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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Revenge of DonkeyTale: FSZ and Jack Are Cheating Pigs

This is a cross-post from the FreeSpeechZoneBlog. The main reason I cross-post is because one never knows when stuff is gonna be deleted. Another reason for my posting this here is because I called DonkeyTale the historic troll in a previous entry. I truly believe that the people at FSZ are some form of paid fake. Cointelpro? Could be. At a minimum, political consultants/lawyers are all over the "progressive" blogs. They are the reason, not the far right, that the internet is a joke of a factor in making a dent into the status quo. I just can't figure out where to go next.

My All Aircraft Are Not Involved forum is slow as molasses and truly has become a blog in the form of a forum. Perhaps it will pick up again at some point. I'll never give up on it. As for deletions and stuff like that, I will never do it. I am not afraid to own my words. I am not ashamed of my blogging. When I'm at saloons like FSZ and MLW, I am not afraid to toss back a few brews. When I was at DailyKos, I bent over backward to be polite. But that didn't stop Michael Fingerit from making sure I got banned for no good reason.

I like to blog. I am not a troll or troublemaker. I have not been banned that much. The places I have been banned from did so for no good reason. Plus, those places are dives full of outright misinfo, disinfo, and unfair moderating. So what you see at FSZ and to a lesser extent at MLW, two places I have not been banned from, are hordes of thought police. I truly believe that Melvin, CometMan, Lauren S, DeeDogg, Denali, and many others could be the same person or working together. How does Melvin sound any different from Lauren S or CometMan? Anyway, the reader into this kind of stuff can decide for themselves. What we are witnessing, imho, is the utter breakup of any shred of credibility for the blogosphere as being democratic.

I am into saving time for newbies and fence-sitters. I know how tough it can be to figure out who is legit and who is insidious. One can keep taking every poster at face value until they are blue in the face of enigmas. The key is, one must reflect on nuggets when they come into contact with them. For me, I see someone like Greenwood stalking me at FSZ and MLW, and I do see close comparisons to the cybersmear fockers who have been on my arse for the last two years. If I am an insignificant conspiracy theorist, then why all the sophisticated attention?

I noticed that this Armando dude, who used to be a frontpager and lead trollhunter at DKos, was given full moderator abilities by MSOC back in the day at MyLeftWing. On the surface, MSOC appears to be a hottie lefty. But when one gets into the nuggets such as this, when they look at the two concern trolls named Curmudgette and KarmaFish who dominate her forum, when they truly understand what happened to Francis Holland, then enough already. MSOC is not a true lefty and is truly a waste of time. One of her close friends and posters is a producer for Fox News. Case closed on that self-admitted basket case. I just hope she is getting good bucks from the political operatives to account for her becoming a gatekeeping, rightwing progressive.

The Revenge of DonkeyTale: FSZ and Jack Are Cheating Pigs

It can now be confirmed without a doubt that this is the most rigged forum on the internet. Don't let the free speech zone in the title fool you. The fish rots from the head down. Jack's Smirking Revenge is clearly not who he claims to be. This place was rigged from the get-go. Proof supplied after the break.

:: ::

It's simple. This latest brouhaha over myself, Noom {random guy}, and DavidByron being banned was not performance art. It was a test run that utterly failed. Ultimately, what is left here are the dregs of the KosKops. This forum was started at the same time as the UGOGs. The plan was to have a fake meta-war between MajorFlaw and these others consisting primarily of Jack, Lauren S, CometMan, Melvin, DeeDogg, Kestrel9000, and many others including Denali and TheBlaz.

The reason DonkeyTale was anti-MAMZ meta wasn't because he didn't believe Daily Kos and the rest of the white-o-sphere are full of fake progressives. He thought it was fruitless what DFQ was up to. That is his right also.

I turned on DonkeyTale for a brief period of time after he called me Sock Rat. I then went on to post at DaveFromQueens2.blogspot that he was the historic troll. I am like that. When I get attacked, I attack back. Curmudgette and MSOC call me a douchebag, then good luck to them once they have come onto my cyber-sleuthing radar system. Revenge is sweet.

Myself and DonkeyTale were able to work through a lot of our suspicions of the other while at He explained that he was pro-Dave, even if he necessarily wasn't interested in what he was doing.

You see, DonkeyTale was one of the original anti-MAMZ people. I went to his posts at DKos. I can't find one post he made that was troll-rated. I have no clue why he was banned. Then I looked for proof that he had stalked Susan or anyone else. I found none. What I did find in his DKos posts was the same kind of good sense of humour, though he hadn't started with his kkk/wright spelling schtick.

I checked out in the wayback machine. I went to BooMan Tribune to see what he did wrong there. Basically, DonkeyTale is the original socrates, the one who keeps getting his ass unfairly kicked no matter where he ends up on the internet. For some reason or another, blogospheric ptb's do not want him succeeding on the net.

