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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Socratisation Backstory Part 2

artwork by Thusnelda

I am INFP for personality type. We fight back when we feel our core values are under attack. Hence, the more I learned, the more I researched and wrote. For folks interested in the big picture, eventually it will all come together. That is a promise.

I figure I might as well post the blockbuster proof first. Joe Lauria is a respected freelance journalist. Mark Singer is the writer from the New Yorker who wrote Citizen K. The context was from early 2009. I had become a player as Prepostericity. Those were Joe's words, not mine.

Both of us got into contact with Mark Singer around the same time. We were both fascinated by the "Michael Connell Threatened by Karl Rove" bunk. Eventually through Mr. Singer, myself and Joe spoke on the phone for an hour or two. At the end Joe explained that if proof of election fraud was available, he would be hired to do the story. But because this had boiled down to being internet convolution, no mainstream paper was gonna let him do a write-up.

Perhaps that should be a lesson to all those trying to get the current story into the mainstream zeitgeist. Stick to what can be proven and leave complex theories and allegations out of it, at least until the story gets published by other than mostly right wing fringe sources. This story demands unbiased reporting, if it is to have any chance at all to be covered by the MSM.

I apologise in advance to Mark and Joe for posting the following. Even though I am not a journalist, I do realise there is a cloud of ethical doubt whenever one posts private emails. I am only publishing this one, because it displays in essence how a pattern of lawfare has been used or threatened in attempts to muffle free speech of disturbing facts.

I sincerely have no hidden agendas. One of my favourite lines is "let the reader decide." I was an amateur internet cybersleuth striving to make relevant connections through devouring archives. Having possessed a solid academic background, the requisite free time, and being a lefty situated in the appropriate milieu, I was simply the right blogger at the right time to uncover this semi-hidden gem of a story.

In 2008, somehow I ended up blogging at BradBlog. I felt I had an important story to share with "election integrity" activist Brad Friedman concerning the controversial 2004 presidential election. We emailed quite a bit back and forth. Brad even offered me an opportunity to post on BradBlog as a guest blogger. Nonetheless, Brad didn't seem too interested in what I thought was a decent scoop concerning Steven Hertzberg, the Director of the Election Science Institute. I sensed something was off-kilter. Myself and Brad had a falling out.

Brad dared me to investigate himself, to do what is now referred to as socratisation™. So as even GW Bush would have done, I went to the googler. From BradBlog, I knew Brad Friedman had started and was fully involved in something called Velvet Revolution. Search engines led me to the following.

Uh-oh... THIS GUY!!!?

Based on this thread, I think I first became aware of BK in April or May of 2008. However, at that time I had yet to put two and two together. It was only after Brad challenged me later that Summer to "dig up dirt" that disagreement transformed into suspicion.

[Please Note: People are encouraged to peruse this forum section titled Astroturfing for related information. I do acknowledge the waters can get murky.]

Like I've pointed out quite often in broken record style, I emerged as Prepostericity at Democratic Underground after Michael Connell tragically died in a small aircraft accident. Again, according to Joe Lauria, I became a player.

[Please note that the Jason Leopold referred to in the above link to Joe's My Unwitting Role in the Rove 'Scoop' article has been a close buddy of both Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story fame and Brad Friedman of BradBlog and Velvet Revolution.]

Mark Singer is an exceptional human being to go with being an outstanding journalist. He was grateful for what I was atttempting, but BK had put him through such an emotional ringer, that he unfortunately had to abstain from revisiting the topic.

That doesn't mean he isn't keeping an eye on recent events and rooting for the good guys. I don't know. I haven't contacted him since an email informing I had been sued by the Speedway Bomber. I became a player at Democratic Underground in late 2008. In their election integrity forum I was kicking royal typewriter arse. I had a huge thread titled Brett Kimberlin Exposed!

