debate. That's actually the opposite of buddhism and is some fried Western neoliberal ribs you are cooking up on the barby.

I bet you eat beef, chicken and fish. You're a buddhist?

Sorry, I haven't the time to read your article on Kanye West and Twitter.

You would have been qualified to become a military social scientist, the ones mentioned in Snowden documents, the ones you act as if they don't exist. You have all the contrarian answers? Maybe under different scenarios, you could have easily ended up as a talking head on the mainstream media you say is not a problem?

My head spins at how often it's a waste of time trying to have an intellectual discussion with you.

It's not about you. It's not about this coincidence that so much of what you write could have originated from Hillary Super PACs.

You have nothing. You bring nothing to the table in regards to actual events happening in real time.

If you can't see that Bernie is a fluke and an anomaly, up there with say Malcolm X for confronting wrong ways of thinking and organising a society, that he is an extension of the greatness which is Obama, there is no hope for you as a thinker.

Your concern trolling gets very stale?

Did you see Gaslight with Boyer and Bergman? That's you. You gaslight people for internet kicks. You are a useful idiot.

Lenny Fritos said...

"In other news, The Hill reports one of Obama’s senior advisors, Valerie Jarrett, met with Mark Holden, a legal adviser to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who have been aggressively pushing for “mens rea” reforms that would make it harder to prosecute white collar corporate crimes.

GOP leaders disagree on this reform, with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte in support and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sternly opposed. The White House is reportedly opposed to the measure as well, although it makes little difference considering how little the administration has used its existing powers to prosecute corporate crime."

Lenny Fritos said...

Donkeytale, like Nate Silver, is missing a fascinating election.


Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie = BernieSoBlack, according to Donkeytale. What a tool.

donkeytale said...

Thanks for the fascinating character study. Very commendable , mostly on target as well as highly infotaining. I guess our biggest difference is in skin thickness. I don't see where I attacked you or Bernie at all. The point of Snowden is that Bernie will make thousands of decisions as President, literally, and he has a duty to uphold the rule of law, however f'd up it is whilehe attempts to reform the law. Some of that process will displease BernBots just as Obama's now does.

Yet I also believe that Bernie is leftier, and a moral upgrade from Obama. LOL. I already stated as much. But he also walks along the ground. He didn't fall from the sky a perfectly formed creature of progressive dreams. Bernie Sanders is zen but also part and parcel of an ongoing process.

The criticism of Corny was made (quite awhile ago counting in blog years) and I stand by it 100%.

The fact West is now a BernBot after once having once been an Obamabot (scorned) doesn't change the reality for me. My crit of West also doesn't alter Bernie's election prospects.

I understand well that this is your blog. I tried to sit this one out as you are now walking a different beat at this point. I'm taking my own advice. You're right. I need to do the work AND stfu.

I'll let you make your own decisions. We agree on Bernie 100%. Where we have differences aren't really worth regurgitating for the millionth time. I guess those are personal failings, or something. But "intellectual dishonesty?" LOL

donkeytale said...

I do grok that Sanders rise is astonishing and the internets has fueled that rise. You done good.

However, my perspective is his rise is a culmination of interrelated events.

My conception is Bernie's the new normal not a once in two millennium savior.

The savior schtick failed us once. Let's make it work this time in a broader sociological historical sense.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, that was uncalled for what I wrote. I'm sorry.

Lenny Fritos said...

Ben Dixon is on a roll. He has the racial makeup to sidestep accusations of white paternalism. He also cuts some of his shows into five to ten minute mini-shows. He just said, "Charles Blow can be thrown into that batch as well."

He goes after the Black elites in media and whatnot.

There was a hoax at Daily Kos originating from North Carolina. It said Bernie people were attacking Reverend Barber and Moral Monday. You literally had to be there, as the diary got scrubbed. I never saw it. I should be able to come up with a new blog entry soon. It'll be old-school. It feels like work, though. I will try to go with the flow and let it happen.

