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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Cyber Gods of Infotainment

this may or may not be blogger donkeytale

[editors note: While the Soc-donk Autopilot II is offline celebrating its most recent victorious punking of yet another infantile leftist blog (confirmed by its recent twin banning by white middle class third party progressive cult leader Jane Hamsher) we have decided to re-post one of the beloved bot's earlier most prescient works, compleat with comment thread first published December 11, 2010. This from a blog that shall remain nameless]

Of course, nothing shockingly revelatory, nor really even mildly interesting, has been obtained from the leaks themselves. Primarily, these are low level diplomatic communiques, and as anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with British cold war spy literature knows, diplomats aren't ever privvy to the real games of international intrigue which lie beneath the public surface.

Julian Assange is now a hero, and rightfully so, as he battles with the hostile forces of world governments, particularly the US, in an unprecedented public relations media war over freedom of speech, freedom of the internet, and freedom of the press.  
Complete transparency of the public sphere will someday receive a court hearing, but it isn't at all clear that one will happen around Assange or WikiLeaks. There is too much to lose on both sides to bring this thing to court, IMHO.
The court martial of the pitiable Bradley Manning will surely be used to warn off future leakers who work for the goverment and hold security clearances. Manning is the man who suffers from this affair, and unfortunately, has really only himself to blame for his outing and subsequent arrest. In fact, the very same can be said for the self-described James Bond of journalism, who blamed two of his "fans" for his legal problem in Sweden.

The lesson that every blogger already knows: never trust anybody you meet on the internet.

There has been much sabre rattling rhetoric from an embarrassed US Government, some coerced corporate backlash against WikiLeaks and a sustained, rather weak but of course well-hyped retaliation of sorts by the teenaged "revolutionaries" of 4chan, whose computer game tactics have generated lots of heat, disavowal from Assange, and have had little to no effect on the commerce of its targets.

So far, the corporations seem to be winning this cyber-battle, which is still interesting and maybe even possibly game changing, nonetheless. 4chan and affiliated sites have actually suffered more downtime than the sites they have attacked. None of the credit cards have experienced any actual loss or slowing of their processing businesses. But, 4chan is not done yet and are disseminating their DDoS software to more people every day, who are joining in the game. The size of the game matters more than the results. Which side you are on matters, too. I am backing the kids, because, after all, the children are the future.

To date, the US Government has not sought an indictment, despite heavily publicised breathless rumours by Assange's legal team to the contrary, nor had they taken any legal action at all to suppress WikiLeak's release of the cables or previous disclosures. They have announced that they are looking into avenues for prosecution, but as Greenwald and many others have pointed out, there seems to be zero legal basis for such action.
For his hesitation, President Obama will face the vituperation of the Republicans in time, unless he wilts pre-emptively, as is his style, and his AG finds some bogus grounds on which to indict Assange, either for espionage or conspiracy to steal secret government documents. The espionage gambit seems almost laughable, and conspiracy would require evidence that Assange materially aided and encouraged Bradley Manning's leaking activities.

Julian Assange, it should be fairly noted, has created a new media business model that is likely to be copied and spread, regardless of his personal fate. He has demonstrated a wide range of courage, intelligence, egomania, as well as stupidity. He has and will continue to gain fame and fortune from his activities, even in the very unlikely event that he ends up behind bars for the leaks.

As with most entrepreneurs, however, he will likely not be the one to maximize the success of his creation. That will probably come later, in subsequent iterations of the new form. One such,, started by former WikiLeaks staffers who became disenchanted with Assanges hubris and moved on, opens for business on Monday. This is a modified model that likely has a better chance for longterm sustainability: acting solely as a clearinghouse between the leakers and the media. Assange's model is to be the media and the front man, a sort of cult of personality. The leakers lose all control over their efforts once Assange takes over the process with the media, although as we have seen, it is leakers who bear the brunt of the legal burden. OpenLeaks promises to be different. Time will tell.

Like most truly creative people, Assange has both soared the heights and scoured the depths, and in the age of the infoboobtubes, has done so in a remarkably short span of time.

Without a doubt, Julian Assange is the historic troll.

His coming legal challenges, if he has any, will be landmark international media events without precedent. Will the internet remain free? Is it free now? Will the piracy of the anonymous groups lead to a severe conservative backlash like occurred in reaction to the activism of the 1960s/70s New Left?

Julian Assange is a transcendent celebrity, trending hotter than the Texas sun in August. Indictments will only increase and extend his worldwide stature. Conviction seems impossible without publicly railroading him, which in turn would make him a worldwide martyr on the level of a cyber-Mandela.

The very first virgin sacrifice offered to the cyber Gods of infotainment.


Remember Bradley Manning in your breathless praise for Julian Assange (4.00 / 2)

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The Revolution Will NOT be Cybertized (0.00 / 0)

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Bloggaz are Scared of Revolution (0.00 / 0)

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US Govt also starting to leak.....that it hasnt any case against Assange (0.00 / 0)
Even as some government officials contend that the release of thousands of classified documents by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange jeopardizes U.S. national security, legal experts, Pentagon officials and Justice Department lawyers concede any effort to prosecute him faces numerous hurdles.Among them: Prosecutors apparently have had difficulty finding evidence that Assange ever communicated directly with Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, 23, an intelligence specialist who's widely thought to be the source of the documents, but is charged only with misusing and illegally downloading them.
Bradley Manning, bless his soul, who no doubt is being tempted with lots of favours to squeal on Assange as Adrian Lamo did on him, isnt cooperating.

Prosecutors declined to discuss what evidence they have in the Manning case, but three Pentagon officials who cautioned that their information is two months old recently told McClatchy Newspapers that as of that time prosecutors had no evidence tying Manning to Assange.The prosecution is now working under the theory that Manning, who was arrested in May in Iraq and is being held at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va., provided the information to an unnamed third party who then passed the information to WikiLeaks, according to the officials, who agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity because the case is still under investigation.
Manning, who faces as many as 54 years in prison on 10 charges, isn't cooperating with prosecutors, the officials said. His attorney, Maj. Thomas Hurley, didn't answer numerous calls seeking comment.
In addition, any potential Assange prosecution on charges that he intentionally threatened U.S. national security would be complicated because top national security leaders disagree about how damaging the leaks have been. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the release could put lives in danger, but Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called the reaction "overwrought" in a briefing with reporters.
Also unclear is what law would apply. The Justice Department would most likely charge Assange under one of two laws - the Espionage Act of 1917 or theft of government property, former prosecutors and experts agree.
Either charge would be the first of its kind, however.

