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Friday, December 11, 2009

Brad Friedman and Fake News Making News

Back in the day there was a show put on by Geraldo Rivera with a few racists as guests. A melee broke out, and Geraldo ended up with a broken nose.

That's an example of what I mean by fake news making news. Jenny Jones was another talk show host during what can be referred to as the Morton Downey Jr., Rikki Lake, and Jerry Springer era of tv trash. Jones sabotaged her guest Jonathan Schmitz. He thought he might be meeting the woman of his dreams. He found out that Scott Amedure had a crush on him. Schmitz murdered Amedure a few days later, and Jones was eventually ordered to pay the victim's family $25 million.

Now we have a new example to add to a growing collection of fake news making news courtesy of Brad Friedman, Brett Kimberlin, and Velvet Revolution.

Brett Kimberlin Productions has an interesting business model. They basically attempt to inspire donations through offers of substantial rewards for whistleblowers from tips leading to arrests and convictions for fraud. I've yet to see one example where this has ever led to such a result. A few years ago they were offering $250,000 for tips leading to an election fraud conviction. That type of spiel has garnered money from philanthropist Lori Grace, heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune. We now know that the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove "story" has its roots completely from Velvet Revolution. We can see how the conspiracy chatter has filtered on down throughout the "progressive" blogosphere, despite there being zero evidence of any merit to the allegations.

A few months back VR started a campaign against domestic violence. What they don't inform potential donors of is that Brett Kimberlin was a domestic terrorist himself. While efforts have been made to portray him as being an exonerated, ex-political prisoner, due to my and a few others' efforts, the truth about the Speedway Bomber has slowly begun to be absorbed by the zeitgeist.

Now VR wants folks to believe that they are sincerely seeking to get a conviction against Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue.

Brad has accused fans of Fox News of sending VR threatening letters. He says that VR has informed the FBI of such threats. You may remember that VR affiliated attorney Cliff Arnebeck sent a memo and information about the alleged threat against Michael Connell to the Dept. of Justice. Same as it ever was. Larisa Alexandrovna said that Michael Connell was scared and ready to spill the beans. She also astroturfed that Brett Kimberlin was an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. Same as it ever was. Brad Friedman never blogs about Brett's past. Any attempts to speak truth to fake news at his BradBlog is censored. Same as it ever was. Here are two links for those who want to check out the new example of fake news making news. The first is to BradBlog. The second is to Fox News.

Fox 'News' Fans Flood VR With Death Threats, F-Bombs, Racist Email Following Front Page Article on 'Stop The Chamber' Campaign
Activist Group Puts Bounty on Head of Chamber of Commerce CEO

I can't keep up with Brad and Brett! Have they come up with proof yet that progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky has become compromised by a lesbian Turkish spy? Have they come up with even one arrest through their alleged whistleblowers? Could an intrepid reporter pretty please find out how much money VR has raked in over the years from good-hearted, yet gullible new-age philanthropists and donors?

There is a fake news website called News Making News. They have inspired the title of this blog entry. It is owned by Kate Dixon and runs "news articles" written by herself and conspiracy theorist Virginia McCullough. I've looked all over their website looking for signs of advertising revenue. I don't see any. I can't fathom how a place like that makes money. I can see how Brad and Brett do it. The BradBlog is full of ads and pleas for financial contributions. We know that VR generates money. We just don't know how much. We know that not one of their reward offers has led to anything other than conspira-tainment.

One story that has liked to cover has been the unsolved Cabazon murders of Fred Alvarez, Patty Castro, and Ralph Boger. It is actually an intriguing story which relates to the idea of an octopus with far reaching tentacles. There are questions concerning Iran-Contra, weapon manufacturing, the Promis software scandal, the mysterious death of intrepid reporter Dan Casolaro, and other connundrums. It is beyond my limited knowledge to delve into this too much right now. I have my own blogging methods. I don't make one cent at this, never have. I lead a humble existence. I do the best I can in regards to blogging. I don't have malice towards any of these insidious characters I have come across through my research. I simply like writing and want to know the truth, no matter what it is. I despise injustice. I begrudge anyone making a buck off of spreading disinformation.

Recently a man named Jimmy Hughes was arrested for the triple homicide. One of the victim's daughters has been a cybersleuth the last couple years. She always had questions about her Dad's death. It happened when she was thirteen. She was under the impression that he might be in a witness protection program all these years. When she realised that wasn't the case, she single-handedly did her own research which has resulted in the arrest of Jimmy Hughes.