Bernie shouldn't be sanctified. You're correct. They are running people against Wasserman Shultz for example.

The battle is on between the neoliberals and true progressives.

It seems the media blackout on reality is backfiring. It's too transparent. The media's incompetence has become part and parcel of Bernie's chinese finger torture trick. Bernie looked into the camera. It was pure McLuhan. He called out the media. Bern is the dude from Network!

donkeytale said...

No worries, dude.

Ben Dixon is the man. Looking forward to your latest masterpiece.

Lenny Fritos said...

Phew, thanks. I wasn't mad at you, more against the establishment. Bernie speaks of a kitchen sink being thrown at him and it's true.

I don't know if my entry will be a masterpiece. It's murky as all heck. Do you know anything about North Carolina politics? It's looking like a zoo.

I love convolution but do not think it's easy to explain. I mean, I am drawn to it. I just want the truth. Gimme some truth is all I sez according to a Johnny Lennon song.

Maybe I just need the Celtics to get back to playing. It's a nice diversion from getting obsessive over Bernie versus Hillary.

Lenny Fritos said...

This Killer Mike video is pretty good. He lumps Obama in with Reagan and other warmongers mentioning Libya and Gaddafi.

donkeytale said...

Why do I find white people and their cooking fetishes so repulsive? Here we have so many people struggling with fattening, unhealthy diets, often linked to income inequality and we get this goofy ass Eve biting an apple.

Well, at least she isn't chunking into a Snickers bar, I'll give her that much.

Thanks for this entry, a return to classic socratisation with all the necessary ingredients. Paid fakes/useful idiots, kos kops, shctick theft, gratuitous donkeytale mentions. It's all good. I must say I was a bit surprised at the reproduction of my Bernie Zen image one diary later. LOL.


Bernie seems to have the wind at his sails in Nev. Black union group endorsements, latinos revering him as "el Abuelito" where they mock Mrs. Dollar Bill for trying to requisition the "Abuela" tag.

One great thing about latino people, they revere their elders.

White people typically can't wait for theirs to die and/or turn senile so we can get our greedy hands on the inheritance.

Not us, necessarily, but those whose parents have $$$$.

donkeytale said...

OOPS, I think I posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry about that. I'll shut this one down and move over but it may not be until tomorrow....

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks. Yes, that was old-school socratisation. However, I am a more seasoned anti-DKos/Netroots internet addict. I put a lot of fun tidbits into it. I was worried that there were so many screenshots. But the beauty of those is the reader decides.

Francis Holland is up to something. I sarcastically tweeted maybe he is CIA. It's possible. Or he could be a very confused person.

The youtube is soooo funny where they f with the subtitles from the famous German movie. That you should definitely watch.

Capehart. Millions of people covered that one. I was in the middle of it for Twitter. I was so lazy or something that by the time I wanted to write it up, others had already done that.

Dixon shares so much good stuff that I would like to say I am very grateful he exists. Same with the Jeanette's of the world.

I suppose my approach in a nutshell is as follows:

Things are not what they seem. No, we cannot afford to have short memories. There is no such thing as an internet community. The only thing that survives any of the 0's and 1's of this garbage environment are pure facts that can be verified or people like us write prose off of verified facts, at least that's the goal in theory, and the readers can decide for themselves.

My new entry is one in which I hope people will slow it down and absorb the little chunks of wisdom I circumscribed into it.

I can only go so far. I am on a computer with access only to the things on this contraption.

It takes local reporters or otherwise intrepid individuals to take an interest and then dig for the missing tidbits I cannot possibly discover.

But to say, trust us, we know everything and are not at liberty to discuss, or that this is a BernBot problem, that the narrative is set, that again please trust us because we are greatness and to anyone who thinks otherwise, you are not helping.

Yeah, Bernie is on fire. I think he is the guaranteed next president unless the voting machines are rigged.