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Swedish leftists throwing cold water over the honey pot theory (0.00 / 0)
In court last week Assange was alleged to have had sex with unlawful coercion with a woman who was asleep and to have sexually molested the other by having sex without a condom.In Sweden, among the country's community of hackers and left-leaning political activists, the timing is viewed as coincidental rather than conspiratorial.
"The Americans are very lucky indeed that Assange screwed around in Sweden, a society which takes rape allegations very seriously,'' said Åsa Linderborg, culture editor of the leftwing Aftonbladet tabloid. Film-maker Bosse Lindquist, whose WikiLeaks investigation will be broadcast on Swedish TV tonight, and who has spent many hours with Assange over the past few months, said Assange's attitude to women did not seem in any way striking.
"If you look at the two prosecutors involved in investigating the rape allegations, they are not types you would imagine bowing to any kind of pressure from, say, the Swedish government or the United States.''
A senior civil servant, who requested anonymity, also dismissed allegations of political plotting against Assange, arguing that Swedish culture is often misunderstood. "Swedes do not have an iconoclastic tradition in which you build people up then demolish their reputations. Even when people are celebrities, we accept that they may have questionable private lives. Swedes are capable of seeing the advantages of WikiLeaks while conceding that Assange may have unsavoury morals between the sheets.''
Linderborg, though, says there is a widespread sense in Sweden that Assange's rise to fame fuelled his libido and ego.
"Plenty of women are attracted by his underdog status and the supposed danger of spending time with him. He has several women on the go at once. One person told me he screws more often than he eats,'' Linderborg said.
Of course, given the nature of the web, the allegations have triggered a series of attacks on both women's characters with lurid claims of "women who cry rape" and "bitches trying to send an innocent man to prison".

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The Revolution will NOT be Cybertized, Part II (0.00 / 0)
In this spirited book, journalist and social commentator Evgeny Morozov shows that by falling for the supposedly democratizing nature of the Internet, Western do-gooders may have missed how it also entrenches dictators, threatens dissidents, and makes it harder-not easier-to promote democracy. Buzzwords like "21st-century statecraft" sound good in PowerPoint presentations, but the reality is that "digital diplomacy" requires just as much oversight and consideration as any other kind of diplomacy.Marshaling compelling evidence, Morozov shows why we must stop thinking of the Internet and social media as inherently liberating and why ambitious and seemingly noble initiatives like the promotion of "Internet freedom" might have disastrous implications for the future of democracy as a whole.

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Really, How Can We Take This Seriously? (4.00 / 1)
This Wikileaks operation is riddled with red flags and loose ends. I am surprised that anyone takes it seriously at all. Most here know of my article:Is Wikileaks Inciting A War With Iran?
You should also read (in a truly great blog):
American Everyman -- If We Lose our Internet Freedoms Because of Wikileaks, You Should At Least Know Why
After reading these articles, I would think an intelligent person would assess a 99% degree of likeliness that Wikileaks must be one of the biggest Internet disinfo operations ever.
Also -- Assange did not invent the Internet info leaks concept at all -- he simply copied it from John Young of (whom he "worked with" until Young could no longer tolerate his flakiness). See:
There is also my newer article:
The Incredible High Strangeness Of Julian Assange

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Right. Assange invented the market for leaks. Thats his creation. Bradley Manning is his key asset (and he's not been paid a cent!) (0.00 / 0)

Just as Bill Gates invented nothing except a marketing concept, Assange is a marketing man, and a damn good one. If you saw his interview in Forbes you see very clearly that he is a capitalist idealist, or a libertarian, if you will. He says thats what he is. And he sells the concept and the WikiLeaks brand incessantly just like any good CEO would do. He's imperious, monomaniacal and twisted in many ways, and I mean that with all due respect. Many, maybe most of the extremely creative businessmen I have know fit this exact same mold.

Now, its not a contradiction at all for Assange to be both a businessman and an internet idealist pursuing "freedom of information and transparency".

Believing Assange is CIA, whether its true or not, is a symbolic way of acknowledging that Assange is an impure human being with very mixed motives and message. He's clearly brilliant and courageous, and completely unhinged by the experience.

I say lets acknowledge the complexity of the situation and the man instead of turning him into a cardboard superhero, which is what the fake left is doing.

Once he becomes a martyr, then he has earned his superhero stripes, before then lets keep our wits about us, alls Im sayin....

by: donkeytale @ Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 04:24:07 AM UTC
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What An Astounding Pile Of Bullshit (4.00 / 1)
Believing Assange is CIA, whether its true or not, is a symbolic way of acknowledging that Assange is an impure human being with very mixed motives and message. He's clearly brilliant and courageous, and completely unhinged by the experience. - donkeytale
If "Assange is CIA" is merely a question of *symbolic belief*? Disingenuity raised to the level of insanity here. The above comment is 100% pure bullshit.

Who really stands to gain with this Wikileaks fiasco?

1) Leaking government secrets wholesale is a great way to pass draconian laws restricting free speech on the Internet.

2) It also is a great way to finger participants who could be excluded from employment by and access to establishment institutions in the future.

3) Selective leaks can be used to discredit potential adversaries - such as the leaders of Italy, Turkey, and Russia, who have built a gas pipeline that is beyond the reach of the Western energy monopoly.

4) When financial institutions such as giant banks become embroiled in scandals due to selective "leaks" they are likely to falter or fail, and parties that possess advanced knowledge of the impending leaks will be positioned to receive hundreds of millions of dollars.

5) All significant secret government and corporate data is compartmentalized and encapsulated in a vast multitude of encrypted channels requiring individual passwords, available only on a need-to- know basis. Many channels are physically isolated.

6) Wikileaks cannot even get my passwords, unless it uses illegal keylogging Trojans.

So Wikileaks must be a huge fraudulent psyop.

by: blues @ Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 11:08:28 AM UTC
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Your logic doesn't flow (3.00 / 1)

There are some good points in there.

But none of it leads to any proof that Wikileaks is a psyop.

Francis Holland actually had some solid proof when he asked whether Daily Kos is a CIA honey pot or susan something.

You've got nothing but your conspiracy theory freakiness.

What, were you in a LaRouchite or similar group? You post a lot of fucked up ideas. You probably believe there are government sponsored satanic mind control schticks also in operation?

It's like you hit your head hard as a kid or took too many heavy drugs.

Something ain't right with you. It's entertaining. But that is all. And sometimes your rants aren't that entertaining. I'd say you're half-decent for a troll. Nothing special, but nothing too obscene, like one of those supermarket tabloids everyone knows is fiction. Yet you actually believe this stuff? Or maybe you are the psyop?

by: socrates @ Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 21:28:32 PM UTC
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He's not a psyop (4.00 / 2)

We are psyops.

And you are the type of person who couldn't spell "CIA" unless someone spotted you the C and the I.

And we know who did that too.

by: Cointel Pro @ Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 22:41:07 PM UTC
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He's A Professional Asshole (4.00 / 1)

Probably from Connecticut, as I am.

by: blues @ Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 00:52:35 AM UTC
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By your "logic" not to mention that of the entire Whiteysphere, (0.00 / 0)

that would make you, him.

I dont believe it.

As everybody already knows, he is me as you are he and we are all fake nooms.

by: donkeytale @ Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 16:34:53 PM UTC
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Astounding lack of reasoning ability, Blues. (0.00 / 0)

Why am I not suprised?

See how many logical fallacies Blues has committed in the above comment?

For extra credit, pick out the number of logical fallacies committed regularly by fairleft.

Winner receives a dinner date with Melvin, courtesy of Miss Devore's underwater Deli by: donkeytale @ Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 16:31:54 PM UTC
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There Isn't Quite A Smoking Gun, But How Often Do We See Those? (5.00 / 1)

If you just look into the "who benefits" questions, and go into the details I have begun to describe in other posts and comments, the evidence all points in one direction. Show where it doesn't.