On a side tangent, Brad had actually started at DU before anyone had ever heard of him, talking early 2004 in which as a nobody he was mysteriously getting frontpaged. Without joining forces with BK in late 2004, I truly believe Brad Friedman would still be a nobody blogger. Now let me tell you, the Connell hoax wasn't any jumping of the shark. One can peruse BradBlog archives from well before then and read up on quite a number of other hoaxes, including the one pertaining to Clint Curtis. When VR first formed, that was the biggie which had catapulted Brad over Bev Harris coinciding with her introduction to schadenfreude.

Please keep in mind that "Election Integrity" threads at DU were lucky to get 200 views and ten replies. Mine was over 5,000 views and nearing 100 replies, when it was unceremoniously scrubbed. It became seemingly apparent at that juncture that Brad and Alexandrovna had inside power at DU.

Nonetheless, as an "amateur internet cybersleuth" I had developed an array of skills including the ability to save pages and take screenshots. Before Michael Connell's tragic demise, I had basically tired of thinking about Brad and his associates such as Larisa. Perhaps I would have stopped after getting things off my chest at DU. But after that scrubbing, I decided to carry on at Markos Moulitsas' Daily Kos. There too I posted as Prepostericity.

Larisa's constant involvement and harassment also encouraged me to continue with my somewhat akin to a whistleblower schtick. She had been the one to originally "vouch" for BK and his double secret exoneration malarkey. She was the one who had written Mark Singer had quote wet his pants.

Alexandrovna proceeded to cybersmear and effectively run me off of Daily Kos. But I would eventually get my revenge which is truly a dish best served cold. I kept on going. I am now atop the internet zeitgeist, while Larisa is nowhere to be found.

I have always wanted to be an activist and scholar. Self-serving fake activists such as Brad & Larisa truly piss me off. They were stealing my destiny so to speak or wtf. For the record, I want righties to realise I haven't been the only sincere lefty fed up with Lefty Liar Club members. There have been quite a number of us. But that's the problem with censorship. The cards get stacked. It may appear that few others were aware of the story I had become so passionate of. That's only because such internet progressives have been relegated into a substantial block of hidden majority.

Please remember that it was well over two years before the cavalry arrived in the form of Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey in October of 2010. Never forget that it took over a year and a half longer, before the story has finally bulldozed its way into internet zeitgeist consciousness.

I am definitely grateful the troops have arrived. I'm sure my fellow "Team Breitbart" members Mandy, Patrick, and Aaron are also pleased with recent developments. I only wish that the story be written up in a more big picture form. Its evolving into an appearance of a right versus left internet bloodbath is not going to propel what is currently going on into real newspapers where ink tends to rub off onto our hands. Such a strategy will not get us far past the Glenn Becks and Michelle Malkins of the world.

Treat this as a real story which is only right versus left on the surface, and our true goals will be accomplished. People will understand what is meant by the Team Breitbart hoax. I am not out for fame and fortune, but my story is part and parcel of the overall big picture. Yes, injustice towards Aaron Walker should be the primary vehicle by which we get this story into the MSM. But here's a hint. Look into how Aaron originally got entangled into this mess. Hmmm, would it have something to do with a bloke who went by the name of Prepostericity?

From asking yourself that question, I guarantee ye will start to be saying aha more often. I guarantee that this story will then become more likely to be covered by mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

Great work.

I wrote up an unbiased account last week and received some priase from both sides. Butttt. Its still way too convoluted. And I disagree that the central character is Worthing. He is in the picture, no doubt. Buttttt.

It will always be Kimberlin, IMHO, who will be the central figure in the Troll Wars.

The angle on this story has to get larger before its viable, it has to take a vision of a writer rising well above the 30,000 ft level.

To me, there needs to be a key organising principle to both contain and explain all the convolution but still maintain a coherent story line and deliver a catharsis which doesnt yet exist.

But, like it or not, Brett Kimberlin is the anti-heroic actor at the center of it all.

And, you are right there, too, Christian Bale's Batman to Heath Ledger's Joker.

socrates said...

So maybe I am now all set? I don't think I could have explained things any more clearly for newbies and fence-sitters.