That is not fake news making news. That is an example of one person making a big time difference. Credible news organisations have reported on this story. This is no bullshite made up about Michael Connell. This ain't no convicted domestic terrorist starting a campaign against domestic terrorism. This isn't Sibel Edmonds with Brad Friedman's help smearing Jan Schakowsky as a compromised politician due to some fabricated lesbian spy saga script. Rachel Begley's aim is true.

Here are a few articles for those interested in checking out her inspirational story.

Victim's daughter tracked suspect in Cabazon killings
Suspect Arrested in 1981 Triple Murder

There is a disinformation website called Rigorous Intuition. It's from the conspira-tainment category of internet bullshite. Months back Rachel Begley signed up to share her story. What she came in contact with was disinfo spin from McCullough and Dixon. I'm not going to provide the links. RI is an eyesore. There's plenty of mind focking materials there. The following from Begley's website confirms all we need to know about Kate Dixon and fake news making news.

Kate Dixon's Disbarment

I read through the disbarment document. One word. Wow.

Abandoning clients, slurs lead to disbarment

A Berkeley attorney whose outbursts during her disciplinary trial forced the judge to summon police was disbarred for abandoning clients and keeping their fees and for character-izing other lawyers and judges as racists and “protectors of pedophiles.” KATHRYN (KATE) JO-ANNE DIXON [#98514], 48, of Berkeley lost her license to practice Dec. 10, 1999, and was ordered to comply with rule 955 of the California Rules of Court.

Dixon received 30.5 percent of the vote in an unsuccessful 1996 bid for a seat on the Alameda Superior Court.

She had gained notoriety in East Bay legal circles for a 1992 federal suit against the Emeryville School District accusing teachers and administrators of abusing schoolchildren as part of an international pedophile ring. When authorities said the charges lacked merit, Dixon then accused a host of officials of conspiracy.

Although those actions were not part of the State Bar’s prosecution of Dixon, she vilified witnesses, the hearing judge and the prosecutor throughout the disciplinary pro-ceedings, calling them variously liars, terrorists and racists.

At the conclusion of the trial, the State Bar Court hearing judge found, and the review department agreed, that Dixon committed 29 counts of professional misconduct involving eight clients. Four counts involved moral turpitude....

I googled all I could for info about a pedophile ring coming out of Emeryville, CA.. There's nothing! One can go to and read some about it. Then try googling that info, and again one will find nothing. Who does Kate Dixon work for? Does she make any money off of her 'internet journalism'? What's up with all her crap about Emeryville? When folks look into any topic, they need to consider the sources. When trying to figure out the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove reports, I learned that all roads led to Brett Kimberlin, someone who has been convicted for setting bombs, drug smuggling, and even perjury. When I looked for info about a pedophile ring working out of Emeryville, California, all I found was the disgraced and disbarred ex-attorney. Internet cybersleuthing is a hobby of mine. I'm no genius. I make mistakes. I come up with great stuff and sometimes not so great stuff. I just want the truth, no matter what it is. What I have found in my about five years of being on the net is that there are a lot of people on it who are players in zeitgeist creation. Yet, when I have checked into their methods and results, I have just seen a whole lot of self-serving crap that appears to be fraud related. That pisses me off to no end. That's why I continue to blog, to get to the root of it, or at least get the idea out to good readers that there is a story behind internet convolution. It's not good enough to just say the internet is crazy and unsubstantiated. We need to figure out wtf is going on here. Someday, I think many things will become better understood. I can't see Brett Kimberlin Productions continuing forever with what they do. Perhaps someone in the FBI should investigate them.


Anonymous said...

Rigorous Intuition is definetely disinformation. If you watch the pattern of discussion there they're totally cool with trashing any and everything non-Canadian. You talk about Canadian matters on intrigue and crime they shut you down..

Amerigus said...

Hi I've been covering the Connell/Ohio allegations for OpEdNews and came across your blog today.

I remember first seeing the suggestion that Kimberlin was the sole, uncorroborated source for the "Rove threatened Connell" allegations in the comments of an article which I believe was on Democratic Underground. Was that your post?

I thought it interesting the buzz surrounding the whole case sort of died out after that, as if the progressive media lost interest, worried Kimberlin's past would taint the whole story whether or not the Rove threats were true or not.

So what part of the Connell saga does still concern you? For me, just the fact that he had access to the official vote reporting network would be of serious concern, considering he was running the Bush campaign and Swift Boat sites and hosting Karl Rove's mail servers at the same time.

Then, the evidence that data was rerouted out of Ohio on election night would be pretty bad. Does evidence of this exist other than VR's alleged screenshots? Does anyone know where Spoonamore got his election night IP data from?

Why would Averbeck not have been questioned in Connell's stead? Why wouldn't the servers have been forensically examined? And why, if there was no wrongdoing by Connell/Blackwell, won't anyone cover this story even to debunk it?

socrates said...