One little Army private with a laptop, in Iraq, not even a hacker, Grabs hundreds of thousands of secret State Department communications? Even though such information is largely secret, encrypted, compartmentalized, and never stored in one place? Diplomats do transmit lots of secrets from foreign agents because they can use diplomatic immunity. So how does this little Army guy get to all the data? It's absurd.

If you had real secrets, would you disseminate them through a weird dude with very peculiar platinum hair who spent years (from age 8 to age 11, but quite possibly more) in an Artichoke mind control "cult" that owned its own hospital? (Most of the kids the "cult" took in had bleached and dyed platinum hair, like the Children of the Damned, and Assange still had that very same hair when he turned himself in, though the roots are said to be growing out brunette now.)

Improbabilities do not add up, they multiply. the chances of a coin turning up heads in one throw are 1 in 2. The chances of turning up all heads in ten throws is not 1 in 11, but 1 in 2¹º (1 in 1024). Why did John Young of send Assange away, claiming he was a spook? It doesn't add up, but rather divides down.

So what are my fallacies? We have no smoking gun, but we have the non-smoking gun, with Assange standing over the victims. Is this guy going to be your hero - your Batman? Are we expected to be suckers? Didn't we learn anything from Obama?

by: blues @ Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 22:24:11 PM UTC
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A=B and B=C, therefore A=D. (0.00 / 0)

The classic conspiracy theories involve drawing false and predetermined conclusions from sets of intentionally arranged facts that don't add up logically to the conclusion (that there is a conspiracy).

Con artists use the same methodology to swindle people.

I'm not proclaiming Assange to be a hero at all. I'm debunking that mythology, but not by creating a countervailing mythology, as you are.

He is not the Jesus Christ of the Fake Left.

He is the Hugh Hefner of the fake Left.

All you are really saying is that it is possible that Assange and Manning are CIA and its also possible that they are not.

You are not making assessment based on probability you are basing it on belief.

Conspiracy, con artistry and religion all require similar bases of belief over probability.

by: donkeytale @ Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 03:49:24 AM UTC
[ Parent ]

Your Brain Is Short Circuited (5.00 / 2)

You should stop trying to think, donkeytale. You're just no good at it. For example, I never said that this Manning guy was involved in any intentional deception (that he "is CIA"). Not at all. Most likely he is not deliberately a party to any deception at all. When did I say such a thing? What I said was that it is absurd to think that he could have just downloaded hundreds of thousands of secret pages. When the Conspiracy pulls a psyop, you are not ever going to see a smoking gun. Instead, you may see a string of impossibilities and extreme oddities. You are unlikely to be able to prove anything at all. Who knows exactly how all that data popped up on his laptop? Somebody somewhere made it so. Who knows if the "cables" are even real?

As far a Assange is concerned, it's foolish to ponder whether someone "is" or "is not" "CIA." How many people do you know (except possibly yourself) have spent years of their childhood in an Artichoke mind alteration cult that bleaches and dyes their subject's hair to a strange platinum color? How many men (except possibly yourself) do you know who have strange platinum hair? (It could get to be a fashion trend, and that will be very weird indeed.) All we know is that he's very intelligent and almost certainly deranged. I don't know if he comprehends what he is involved in.

We have tons of impossibilities and extreme oddities. If you wanted to remain anonymous would you depend on Assange? (In your case - maybe.) And most of the "leaks" support notions that are favorable to the Conspiracy. Yeah, there was the little worm on the hook movie of kids being shot from a helicopter - which was not really that shocking in the context of what we already know.

I refuse to become all righteous about the persecution of this insane puppet. I really just feel sorry about his past. And what is all this "left" nonsense. I reject the delusions of those who suppose themselves to be "left," "right," or whatever. I think for myself. I refuse to make heroes of lunatics like Julian Assange, Glenn Beck, and so on.

Wikileaks shows every sign, with its oddities and impossibilities, of being a psyop, even though most of its participants may not be aware of that. Fools make the world go 'round. by: blues @ Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 09:59:10 AM UTC
[ Parent ]

Rated holy (2.00 / 1)

because your schtick is full of holes.

by: donkeytale @ Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 14:17:18 PM UTC
[ Parent ]

Yours rated boring, Blues Holy too (5.00 / 1)

What got you into trouble donkeytale is your propensity to spam out of context posts across the dying soapblox dynasty.

What Blues wrote was pure genius for conspiracy theory entertainment. The mind control schtick is always good for a laugh and reveals Blues was paying attention at the LaRouche meetings.

Where Blues is wrong however is this. Assange was victimised by Project Asparagus. Project Artichoke was introduced by the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. Recently declassified documents acquired by The Onion through the FOIA show that Jean Harlow was actually born a brunette. The platinum blonde dye emitted a chemical inhaled by the agitators and various dirty faced actors who co-starred. Yes, Jean Harlow was CIA. I mean OSS. It's true, because it's here in print on the internet. If it wasn't true, there would be no mention of it.

Just think of how we know God is real because of the word God. That type of greatness must exist, or else the idea never would have emerged. There I said it. Carry on. That's the stuff. Bet on it. Wake the fock up everybody. Bagels and cream cheese for all. Peace on Earth a rum ba dum dee dah yeah hey now....

by: socrates @ Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 20:30:55 PM UTC
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Parent | Reply |  ]

Assange granted bail. (0.00 / 0)
Other items of interest:Continuing a pattern, Assange lawyer/public relations rep admits the rumours of a secret grand jury in the US pondering an indictment of Assange is "pure speculation."
A British citizen, Gary Mckinnon, who has admitted hacking into US govt. systems containing secret information, has been in Britain resisting extradition to the US for eight years, even after losing his appeal more than one year ago.
Swedish prosecutors state that any decision to extradite Assange from Sweden to a "non- EU " country would, by the rules of the EU, be decided by Britain.

Reply ]

Still more of yesterday's donkeytale "perversely stupid moronity" becoming todays conventional wisdom: (0.00 / 0)
A House committee held its first hearing on the WikiLeaks controversy Thursday, but those on the panel focused mainly on the problem of government over-classification and how, if at all, Congress should revamp the Espionage Act rather than if WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange should face criminal prosecution.Geoffrey Stone, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, kicked things off by saying that WikiLeaks-related legislation recently introduced by Sen. Joe Lieberman is clearly unconstitutional. The Shield Act would amend the Espionage Act and make it illegal to publish the names of military and intelligence informants, but Stone said that while it might be constitutional to apply that to government employees, applying it to private citizens would violate the First Amendment.
Manning, the govt employee, faces great danger.
Assange faces only the danger of media overexposure.

Reply ]

More donkeytale prophecy fulfilled: Assange inks a 7 figure book deal according to the Guardian and of course a film deal will surely follow (0.00 / 0)
Grab a percentage of the gross, dude. Set for life.Hilariously, he claims in the same interview that he will be executed "jack Ruby style" if he is extradited to the US and sent to prison.

Reply ]

You heard it here first: casting the lead in the soon to be announced Julian Assange biopic: (0.00 / 0)
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donkeytale said...

haha @

donkeytale said...

FWIW, here is the communique I received from the Hamsher cult:

"Several users reported one of your content as inappropriate.