You are completely correct this is all about BK. The only one who could have given him a run for his money was Andrew Breitbart, and that ain't happening.

The rest are all wannabes for appealing to the wider audience, including me.

For example, Dustin Flanders, Lee Stranahan, and Patterico aren't gonna pack the seats.

It it kind of interesting to see this thing creeping up to mainstream awareness. Georgia Senator Chris Chambliss sent a letter to the DOJ asking for some SWAT relief. Wasn't he on the Yankees?

Some news babe from ABC wrote that one up. I twitted, twooted or twackled her, whatever it is you kids are up to these days. I'm not sure if she owns a pool though. I still wouldn't mind a poolboy gig.

Except for a bit of diction issues, I think this one I finally emanated some New Yorker schtick. I love that magazine, well, some of it. It's one of those mags leftier than thous gravitate towards, such as The Progressive and Mother Jonesing. That's what this story needs, one of those 12 page New Yorker doozies. Like news but reads like a book.

Unfortunately, my blog would be more appropriately titled Who's Got the Munchies? Or Don't Throw Out the TV Guide. Looks like I've a better chance of winning Supertroll of the Year than getting credit for being such a marvelous yet humble human being. And that too is a story.

Anonymous said...

My latest masterpiece is up....

socrates said...

It's unfortunate you wet your pants with that entry.

But that makes sense considering you were silent the whole time I told you Ron Brynaert was libelling Aaron with the fake assault charge.

Aaron has also sued the Three Stooges in Virginia, and you would already know that, if you were a real reporter.

Aaron didn't incite any mob. He wrote an epic blog entry showing how Kimberlin had framed him. And here you are sticking up for the inept Maryland criminal injustice system. You oughta be ashamed.

But that's ok. There are a lot of idiots out there including opportunistic sell-out Lee Stranahan. It would take a complete moron to think I wrote as Pissed at Ali or wtf. I can forgive people who have just met me. Newbies whatever. But not Lee "Look at Me" Stranahan.

And Mandy's another one who doesn't get it. In private email she recently told me she doesn't understand what the Singer email or my two Master's degrees are supposed to mean. There are a lot of fruitcakes in this world is probably the moral in all this.

There are a lot of self-serving users and/or folks slow on the uptake in this world. And that is a story too.

Anonymous said...

Did Brynaert "libel" Walker? Guess I missed that. I remember something about Brynaert stating Worthing was arrested when in fact he was only issued a summons, is that correct?

Don't think so. Didn't Brynaert correct the record by stating "Kimberlin lied to him,"

But is that "libellous"? Is that partly what Worthing's Virginia lawsuit is about?

socrates said...

I am willing to cut you a lot of slack. There is a mountain of convolution at this point, and there's no possible way any of us can know everything.

Though I do think it's outrageous my story is rarely mentioned, when indeed Aaron's whole involvement originates from my case. This isn't ego. It's fact.

It took me some legwork to locate the screenshots I took of Ron's libel of Aaron. You can try here. You'll want to scroll past Neal Cheeseburger's ugly mug.

Uhm, I am not sure of the specifics of Aaron's lawsuit. Though it may be available somewhere on the net in pdf and/or scrbd wtf form.

Unfortunately, that may have been put out by Breitbart Unmask, am not sure. It's taking place in Prince William County. Unfortunately the Virginia court website doesn't seem as good as the Maryland one.

You might also find this thread enlightening. So even if Brynaert did "recant" the criminal assault allegation and acknowledges it was simply an Ipad keep away misdemeanour or whatnot "assault," he has accused Aaron of blackmail. Uhm, offering someone a settlement is not blackmail.

So while I do concede you make many a fine point, imho there is stuff going on, easy to prove, that is showing the Maryland court system as seemingly obstructing justice.

That's all I got for now. Am kinda sorta preparing for a 100% fact no way the Celtics win tonight against the Miami Cheat. #ReverseJinx

socrates said...