Anyway, this dude Brian NoWhere from the NoWhere blog asked at Booman's for anyone to show where DT's comments were that would explain why got banned. None were supplied.

Let's go back in time a bit.

Cowards In Action by DFQ 01/07/09

DonkeyTale got kudos from Dave for sticking up for the truth. Without doubt, Jack is a lying sack of shit. Read through that link and come back....

Jack has lied so often, that nothing he says can ever be trusted. He had that crazy lie about DT, Noom, and ShadowThief or someone all being the same person. He has consistently lied about MajorFlaw being a regular guy. The latest big lie he made was when he yet again took credit for the outing of the UGOGs, when anyone who has looked into this knows, that he has had nothing to do with anything but efforts to cover it up and protect the UGOG/KosKops. This whole friggen place is full of them. It's the same old, same old cynical ploy to increase web hits among the addicted to the soapblox family of hate blogs.

Anyway, DonkeyTale caught Jack in that lie and confronted him. Jack then proceeded to delete his lying post which then erased DT's and I think another one by Noom.

Jack made up some shit about how he doesn't have a cancel button. The thread was retitled to Thunderdome and Jack asked us to take this to his "Holy....F*cking....Shit" thread. More on that in a second.

Anyway, the Thunderdome thread has been completely deleted. Jack will say that the diarist did that not him. But remember this, how come at DKos when diaries are deleted, the comments remain? How come here they don't? Is it because Jack's Smirking Revenge is a lying f***ing douchebag piece of shit? Of course!

Here is what is left in yahoo cache of the thread in question. It was written by 'Diogenes Dalee', a suspected KosKop who made a post as recently as a few hours ago from while I am finishing this one up.

I was looking through the other thread that still exists. Jack has taken down an image he had up proving he doesn't have a cancel button. Now that was odd in itself, since Curmudgette, the #3 poster to ever sign up here, fancy that, says that admins have cancel buttons.

You see, Jack is all about plausible deniability. But he isn't that bright. Is MajorFlaw bright? What about Kestrel9000, DeeDogg, CometMan, Melvin, Lauren S, or most of the others from FSZ? NO F***ING WAY. THESE ARE COMPLETE F***ING IDIOTS WHO NEED TO CHEAT WHEN THEY GET THEIR TROLL ASSES EXPOSED!

I'll finish this diary off by leaving the last words to Brian Nowhere. This is taken from June 2006. I'm not suggesting to go down some Armando rabbit hole. I just feel that it's a good anecdote for all the bullshit that goes on in the "progressive" blogosphere. It shows how much cheating does in fact go on.

These people are the scum of the earth. They are fascist pigs. And of course I will need to save this page after writing it. The thing about this website is nothing is safe. Jack is a proven cheater. The whole thing or parts of it could be deleted with no notice. Unless someone stumbles across deletions like I did with the Thunderdome diary, these shitf***s continue to act like no one knows exactly their methods and their utter lack of morals and souls. Are people like Melvin and Lauren S the bottom of the barrel? Yes, they are the types who if they got sick and died, one would feel guilty over feeling pleasure for such a situation. These people are scumbags!!!!

Dear Armando,

You are embarrassing yourself. Not only yourself you are embarrassing history.

Every courageous human being who has ever stood up and expressed an opinion in the history of time, should all collectively get together and run you out of town.

The drama you are displaying over this non-incident is nothing short of embarrassing to every human being who has ever had the courage to speak out under their own identity.

A few cases in point:
The leader of the civil rights movement was not known simply as Martin.

The leader of the yippies was not known as just Abbie.

And aren't we all glad that The first & biggest name written on the Declaration of Independence is not JHcock1776?

The guy who stood up and said "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" did not have the luxury of using the pseudonym JFK1943

The intrepid journalist who had his career dashed against the rocks by Karl Rove didn't have the option to just open a new CBS account under the screenname ratherNotBKnown.

No Armando, you grabbed at the limelight like Star Jones grabbing a hotdog at a RedSox game. (Notice that Star Jones just got the brunt of an insult, she doesn't get to hide behind starchild65), and now that your identity has been revealed you want to take your ball and run home? Are you friggin serious?

So, Martin Luther King Jr., Abbie Hoffman, John Kerry, Mr. Hancock, Mr. Rather please join me in six part harmony in saying what needs to be said to this drama queen, this..Armando:
1--2--a-1 2 3 4 "Boo-Fucking-Hoo!"

If Armando got "outed", then it's Armando's fault for not being careful enough and Armando's fault alone. There is no one else to blame, not even WIKI or the National Review. Any old school hacker will tell you, "information wants to be free" If it ever finds daylight, free it will be.

If you have opinions in this world and wish to express them you have to be prepared to back them up with YOU. It's such a simple tenet I can't believe it's even being debated.

If expressing your views is too risky to your professional career then you have a choice. Quit your job or STFU.