You can see the content in the page:
You posted this content with the account "donkeytale".

A moderator will soon review and moderate this content if necessary."

socrates said...

That's the message I got too. But there was no explanation of what content they were referring to. We can assume this was a double banning not for anything specific. Nonetheless, imho it was centered around our exalted places in the Troll Wars.

You're correct that your moving to the top of the charts was probably the last straw. The frosting, perhaps even a necessary ingredient, was your mentioning of myself, fakeleft, and other assorted inside blog baseball names within the page.

I'd like to edit this entry, so it stops busting out the margins. I suspect it's because of the way soapblox nests comments.

I was reading through some funny interrogatories sent from Aaron Walker to Brett Kimberlin.

Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin’s Protection Racket

It never ends. Haha @ both sides.

socrates said...

I fixed the margin situation.

socrates said...

Wendy Davis has asked for FDL sunshine on why we were banned with someone seconding the motion.


wendydavis December 1st, 2012 at 11:48 am 4

Er…do I assume that no news is…no news, Kit? I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but this is the only place the TOS allows us to comment or ask questions about site business.

I can’t say I found much about the Donkey admirable, although he was singularly provocative to the point of absurdity and massive duplicity, lol. I just don’t care for people to be disappeared without acknowledgment, and I seriously don’t like their archives deleted. In fact, I’d even been hoping to ask Jane Hamsher for a general amnesty now that elections are over as a gesture of good will or something. Serious assholes (always in the minds of the beholders and group flaggers, of course) can always be sorted out later.

timesthree December 1st, 2012 at 12:05 pm 5

Kit, since Watercooler threads are the go-to place for questions to mgmt, I would hope that someone at least acknowledges wendydavis’s question, even if the answer entails taking the fifth.

socrates said...

Stranahan is claiming it's 100% clear a hack on his dumbass blog was done by people connected to Team Kimberlin.

The Attack On My Site Was Criminal

There's a lot of weird stuff going on but it's tough to know what it all means.

Liberal Grouch is now running Breitbart Unmasked. Neal has shut down his blog, while his probable sock puppet Occupy Rebellion has closed shop on Twitter.

There's a big hearing on Tuesday where a bunch of motions are on the table. Will Kimberlin get in trouble for leaking those sealed documents showing why Aaron was truly fired? Will default judgments be put in place against Neal and Ron?

I also see that Grouchie has sent off a letter to an incoming legal lady in California. He is asking for Frey to be investigated and punished for tweeting on taxpayer time.

I also see he wrote my name as Chad. The stealing of my destiny continues unabated.

Anonymous said...

Perusing the thread attached to this dairy I'm struck mainly by three profound notions:

1. Blues is pure paranoid blogging genius

2. You and I are the Rowan and Martin of the Whiteysphere

3. I give give good thread

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I found that mailed-in comment of yours upthread laughably narcissistic. Its always all about you even when its about me.

Remember, it was moi who gave thou the idee to post your Rauhauser masterpiece in the first place.

As for details, well I nailed the significance of your epic BK classic tragedy before you did. The Troll Wars nailed it.

The irony is that your big story was about BK and BF were playing hoaxes for dollars. In the process of which your story became the hoax used by rightwingers to troll for dollars.

At least you had the good sense to wake the fuck up before you turned into the Breitbart Cult's pet poodle.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa: I meant your comment in the Jane Hamsher masterpiece prior to this mailed-in entry.

The comment in this thread was excellence in blogging. Apologies. Cellphone related retardation.

socrates said...

Dude, you got a lot correct. But you failed to get many details which would have led to a more enjoyable viewing.

I'd have to socratise what you're talking about. Because you got a lot missing on Ron. He was the ultimate limited hangout. He had stars in his eyes. He thought he was on the road to journalistic greatness.

It's one thing for Blues to give us the updates on new Larouchite trends. It's quite another for someone to have had Brett Kimberlin as his source while smearing me.

Blues wasn't executive editor of Raw Story. I expect better from Ron.

You forget how I got Kimbo to lie on the stand. That was top of the zeitgeist stuff, mi amigo.

I don't think there was much of a time gap from when you "solved" it from when I did. One day you proclaimed Patterico as the queen bee. I was on this sucker as soon as it erupted in late May.

You definitely nailed the big picture. You did philosophy. I did much more of the hard hitting mail-in work.

Anyway, it is water under the bridge.

I admit the Rauhauser piece at FDL was my bad. I should've canned the project at the first sign of trouble. It was much better in its original version.

socrates said...

I left three posts at Crying Wolfe Blog:


A good sign something ain’t right is when people who should have nothing to do with any of it are acting like players.

The only two people I can think of who didn’t ask for trouble but got it were myself and Mike.

Add Qritiq to the list of those who should go crawl back under their rocks. Why on earth would she re-blog a Rauhauser entry let alone allow him to blog on her website?


You whippersnappers are probably too young to remember, but in the days of one of those SNL bad cast eras, there was a character who’d keep popping up in all these important situations.

It was like Forrest Gump.

That’s Lee Stranahan. He is the Gump of the Blogosphere but for bad. He’s so bad at hiding his tracks, he’s become a laughingstock. It’s actually somewhat easy to pity him. I don’t mean any offense, Mike. Lee also did some awful things to me.

Nonetheless, I see a big difference between himself and say, Pat Frey.

It’ll be so nice if Neal Rauhauser is put behind bars. That’s where he deserves to go.

You can’t allow criminal cybersmearing to go on like this. Rauhauser needs to be arrested. Or else all anti-social trolls will become emboldened to break the law like he has. There needs to be a limit for flaming.

Which might bring us to a free speech debate. Or not. That would be moot.

Myself and Mike were not public figures. Neither of us deserved to be terrorised.


Yeah Mike, I don’t mean to downplay what Stranahan has done. He has been a pivotal character from the start. But it was opportunism. I can’t believe the amount of nonsense he used to post on Weinergate.

He was very easy to fall for. Until you see what he looks like, he seems to be a well-groomed, smart whatever dude into blogging. I first heard of him through Maryscott O’Connor’s My Left Wing.

It wasn’t even until he started smearing me right after KimberlinGate erupted, that I finally felt forced to socratise the bugger.

It seems clear Stranahan is someone who latches on and is not a primary thinker.

I think Mandy’s like that too.

And they can only survive when they are protected by the herd personality of the cult.

If you notice, we seem to be the two who get the least attention for the stuff we’ve come up with. I believe that’s because both sides suck.

Donkeytale made a decent observation. I did what I did exposing hoaxing and donation schemes set up by Brad Friedman and Kimberlin. Then the Breitbart cult stepped in and created a hoax off of that.

Occam’s Razor says we are regular guys. Regular guys, while sometimes making mistakes, are pure of heart and always seeking the truth. This is why the two people who might understand what has been going on the best are ignored for the most part.

Those “lefties” who should technically be on “my side” are no better. With TBogg, Karoli, Qritiq, et al there is also a widespread ignoring of our true stories. This isn’t about political differences. This is about convolution versus convolution.

I don’t believe Rauhauser could have pulled this off all by himself. Maybe Stranahan is more culpable than I am implying. I think of it in terms of who has benefited. Frey is an obvious suspect for having teamed with Neal Rauhauser the whole scam. Or Dustin with Rauhauser. Or both.