Hey, if you make another installment perhaps title it Troll Wars 6.999. With the way this thingie is advancing, you could eventually run out of digits. Best to conserve space.

socrates said...

And I see Mr. McCain is now in contact with the lovely and talented Alyssa Milano. Perhaps I should put some touch-up paint on me resume and pursue the best poolboy gig available.

socrates said...

Wow, the yahoo version of the ABC article is over 1,600 comments and growing. I did see one bloke at Patterico's mention me, but according to him I am Seth Adams. Perhaps because I am close to Beantown and he's a fan of Samuel Adams brew? And that too is material for a blog entry. And where the heck is The Last Name Left when the crack's become most brilliant? The zeitgeist colouring would be greatly aided by his across the pond wanker, tossers, and crikey descriptors.

Anonymous said...

So, what you're sayin is I wasn't wrong?

There is so much nonsense taking over it even clear that the Judge ordered Worthing not to blog about Kimberlin? His statement in the transcript was schtick-filled and lacking in internet terminology basic understanding, IE, he said many things like you can't google him (makes no sense), or smoke him (WTF?), but he also clearly stated you cant email him or twitter him, which is usually what a restraining order direct contact.

Merely blogging about him in a non-defamatory manner is of course something different, but is that actually what the Peace Order states?

I find Patterico's blogging patently ridiculous, BTW. Especially cringe-inducing the stuff coming out the mouth of someone who represents the state in criminal court.

Course, LA criminal justice is the worst of the worst the US police state has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there once a Samuel Adams who played for the NE Patriots?

If I were you, I'd change my name to "Seth Guinness Extra Stout" but I remember Team Numbnuts spreading malicious lies about you being overweight based on the now legendary Drivers License mug shot.

How about "Seth Supertroll?"

socrates said...

I actually agree with you it isn't clear what Judge SonnyBoy ordered. I'll give Triple F credit for his injunction. that was clear. Strange thing is however, I never did anything anyway in the first place for what was on his stupid injunction.

These judges mail it in, period. You are correct they deep down don't give two shites and are only giving the appearance they care because the cases are showing up on their plate. Ugh, just realised 95% of the new readers are asking what is a Triple F haha.

That was an abbreviation of a not so nice nickname I gave my judge.

The search engines are now so clogged up, I dare anyone to find Judge SonnyBoy's declaration within 14 hours of strumming through Malkin this, Muhammed Ali Akbar that search results.

I do know one thing sure. We have to be the two most entertaining fockers covering this smorgasbord of zeitgeist confetti. Yikes, I don't even know what that means, zeigeist confetti? So I sez to the guy, even a prostitute deserves a defense, and oh boy, those Irish sure is brilliant at counter punching bullies hiding under sheets.

I'd like to spin back the #1 dumbass mail it in judge question asked myself and Aaron. Where does ambulance chasing Jodan and SonnyBoy see this all ending? And to the Maryland prosecutors too! Get your heads out of your arses, read all court documents, listen to all court audios, then fricken do the right thing and put an end to this nonsense.

If BK can be charged, whether for perjury and/or filing false criminal charges, then fricken do it. That will end this madness. Then the bullshite can get back to where it belongs, civil court. BK is scum for trying to get myself and Aaron imprisoned. I'm knocking on wood someone is jailed, and I'm fairly sure it ain't gonna be me or Aaron.

And if BK isn't a vexatious litigator or wtf they're called, then no one is in my humble leftier than thou opinion.

As for a nickname change, I am seriously considering Meta WorldTroll Poolboy.

socrates said...

Jordan not Jodan. I think Jodan was one of those Japanese movie monsters. Though I'd have to goggley or twittle it to confirm.

socrates said...

And yes with Patterico. Though I'd be whisling another tune if he had blogged more on myself. Right wingers are showing how dumb they are by not even realising there's more to the one throwaway line showing up .00001% of the time that oh my, BK even went after a liberal blogger.

socrates said...

Damn. I really need to start proofreading better whistling not whisling. I can hear Dustin Flanders mumbling under his breath, "There he goes again, that narcissistic commie thinking it's all about himself." To Dustin I ask, "Who are you?"