Hi Amerigus,

I was posting as Prepostericity at Democratic Underground. I had a thread going in the election integrity forum called Brett Kimberlin Exposed. The thing had 5000 views and 100 posts, and then it was all deleted. I had been banned there about two years earlier. Back then I was writing about what I believe are chemtrails and not contrails.

So DU had the plausible deniabilty to ban me as being a zombie. But I think the fact that they deleted everything and merely didn't ban me again was because Brad Friedman has inside pull with the moderators.

I used to be a regular at BradBlog. I had uncovered some disturbing anomalies with the Director of the Election Science Institute. I got frustrated with Brad, because he was ignoring my finds. While showing me the door, he wished me good luck in digging up dirt on him.

It didn't take me long to find out about Brett Kimberlin. I'm what is referred to as an amateur, internet cybersleuth. You can check out a lot of my stuff in the astroturfing section at

My theory is that Brad Friedman is the face of a donation scam incorporated through the Speedway Bomber. I do believe that elections have been rigged, but I'm incapable of proving it. I believe that Kimberlin and Friedman have escaped the kind of criticism Bev Harris was besieged with. With past dodgy stories, and even with this current one, there has been room for debunking. But not for the kind I did.

This is the lowdown from freelance journalist Joe Lauria why this story is not being covered by the mass media. If you could provide proof of election fraud, it would be run in a heartbeat. But when the story turns into nothing than internet convolution, no one is going to touch it. The internet is looked on as unsubstantiated with a lot of conspiracy chatter. I spoke with Lauria on the phone for a couple hours. I also emailed a bit with Mark Singer who wrote Citizen K. I was hoping he'd revisit the Kimberlin story, but it appears that is a dark chapter in his life, and while he stands behind his book, he wants nothing to do with Kimberlin again.


socrates said...

There's been a lot of strange stuff
going on over the years with the "progressive" blogosphere. Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story has vouched for Brett calling him an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. She said Mark Singer wet his pants. How not professional of her.

There was the awkward period in which Andy Stephenson was around. There is so much to this, but unless one is willing to pour through the convolution via archives and vet it out, newbies and fence-sitters are not going to comprehend what I've been on about.

I'm not saying I am God's gift to the blogosphere. I have come up with a few exclusives of my own. It's esoteric stuff. I uncovered a web page put up by the heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune. She has been funding Velvet Revolution. There were some other people who were debunking the Michael Connell-Spoonamore story. There was a guy named Creeksneakers2. Larisa went nuts. She was saying we were the same person. She was saying we are this poster from the past AnonymousArmy. She is tied in with Jason Leopold and reporting that AA was a DoD employee. But what she did was simply reverse his ip and ended up with a DoD domain. I think it was a google email account which so happened to turn into a DoD one when reversed. AA was a big time debunker of what he called the Lefty Liar's Club. Larry Johnson, Brad, Jason, and Larisa. He used to post a lot at Daily Kos.

Before I get to rambling, I'll stop flooding you with too much like this. I'll just say that all roads lead to Kimberlin in regards to Michael Connell being alleged to have been threatened by Karl Rove. Larisa said Connell was scared and ready to spill the beans. There is no proof. I'm not sure why they are making all of this up. I don't know if they can win any money with their lawsuit in Ohio. I think maybe it's to keep the Velvet Revolution pumped up as the revenue maker. Michael Connell was a right winger. Those guys harrassed him. There is zero proof that he knew of anything or was involved with anything. I believe if there was any truth to the story, it would be covered.

Again, I am no expert on the actual claims of election fraud. It appears that Professor Mark Lindeman (OnTheOtherHand) debunked the Spoonamore man in the middle thesis. Spoonamore is fully in bed with VR. So is Cliff Arnebeck. So is Larisa.

Has any tip received by VR ever resulted in an arrest? How much money has VR raked in over the year from donors? There are many more questions I have, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel in one post.

Brad Friedman is now being published by a right wing newspaper. That kind of feels like when Bev Harris got run off of DU and fled to the Free Republic website. He recently published Sibel Edmonds' story about Jan Schakowsky being blackmailed over a lesbian encounter with a Turkish spy. You can go back years and see that the Clint Curtis story had no legs either. Everything I have learned about Brett Kimberlin tells me he is a confidence man. I believe no one would have ever heard of Brad Friedman, if it weren't for Kimberlin supplied hoaxes. Kimberlin is on parole for drug smuggling and setting bombs. I believe he and VR should be investigated for fraud. As a lefty peacenik, most of my disdain is for posers who co-opt the progressive label in the pursuit of donations. But they can spin me as being a troll or a right wing operative. I don't care. I haven't made one cent off of blogging.