People like Mandy, Aaron, and Lee, imho, are much more difficult to pin down. Respectively they could be a latch-on wannabe, a conspiracy kook, and an incompetent yet persistent sheister.

el fin

socrates said...

I almost forgot to add this link to counter-punch the propaganda of your mailed-in cross-post.

The Donkeyman Cometh, Assange Probably Trapped by CIA Honeypot, and a Geoengineering Moratorium

Anonymous said...

So what yur sayin is....the bitches set him up? And they woikin for da CIA?

And Blues claims Assange hisself is CIA?

Well, we've covered all the bases because I say never say never when it comes to the spy schtick, you always have to go with the probabilities.

I'd say the probability that Blues was correct is pretty close to zero. The agrument that Wikileaks was a ploy by the government to shut down freedom on the internet seems so, so....prisonplanet cliche that even Lyndon LaRouche would probably laugh and shake his head.

As for your honey pot theory, I'd say the probability is 69.....I mean that there was 69 involved.

Frankly, I'm not buying it. The more obvious answer is Assange, being an Aspie, is clumsy and crude socially, which means he is clumsy and crude sexually. The fact that he bagged these two back to back fits this pattern. That they were acquaintances and co-workers fits this pattern. A normal guy would see red flags getting involved in a triangle for a one nighter. Not. Worth. It.

However, I don't totally discount the possibility. As an espionage expert of long standing, having read every British spy thriller ever written, this risky type of maneuvre is never done in such a high profile risky operation. Spying of this nature, involving role playing and deception, sexual deception, is generally done in the shadows.

Plus, that was such a popular, albeit paranoid observation of so many (including laura John BTW) at the time that it is hard to believe it wouldn't have been exposed or at least discussed, srsly by now.

You are as CT as the next fried internet junkie. Its both your greatest strength and an obvious weakness.

The fact is, many, many people blog whore for donations on both sides of the ideological firewall. There I said it.

But remember. Just because you are paranid doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enemies.

I will hand you your props for besting BK in court. Something that Aaron Worthing can't seem to accomplish too often.

However, srsly, the entire episode has jumped too many sharks to be attention worthy at this point.

I think when I saw Liberal Grouch editing Breibot Unmasked was probably the last straw.

I'm done. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'd like to see you pivot and turn to new subjects in bad need of Wendy Davis for instance....

"Kelly Canfield December 2nd, 2012 at 7:44 pm 13
In response to wendydavis @ 11

Doesn’t matter a whit that you are racist when you wannabe, and not when you don’t.
Convenient, that, isn’t it.

wendydavis December 2nd, 2012 at 7:53 pm 14
In response to Kelly Canfield @ 13

So glad to see you doing God’s work again, Kelly Canfield! Always enjoy it.

Kelly Canfield December 2nd, 2012 at 7:58 pm 15
In response to wendydavis @ 14

Your twoface-itude, as omnipresent as it is, is equally execrable to me.
Let me know when you find a home, like here, who will let you bash it elsewhere, but give you the site views you crave, whilst simultaneously bashing that favor.
If there is ever a Blog Judas, it’s you.

CTuttle December 2nd, 2012 at 8:17 pm 16

In response to Kelly Canfield @ 15
…is equally execrable to me…
Wtf, over…? Kelly, who died and left ya in charge…? 8-(

Kelly Canfield December 2nd, 2012 at 8:22 pm 17
In response to CTuttle @ 16
Like I can’t have an opinion?
So you’re in charge of what I think?
I think not. Wendy continually scabs the FDL site. Lotsa places. I think she’s a hypocrite.
Cope with that.

wendydavis December 2nd, 2012 at 8:23 pm 18
In response to Kelly Canfield @ 15

You need to find a different hobby than stalking me, Kelly Canfield. The rewards you crave by smacking me…never seem to fill you up. But thank you for the good thoughts.

Kelly Canfield December 2nd, 2012 at 8:30 pm 19

In response to wendydavis @ 18
I’m not stalking you.
I expose you. You are two-faced as you say one thing here about FDL, and another elsewhere about FDL, and you have for quite sometime.
People will ultimately come to the same conclusion. If they actually bother to follow you.
Your TPM days say as much."


Canfield is or was a moderator and a definite cult leader.Wendy has revealed herself to be a Christian, which if I'm not mistaken is grounds for persecution, ostracism, and blog crucifixion everywhere in the whiteysphere.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I don't know if you got the memo, but Asperger lost his diagnosis.

Apsie is no longer to be exulted, its just another "autistic spectrum disorder."

Somebody better tell Neal.

Also, speaking of paranoia, I havent fully discounted the possibility that he or his army of sock puppets flagged us into oblivion after your/our dairy calling him a "deranged sadist", or wtf term of art you employed.

Come to think of it, calling out users in a dairy is also grounds for banning, which seem rather endless at the hamsher cult, just not as flagrantly deployed as at the Kos Kult.

Anonymous said...

Linky thingie to the Canfield/Dasvis contretemps:

Anonymous said...

I think the title: "Blog Judas" has a nice ring to it.


OK, enough stat padding for a Monday.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we're gonna do one more, then we gotta go...

I got curious and googled "Chad Allen."

Pretty funny, subtle stuff from Liberal Grouch, although as I recall he likes to play the gay card rather frequently as a smear tactic (SEE Akbar, Ali and Blossom, Turd for details).

What does that make LG in real life?

Anonymous said...

Ok, since you demanded is a blog entitled that's been whitewalled. but available in Google cache. You will note that its contributors count no fewer than 15 who also contribute to the Hamsher Cult.

I think thats what has the moderator dude pissed more than anything.

Wendy is the leader of her own mini-cult.

socrates said...

There is a spectrum for conspiracy theories from Bluesian to factoidlicious. There's not much we can do with water under the bridge. There's a link (or more) in that thread which shows those ladies did have CIA ties.

Look at Moulitsas. The dude admitted himself he was inches away from becoming a covert spy. Though he didn't advertise that fact. It was uncovered by just a blogger, probably Stu Piddy and then we know what Francis did what that info. He made Hollandaise sauce out of Kos.

Back in the day fricken Al Giordano had his comeuppence with military/spy connections. You smirked about it at the time, but the links are damning. Same as the ones linking Assange's fake girlfriends to "intelligence" shenanigans.

Look at Hal Turner. That is conspiracy fact.

What you have done above is similar to what the herd does. They ridicule as sport. There's no point by point debating. It's sophistry and head games.

Though I will cut you slack and say you did it in a kinder and gentler way.

There's a spectrum, dude. There's a lot going on. The rule of thumb is to consider the source.

I will add you make an astute observation of the money factor. Not everything can be traced back to James Bond or Edgar J. Hoover.

But sometimes they can be. And that too is a true story.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, I think we agree in that your "spectrum" equals my "probability".

Meaning, guesswork.

Here, in this case the spectrum is very broad and the probability low.

Alls I'm sayin. There is nothing like evidence or proof. But under the circumstances I rule nothing out, including Blues scenario.

socrates said...