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is posted somewhere, by AnonyOps, according to McCain....who didn't link to it for some reason...

It looked to me like a standard restraining order....all about staying away from BK, having no direct contact in person, phone, email...I believe it says nothing at all about AW not being able to blog about BK or mention his name...wonder why the order not being floated all around the rightysphere if its such a heinous butchering of AW's 1st amendment rights???

Surely, Worthing has a copy....why not post the order, AW and bolster your argument???? Lets see what it strictly forbids and what it doesn't, without having to go to the dark side

Tweet that question around Soc and see what response you get from Team Breitbart....just curious here, and remaining the only player on Team Pox Against Both Houses until further notice

socrates said...

How about you tweet it or post it, since you are having such fun playing contrarian.

Here's a quote from Vaughey:

The Respondent shall not contact the person in person, by telephone, in writing or any other means, and any other means is putting it on a blog, a Tweet, a megaphone, a — smoke signals — what else is out there — sonar, radar, laser, nothing.

WALKER: So I’m not allowed to speak about him for 6 months? How about the First Amendment?

THE COURT: How many times have you been interrupting? And you shall not contact or harass him in any way. You shall not enter his residence, wherever he may be living. You shall remain away from his place of employment, wherever that may be, he may be employed.

Now, let me get to the — now, should this — should you violate this order, sir, you are subject to being prosecuted by the state’s attorney’s office as a criminal case, and if found guilty, the maximum penalty for the first violation is 90 days in jail and/or it’s a $500 fine, could be a $1,000 fine. Or worse than that, you could be in contempt of this court, where you could — I could do anything that I deem necessary to keep you away from — or e-mailing him or Twitting him or Googling him or Tooting him or smooking him, whatever phrase you use.

socrates said...

You see that "by any other means" part? Here's a link I found. I don't know if it's dangerous or what to click on. Final Peace Order. So in conclusion, I'd say you didn't know what you were talking about and should admit it. But as the Fonz could never say the word marriage, I doubt we'll hear you utter the word wrong.

socrates said...

You've been socratised, fool. Haha, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

"I was w-w-w-w-w-ong."


I didn't click on the final order.

Can you cut and paste the text so I can read it, too?

The transcript itself is ambiguous. And which applies? The peace order itself or the Judge's ramblings or a combination?

Anonymous said...

And I must confess to enjoying the Other McCain's schtick, primarily because he gave you some props and me a quote combined with some linky love.

The man is obviously brilliant.

socrates said...

Oh, so you are paranoid to click on the link. I don't blame you. I'm not gonna copy and paste it. It seems pointless. We are getting some views but nothing stupendous here.

More like stupidous.

Not meaning you. You're a smart kid. There are few others though. Wish they'd post here.

It's the by any other means part.

Maybe I have a conjunction or participle off here and there. But yeah, you got it. What SonnyBoy said in court was witten down for the wink you're scared to cwick on.

Same procedre took place for my case involving Rick "Triple F" Jordan. Big difference however was Jordan said he couldn't prevent me from writing on the case or BK. Picture a younger version of SonnyBoy, still pretentious but not yet senile.

And I didn't go to any of those dumbass family court lawfare thingies. Once I hear they weren't criminal, I wasn't gonna stick around or drive down to that stinky state for some lunatic to railroad me because there are so many idiots mailing shite in.

If I was Aaron, I'd blog away to his heart's content and keep pushing the 1st Amendment envelope. I don't think he's got anything to lose.

The problem is actually Mandy and Patrick. They haven't done squat to tell the story. Maybe if you have some spare cash, or anyone else out there, they should order up my court documents. Then pour through them for all indications of the Team Breitbart hoax. That's where the story is.

I'll look at the McCain link to see what you're on about.