Anonymity is not a right except for undercover cops and CIA Agents and the like. Lawyers, thankfully are not granted this protection.

If an intrepid reporter had discovered that Mark Felt was Deep Throat, they would have been well within their rights to report it, and report it they would have.
Obviously our Mr. Felt was simply much more clever than you Armando (and with much more at stake and many more people working to uncover it), but had he not been, he would have been named long ago and rightfully so. That's just the way it works. You know what they say about kitchens and their propensity for getting a bit warm..

In short, Armando. I have two suggestions/options for you if you don't want being the internet's biggest asshole to become synonymous with your real name.

1. Stop blogging.

2. Stop being an asshole.

Sincerely Brian Nowhere

{His emphases, bold prints, and italics not included.}

Brian actually seems to have included his real name, but I won't reprint it. If anyone seemed like a regular guy, it's him, not MajorFlaw and Moulitsas Zuniga.

If this guy could vouch for DonkeyTale, I have decided to do the same thing. To wrap this up, here are the comments from that thread. Some people have integrity. Then there are the people who dominate this shithole of a blog with no right to be called a free speech zone. F*** YOU KOSKOPS AND YOUR STUPID SCRIPTS. YOU GOT BUSTED AND NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD OUT OF YOU FAKE F***ING PROGRESSIVES. YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE NEOCONS, YOU ARE SUCH NASTY SHITS!!!!!!

2006-06-12 06:23:59
What happened over there?
Did somebody take their ball and go home? I see that all of suskind's diary on Armando are no longer there.

2006-06-12 11:51:29
Yeah I noticed that
Brian Nowhere's response to What happened over there? by XicanoPwr

I checked my comments this morning at boomans and saw that a shitload of my comments were gone, which really freaked me out for a second.

I went over to Dkos last night to see that suskind also crossposted his article there.

The funny thing was that the Dkos version had all pro-Armando comments w/ ALL OF THEM kissing his ass and wishing him well.

Suskind had his nose so far up Armando's ass that if he sneezed, snot would have come out of Armando's mouth.

The very same article posted at Booman had suskinds' logic getting torn to shreds and almost everyone disagreeing with him.
In the end he was cornered by common sense into basically conceding the point, which is why I guess he deleted his article.

The great purge of all things dissenting at Dkos must have been pretty damn complete because I swear there was not one single solitary comment in opposition to Armando's POV. It makes me want to puke seeing what's happening over at the big Orange.
Brian Nowhere
I'm too cool to have a tagline...

2006-06-13 13:16:43
Got some interesting info
XicanoPwr's response to Yeah I noticed that by Brian Nowhere

you have my email right? If not let me know.

2006-06-13 16:57:32
I'm not sure.
Brian Nowhere's response to Got some interesting info by XicanoPwr

I got something from a Curmudgette..haven't had a chance to look at the link yet.
Send it to
Brian Nowhere
I'm too cool to have a tagline...

2006-06-16 22:13:44
Thought I'd pop over
to say "hello". Seems appropriate to leave the comment in the Armando letter, all things considered.

There was a very stupid comment made later that night by the site owner, Green version. Added to the deletions at BMT and the censoring of commentary at MLW (according to a comment at BMT) it was a bit much for me.

It is a tired game they all have going.

BTW, loved the Fitzmas posting as well.


Take care!


2006-06-16 23:50:32
once ya pop ya just can't stop
Brian Nowhere's response to Thought I'd pop over by Marisacat

Games games games.

The thing that cracks me up is how illusory all this shit is. I've recently been more fascinated with the whole policical blogging phenomenon that I've been with the actual antics of Bush & Co.

I enjoy watching the conflict that exists at these sites between the proprietors and the contributors, with the former continually battling the latter for control.

I've wondered, do most people frequent these sites for the first-class writing of the staff, or do they come to vent, to get shit off of their chest?
I suspect that the dailyKos became the mega-site it is today not for Kos & company's fantastic insights, but because of the compelling nature of the tension played out in the commenting & recommended diaries. People really take that shit seriously.

Don't get me wrong. I do think that the daily kos and boomantribune are doing great things. I just can't believe that they can not come up with more creative ways of dealing with the "outsiders" who don't color between the lines than to just ban people.

The whole Armando thing was a hoot though. Talk about your glass houses and not thowing stones! I guess people who think their shit doesn't stink think that that the great cliches (glass houses, chickens coming home to roost, mess with a bull get the horns etc.) don't apply to them like the rest of us mortals.

All of this gives me a great idea for a blog, which would be a blog that serves as a watchdog over all the other blogs. All that would be discussed is what drama is unfolding at all the other blogs.

I'll have to add that to my Million Dollar Ideas feature, which is a regular feature that I'm working on. Although this particular idea is probably more of a hundreds of dollars idea than it is a million dollar one.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. thanks for stopping by. I hope you see it fit to stop by again.
Brian Nowhere

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