I've got something cooking on Rauhauserish type stuff. I do hear you and agree about sharks having been jumped. I'll try to make it tight. I'm gonna bring in that Karoli dame. She's awful. She's like a Maryscott O'Connor or that Diane Gee of Wild Wild Joo Hate.

These are people who didn't make it through academia, like Brad Friedman, yet somehow developed an internet niche. Ok, they got an undergrad in theatre arts or basket weaving. And I don't mean to sound pretentious. True is true. Dumbasses are controlling the narrative. Look at Hamsher. She's a hack. No one would know who she is if she hadn't suckered Tarrantino. No one would know who Brad Friedman is if it weren't for his wild hoaxing.

Sure, I get the please wake me up when something happens schtick.

But now Karoli is plugging Rauhauser. That's interesting. That's something that shouldn't be downplayed.

I don't know about this Wendy Davis. Such meta only seems to work if we are all regulars on the same blog. Look at how long it took you to spell Larisa Alexandrovna's name. People like doing their own thing. I am not much for your Nader/Stein posts. You got kind of bored with AaronWalkerGate. By the way, Aaron is incredibly boring. He used to call me. The dude is extremely spastic. If he is a kook and not deliberately involved in any of the hoaxing, he is a true victim.

But I gotta think some of these colluded. Everyone got socially engineered?

And I am going to come out and repeat what I've said before. Who was behind the SWATs? Of course it was Neal Rauhauser. It then becomes a matter of wondering who else has been part and parcel of that. Hello Patterico?


Did anyone ever respond to Wendy's question about why we were scrubbed?

Oh man, this comment padding is rough. I only just woke up.

I know Rauhauser was an FDL member but no way was the rule you mentioned the reason I was tossed. FDL allows a lot of trolling. Heck yeah that is clear.

They didn't like our schtick, period. So then we need to ask what about our schtick they didn't like. I doubt it was because of your third party candidates suck schtick. I doubt it was because little old me was stalking the Janeypoo.

That both of us were tossed at the same time is your clue, donkeysutra.

Which reminds me. Are there are any Troll Wars installments that need to be salvaged from caches? You should really save your stuff. I guess after all these years, you're not gonna want to change. I use firefox. I can right click and save any page.

I have tons saved. I could even spark up my old computer and work off of it offline while this new state of the art $550 computer makes China proud.

A lot of my schtick developed as a response to unfair scrubbings and dishonest moderating. In fact, a lot of the internet concerning flamefests boils down to who can out-socratise the other.

And this is where Ron has missed the boat. He's chucking up three sentences for posts. He's made 50,000 or whatever of those.

Twitter sucks. It wasn't actually Fatterico who destroyed Ron. It was Twitter.

socrates said...

That looked like a pretty good diary from Miss Davis. Canfield was clearly supertrolling. So how come we are banned and he isn't? He's gonna troll her in a diary addressing modern genocide?

As for Liberal Grouch, he's clearly a latent homosexual. Same as Larry the conspiracy freak who pops in here from time to time. Those who keep going there, deep down they want it up the butt. Yikes, I shouldn't have said that. But you know what I mean. Now watch Brynaert show up and call me out for gay baiting. If he does, I might have to dust off that Johnny Cash middle finger.

Aaah ok, in your later post you allude to a where apparently Canfield took it on the chin from Wendy and her cult of 15 people. He simply doesn't know how to supertroll. Same as doremus35. That was retarded to smear Wendy in such a serious diary. You've got to pick your spots, dude. You can't keep throwing fastballs. Even if they are 95 mph, major league blog hitters have no problemo with those.

Speaing of which, perhaps I owe much of my blogging greatness to Tim Wakefield. The knuckleball is not that easy a blog pitch to countertroll. Plus, what Canfield did was akin to bumping a ref in the first quarter. He may not get in trouble for that shite at FDL, but in the real world such behaviour is never tolerated.

Perhaps the reason we got banned is because we are able to supertroll with class and dignity, by abiding to rules in regards to give and take with those jealous of our top of the zeitgeist status. I definitely think all roads lead to TBogg - Karoli and to Rauhauser. That's what got us banned.

Last night I had some fun at Twitter asking whether Zilla has an "Amusing_Bunni" sock puppet allegedly dying of cancer. (see marketing, ethics)

It's pretty ridiculous if you take a looksie at it. I hate to convict Zilla Stevenson through this blog court's jurisdiction, but the circumstantial evidence is damning.

I am also thinking of starting a new blog: RonBryn2; this blog is dedicated to Ron Brynaert who took on hacks, fakes, frauds, and numbnuts only to lose his mind.

socrates said...

It's a chicken versus egg perhaps. What came first?

Of course OWS and Anonymous are full of informants and various rat species. But did spy factory numbnuts create those? Blues saying Wikileaks has been a CIA psyop from the start, that does appear to be Alex Jones type blathering.

I almost blew coffee cheese out of me nose with your Larouche would even be shaking his head schtick. Exactly!

Anonymous said...

Not much time today so I'll get to these too quickly. Canfield is the refs. Thats why he gets away with it. But he has a point about her.

The response to her query was the usual "we dont comment publicly on why we ban loosers like Tale and Rates." To which she quickly kissed moderator ass and moved on.

I suppose one of us could go back through proper channels and make a request, maybe act all contrite and promise I will change if they'll just tell me what I did wrong so I can correct myself and be a good little doobie in the future but I'm not really that interested.

I was done. I was done. That was the irony, and maybe laid out a bit too much of my own schtick analysis, such as the expressionism bit.

I had a good run, made some consistently excellent posts and nailed the American Zeitgeist as usual.

The only one I didn't get was the last one which was titled "The Vicious Cycle Speeds Up" and I think the JFK -mafia schtick right before it "The Other Significiance of Thanksgiving Day"I think it was.

That one was mailed-in but the Vicious Cycle was a meta masterpiece. Obviously.

Everything else, especially my fictional masterpieces, most all of which were re-worked from earlier versions I either saved or found in Google cache.

I think I'm going to save everything to a SCRIBD account and put them up for sale. I created an account there and downloaded my recent raccoon-Frau Tale-Lt Columbo masterpiece as a trial. I even put it up for sale at .99.

And...two sales to date.

I'm a professional now, so don't fuck with me, dude.


Anonymous said...

Oh and duly noted that you lifted the Tim Wakefield/knuckleball schtick from moi.

But I think I used it to describe you so you can get away with using it to describe yourself.

I consider that a tribute.

FYI, I also own rights to an off-speed breaking ball pitcher who keeps the hitters guessing by nibbling at the corners.

socrates said...

Yes, it'd be pointless to kiss Hamsher butt to be possibly reinstated. That happened to Edward G. Robinson. He wanted acting gigs, so he fessed up to being a commie even though he wasn't.

Schtick theft is definitely on the rise. It's become so endemic, we are forced into it ourselves. It's the blog equivalent of steroids.

I'm kidding. Our schtick theft is the kind you see in real life, when friends start sounding like the other person.

Ok, so it sounds like you are some hybrid of Rollie Fingers, Keith Foulke, and Greg Maddux. Nibbling is good. Especially when one has the ability to throw it off the plate. Sometimes the best pitch is the one off the plate. Though that tended to backfire when thrown to Nomah "Twitchy" Garciaparra.