Man, you wouldn't believe what attorney Kevin Zeese sent to Akbar and his blogger group. It was five pages of secure this, blah blah secure that. You've gotta wonder what the fuck's going on for such over the top idiocy from Team Numbnuts. For one or two of them, it's obvious most of this can be filed in the megalomania/delusion files. But who is this Kevin Zeese, and why is he being such a dick? The money must be huge. The scam must go well past a couple psychopaths. Where the hell is Dave From Queens when we need him?

socrates said...

Okay dude I agree, that article is fantastic. I haven't finished yet, but already spewed out some coffee reading his quoting of you! RIOTOVNA COMRADE!

socrates said...

I think Patterico nailed it with this one.

"It sounds like it’s written by someone who thinks everyone is a criminal, and that vague threats of criminality will frighten people."

What I think is that it's a continuation play of the "Socrates as Pissed at Ali" hoax.

I recently made some references to Uncle Tom. Maybe I should switch to Major Tom as a kind of controlled experiment.

There was some other lingo that kinda sorta sounded like me, but I won't go there.

I'll let Pink Floyd have the last word.

The lunatic is on the grass.

Or check that. I'll have a last word for this post. McCain referred to me as eccentric. God bless him. I'll take that.

If I had to pick two movie people for parents, I'd go for Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes. Eccentric can be good. As long as it doesn't venture into Norma Desmond territory.

Hey, ever see a movie named Gloria? I loved it. And ever see Cassevetes' show Johnny Staccato? That's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes, I am a huge Cassavettes fan....he's sort of the first blogger, before there was youtube, doing longform schtick.

I've seen most of his movies, at one time or another, mainly long ago in a galaxy far away when I was married to a cineaste, and watched them mostly in movie theatres.....

Great man and married very well. Especially liked the ungodly amounts of alcohol consumed.

According to McCain you are not only "eccentric" but you are "young" as well. i think he's doing his best to set up your budding career as a ladies man. The womyn can't resist "eccentric" as long as its not combined with "old."

Take it from me.

After reading up on this Ali Akbar dude, I'm thinking of starting an organisation called the "International Dynamic Internet Online Troll Society."


The website will contain nothing except HUGE Paypal and Visa/Mastercard/Amex donation buttons prominently displayed.

The first order of business for IDIOTS will be the intense lobbying of noted Senate troll Al Franken to pass legislation forcing all blog bosses to publicly disclose their monthly rake off the donation thingie.

of course, in the fine print, IDIOTS will be excluded from complying with its own law.

socrates said...

Yo, donkeytale. You have made the big time. Legal Schnauzer gave you extensive props for your Troll Wars 6.666 masterpiece.

Unfortunately, he also gave extensive props to he who shalt not be named.

Meanwhile some dork at Firedoglake named Wade Boggs or Tdingleberry has compounded the convolution by writing up a hit piece on Team WeAreAllMichelleMalkin without uhm actually supplying any relevant data. Then the peanut gallery chimed in with sheepy guffaws that would have made Larisa Alexandrovna and MajorFlaw of UGOG infamy proud. I thought FDL was supposed to be an alternative to the dumbassery which is known as Daily Kos.

I left one comment pointing FDL folks to Aaron's epic entry which triggered the recent festivities.

There's one more thing I must mention before Breitbart Unmasked reveals all. I have declined former Georgia beauty queen Mellisia's offer to become her family's poolboy. That was causing much friction between her and hubby. I may be a supertroll, but I am truly no home wrecker.

I'd also like to thank Mr. McCain for his efforts to prettify my age. I am currently torn between whether to pursue Milano or Couric in regards to future poolboy employment.

I've yet to be contacted by either, but as soon as I am, you will be the first to know. This has been a message from the Emergency Socratisation Network. We now resume to regularly scheduled blogger silence.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Lets introduce Doberman Pinche to Legal Schnauser.

We could mate them and have a fine litter of blog pups.

I do think I have captured the zeitgeist perhaps as well as it could be at least to this point.

I have more to say on the subject but its less about the individua;s and mor about the social phenomenon. I think the very important aspect of the ARG is not being explored. ARG;s are about promotion of a product. In this case, the promotion is open to whomever wants it.

socrates said...