Anonymous said...

I like RonBryn2. Reminiscent of the soc-donk Autopilot II. Lets go with it. You can be username "Hutch and I'll be "Rooster." We'll reserve "Starsky" for the man himself. Like leaving milk and cookies out on the kitchen table for Santa Claus.

Need to also include his image in the logo. I'm convinced its that little half smirk of his that draws the Twitter feeders to him. I'm captivated, I can admit that much, since I'm already anouted latent homosexual.

Anonymous said...

OOps. I forgot youse guys is Jewish.

Probably "Santa Claus" was the wrong idol to insert in that comment.


How about, "Chad Chanuka"?

socrates said...

I thought you were bisexual. Which brings everything back to the spectrum schtick.

I have to wrap up this Rauhauser-Karoli crap. It's fricken boring to write up. Like right now I'm thinking it'd be a lot more fun to write something on Edward G.

I think you were making a funny. You're not latent. Those are the ones who think being gay is a choice. But deep down they are in fact homosexual.

I actually have to come clean. I too am gay. I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely, the best junkballers, and I'm thinking Tommy John and Bill Lee here, never threw a strik if they could help it.

The best way to bat against them was to lay off anything that wasn;t up in the strike zone (because they aimed at the knees and their pitched sunk into the dirt, typically outside the strike zone away from the hitter. If you did that you would force them to throw that 78 MPH junball out over the middle of the plate and KISS IT G'BYE! Hello Landsdowne Street!

socrates said...

Grouchie called up Stranahan's show. It wasn't as entertaining as Rauhauser being on the Vinnie Show.

It is truly bizarre that Grouch now runs Breitbart UnMasked. I guess there's a big court date tomorrow. Apparently Kimberlin pled the fifth when asked about his knowledge on the SWATtings.

That was probably a ploy. The dude is deluded. He has no control over his imagination.

Fricken reminds me of when Bwett claimed I called Jews the scourge of the earth who should be put in ovens. Then I counterpunched with, "I am a Jew, for crying out loud."

Then there was also the little bit where Judge Triple F and myself asked him for uhm some actual proof of anything I wrote that was defamatory or whatnot.

I do regret not being more smooth that day. But factor in the long drive and the utter bullshit nature of the thingie and I guess I done good. I'm definitely happy that everything came out of the wash and I got my 15 minutes of fame before stolen destiny time.

socrates said...

I hear you on how a lot of baseball is mental. Clemens wasn't great simply because of the heater. He had some nasty kind of slider with tremendous movement that was simply imnpossible to do anything with other than hit it into the ground.

There's a reason why the Paplebohns (sp?) of the world end up as relievers. (see fastballs, major league hitters)

And that takes us to Pedro Martinez who just may have been the best pitcher of all time. His stats were amazing, especially considering he pitched during the steroid era.

He had four nasty pitches. FOUR! With the perfect changeup too. One game when his arm was falling off he threw nothing but offspeed. He had no other choice. And I think he won an important game that way.

Frank Tanana was another fireballer who succumbed to injury. But I swear to God he had some masterful games as a Red Sox.

Anyone who doesn't understand what we are talking about should play some whiffleball on a windy day.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say, being bi doubles your chance for a date.

(gay cliche tit for tat alert)

socrates said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Its funny. If you want to get into a good barroom argument in Texas possibly leading into having your ass kicked outside around back, debate who is the greatest Texas born and bred pitcher of all time, Ryan or Clemens and take Clemens.


Anonymous said...

Yes, tanana. Came up with the Angels and was a hard thrower with excellent control and command heading for the Hall of Fame first ballot until he hurt his arm and came back as Tommy John.

I thought to put him the list with John and Lee but disqualified him for not having two first names.

Anonymous said...

Pedro pretty good but I think a cut below the all time greats, who in my expansive lifetime pretty much begin with Koufax and Gibson, but that, as you say, was a different era. Low batting averages and home runs. 2-1 and 3-2 games. Not so much use of the bullpen. Closers were very rare and set-up men only used if the starter got knocked out and/or pinch hit for because the team was well behind.

The best ones almost always went 8-9 innings in those days.

The mound seemed a lot higher for one thing and the pitchers could drive down with their front leg creating a whip action with their deliveries, especially increasing speed on the heater and more crucially the spin on the curve ball making it bite more. Sliders and sinkers were sort of a new thing then not used much until the 70s. The screwball and knuckler had been around awhile but not many used either.

Mainly they had the heater, a hard fast curveball or "drop", a slow curve and sometimes a straight change if they could pull off the deception well enough.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I guess tomorrow's hearing should be full of heat and dust...and if BK takes the fifth on the swats doesn't that suggest something?

i don't want to characterise what "it" is for obvious reasons.

I also wondered if we weren't banned due to some Team Numbnutz contretemps, but that's just my own tinfoilery showing....remember, he tried to get Pffugee to shut us down. Say what you will, but I'd take Laura over Hamsher any day.

socrates said...

BK might have pleaded the fifth on everything. I think it was with the interrogatories. Even I can neither keep up with it all or are bored like yourself.

Pleading the fifth though is a nutty thing to do. It's not even necessary. If someone doesn't like the questions, they can respond with reasoning for why it needn't be asked. Say like it's irrelevant or meant to be annoying.

BK did probably call Laura. I will vouch for that. For one, why would she have lied? Secondly, the Speedway Bomber called the dude who runs my modest trust.

So take that a step further and it's not outrageous to think our coverage of the Troll Wars element was the reasoning behind the bannings.

All our diaries were scrubbed. We are forced to "report" in these small free speech zones.

Have you ever heard of Karoli? She is another TBogg that has decided to chirp in and control the narrative.

Now I could see there being little to no coverage at FDL et al. I could even see a little coverage from no-names posting hey everyboody check this out.

But those are fairly big names for Nutroots bloggers. As it's easy to declare Rauhauser/VR created the Anonymous-Rove hoax, I believe it's just as clear TBogg/Karoli gave us the heave-ho.

Koufax was way behind my time. Bob Gibson was pitching while I was still in diapers. And baseball is not exactly the most thrilling sport to go chasing around on ESPN Classics.

I think you may be depreciating Pedro's stuff. It's very difficult if not near impossible to compare different sports eras.

Look at Yaz. His stats in 1967 look Cal Ripkenesque in comparison. But stats were down that year. He did win the triple crown.

But to counter that, I will say that Yaz sold away any sympathy for playing in a "deadball" era by padding his stats from age 30 something on. He had a lot of seasons with .270 25 taters and 92 ribbies. He also popped up to Craig Nettles in the most important at bat of his career, that extra game in 1978.

Anyway, I was born in New England. What the Red Sox did in 2004 was spectacular for many reasons.

I admit they bought their way out of the Bambino Curse. Once that was completed, having followed the Patriots in 2001, and the C's in 2008, I was pretty much done with sports. I do admit to getting into the Bruins' Stanley Cup a few years later as a bandwagon fan.

The C's are absolutely awful this year. They have no center. OK, KG somehow is a decent center. But he can only play 30 minutes a game. Any more than that and he's huffing and puffing throughout the fourth quarter. Pierce is also playing old. The other problem is Coach Doc Rivers who loves developing 6 foot seven centers I admit Darko Milicic isn't that good, but you have to go with the army you have.