It's tough to have patience with certain folks. Few are like you who will work towards having mutually enjoyable, openminded, intelligent, delightful dialogue with some funny for lemon spritzer.

I heard Lee Sranahan on a radio show. The dude's an idiot. He used to post at My Left Wing. You might remember him. Yes, the guy who did that college flick with maryscott o'connor.

Talk about ARG. He's now Jesse Jackson huddled over MLK making sure to get blood on his clothes. That's a rumour I heard about Jesse. Just replace MLK with Breitbart. I know. That's blasphemy.

Brynaert would be Snidely Whiplash. I tweeted him to quit blogging and have some pizza. Told him, "It's over, son."

Dude then peppered off four ridiculous questions and blocked me so I couldn't reply.

Another dude I thought was ok just admitted he thinks Islam is a front for crime. Sheesh.

McCain and Aaron are the best, but only if you like Southern accents. I think that's where our movie is headed. Myself and Melissia are the couple. She plays the Sally Fields type role to my Northerner version of Burt Reynolds. Yes, my character will need a porn stache to go with a stash of weed.

McCain will be like a Southern Boss Hoggs or Boz Scaggs or wtf. Gotta love wtf for a blogging catch all. I believe you coined that yet never got credit for doing so. I find it riotous you are finally hitting national blogging chatter (nbc) status of late. Good job, sonnyboy, ya whippersnapper.

I think you should out yourself, unless you believe your blogging would embarrass you in real life. Or maybe you don't want to be the next one to have your house and kids photos posted at Breitbart Unmasked or Indict Breitbart dot org- one of those, which would be understandable.

Of Course, it's obvious Breitbart Unmasked is an independent agent with no tangible connection to he who shalt not be named. Can't imagine why anyone thinks that is BK. [/dripping sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments.

Can we now have a moment, if not a whole day, of silence in tribute to a magnificent career glam slam winner?

socrates said...


Check out this quote from Deedogg the loser felon.

I am beyond sick of this

story. It goes on and on. I have not kept up and do not care. The other side of this long running internet conflict (Goes by Socrates and a lot of other ID's, I know his real name but will not say it) enjoyed his enablers/defenders doing great damage to FSZ. Then blamed me.

It seems to have little to do with right versus left. But just crazy versus crazier.

But I do not care enough to even bother anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Soc here Deedogg: poor form. Reads like green sour grapes.

If you dont truly care you wouldn't even bother to comment. But you have done so here and at DKOS speaks otherwise.

Admit the truth: that you care enough to tweak Socrates and put your own blogging past at FSZ in play.

"All is whoring and a striving after donations." Your comment at DKOS places you among the former if not the latter.

For the record, I am both a whore and a striver after donations. I've been urging Soc to pput up a paypal button for months now. That he hasn't done so speaks volumes.


The "regular guys" at FSZ hounded Socrates off the site. It was rather ugly and you were part of it, a central figure.

Socrates, in the grand scheme of things, has far transcended incidents like that on FSZ to gain a measure of fame in real life.

His story has been vindicated. He created a viral meme that is gathering steam on both ends of the whiteysphere as well as in the actual professional medjia.

At least you should own up to his accomplishment along with the diss. Makes you look lik a bigger person, too.

Anonymous said...

I also dropped a few self-congratulatory comments with links in that TBlogg thread.

It's only natural that the loosers will start coming into this story slowly, and with the wrong attitude and perspective: the masses on both ends of the whiteysphere will only react to the ideological flame war aspects.

You would serve yourself better, IMHO, on both sides, to understand and order your next steps to take advantage of this typically herdist non-thought process, instead of merely using it to put people down for being people.

Accept that you are above this attitude yourself but dont go rubbing other people's faces in your superiority.

Take it from another ubermensch: its counterproductive.

Although highly entertaining,

Anonymous said...

My latest masterpiece (also a Sunday School lesson) is up at FDL