Doc Rivers is the most overrated coach in professional sports. For years he has been given a free ride. But more and more Celtic fans are saying other than his personality skills, he is lacking.

socrates said...

Meant BK emailed Laura not called.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Karoli. It's possible they had us banned. Its also possible it was someone else or a mixture of several confluent factors, including they got tired of waving off the flags post after post. Some people were really bothered by my characterisation of the whiteysphere as racist. Others hated the "infantile" modifier. Unfortunately, both were 100% accurate descriptions and if I had it to do all over again, I would have gone out for a pizza instead.

I'm not one to get all exercised about the possibilitiies, what's the point. As I said to Blues, you dont really know, so all yur really saying is maybe it was the CIA and maybe it wasn't. Anything is possible and none of it matters more than anything else in this case. Its just blog banning, after all. We did know the reules, which are to kiss the owner's and the mods' asses and always throw another blog log on the blogfire to keep the herd comfortably warm and the chamber echoing.

Only the Canfields, Tboggs, Hamshers, Markfrom Irelands, et al, can be dicks and get away with it because they are insiders. Different set of reules from the plebes.

Yet its a "fairleft" blog.

Right. Er I mean, left.

How about Martinez was a near great? He was very effective but I still seem to think a slight cut below the best of his era even. I could be convinced otherwise, but it will take facts, stats, comparisons. You throw out the sophist term pretty freely but in reality I'm fact based and will admint when I'm wong. It just is such a rare occurrence people believe that I'm arrogant! The noive!

Yes, the Celts are done and I agree that coaching in the NBA is almiost a contradiction in terms. Give me Phil jacksons teams over the years and I'm pretty sure I'd have his titles too. And I know very little about basketball, or fotball, unlike beisbol, I game I played into my early 20s at afairly high level.

And I wasn't an athlete by any stretch. Guts and guile. Heady. Good field, no hit type. Good double play pivot, excellent balance and solid fundamentals.

I was a Celtic-like baseball player, the Don Nelson of the Little League. You were like, wtf is that insurance salesman doing in a basketball uniform and next thing you know he's scored 15 points, many of them clutch in crunch time and even grabbed a few huge boards when the ball bounced away from Russell somehow.

I lived in Boston during the Zimmer era, the great choke of 1978 so I saw th ecurse close up. The patriots also regularly sucked in those days Grogan at QB, Sam bam Cunninghammat RB, Russ Francis (?) tight end.

Ah, but I was there for the beginning of the Bird era and saw several games live including the fabled game 7 comeback against Philly in the 82 (?) semis the year they won their first title w Bird.

Stop me if I'm repeating myslef.

I loved Boston. Looking back I regret ever leaving. If I could have foreseen the future I would have stayed knowing I could always have ended up bunking with you and sharing your modest trust fund.

I think BK actually contacted Soapblox and Laura stood up to the heat although she blasted me for egging you on and that it would be my fault when you ended up in prison.

I guess it would have been.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I always felt Yaz was overrated too, although he was also something of a WTF? from an athletic standpoint, he was very skilled in the field and had a marvelous year in 1967 (?) the Triple Crown, the Sox the team from nowhere, just not quite enough to get past the Cardinals who were really a very strong team top to bottom and they had Gibson who was at the top of his game. Unhittable really.

The Sox had Tony C. and some really good players but a bit weak on the mound as I recall.

That was a great pennant chase in the AL that year. I spent a good portion of that summer in southern Wisconsin at my grandparents house while my parents tried (and basically failed) to work out some marital issues. Bored stiff being a hotshot from LA but the saving grace was all the Cub and White Sox games were televised and the White Sox were in the thick of the race too. They had almost no hitting but several good pitchers, all off-speed nibbler type too, like Juan Pizarro, Gary Peters. They scored almost no runs, playing in the cavernous old Comiskey Park.

The cubs, of course, really sucked bad. Weren't even worth watching except they played all day games at home in those days, so it was either them or As the World Turns with Granny...

socrates said...

I'll cover Karoli in my next entry. She blogs at Crooks and Liars. Ther's another person associated to Kimberlin at FDL. That David Swanson dude. He had that Downing Street Memo website.

You are correct there are always two sets of rules at these blogs. Then eventually the latch-ons become the police force. Like Tbogg. Or like Major Flaw was at Daily Kos.

The thing about Blues and fairleft is they are obvously getting their schticks off of somewhere else. Clearly Blues is a Larouchite. Fairleft won't admit it, but he has a lot of an Alex Jones flavour to his rants.

At least my conspiracy theories are 100% original.

In 50-100 years bloggers not even born yet will marvel at my weather mitigation schtick.

The only thing people have on me for that are all the jackasses who don't stick to facts.

Fairleft is an interesting blogger for meta purposes. If he had some talent, he easily could have become one of those insiders. I look at a lot of these big mouths on the net, and if you research their background, there's no there there.

So it all becomes a brand model. Patterico is the neocon source. Pro-CIA Markos Moulitsas is portrayed as a radical leftist. It's an endless list. These people are failures in real life, so they went to the internet to scam. Period.

My trust is very modest. I go many weeks each month without getting baked. The next time my panties get in a bunch, it's probably because I'm Jonesing.

Pedro is sorta similar to Koufax in that they didn't have the longest careers. If you look at Pedro's best years, he dominated the era stat. You seem to giving him the Larry Holmes treatment, in that just because someone is playing in a era where the talent is less, they are penalised.

Precisely with Phil Jackson. Basketball has the least number of players on the floor. When young those dudes can play 95% of the minutes. Give us Shaq and Kobe in their prime and you know we would win coach of the year. Same with what Doc was given in 2008.

I remember that epic comeback by the Celtics against Philly. Down 3-1 on the road. Down six I think without the ball. Then Tiny made the three point play, etc.. That has me thinking of another NBA beef of mine. Get the hell rid of that 2-3-2 format. If a team is down three to one, the next games should alternate for courts. Then depending on the situation, you can turn each one into an epic. Win game 5 at home. Steal one on the road. Then it's anyone's win in a game 7.

Yaz was clearly both overrated and underrated. It depends on which half of his career we look at.

In real life I somewhat recall he is a bit of a douche. Kevin Garnett is someone I can't figure out. He's probably either a teddy bear or a mean bugger. Paul Pierce? Now that's someone who I would trust my life with. He seems to have "it." (see Bow, Clara)

I feel sorry for the Cubs. They deserve a championship. I mean their fans. It's horrific to go decades on end with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Boston's not too shabby. The violence seems low. It's a clean city. There is a lot of stuff to do there and in the state. Early in the year I visited the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. I thought it would suck, but it was a crackling good time. I think even one of those was used in the Great Gatsby.

I can't remember if I blogged on that. I wanted to. That was some perverted shit going on with decadence.

Then as the economy busted, the houses fell apart. They pretty much became only useful for movie locations. Though now they have been preserved and it's a nice tour you can take of them. They give you headphones to listen to as you walk around.

Best part was there was a French family asking if there was a French version. And there wasn't. It was a karmic rebound for them never speaking English when it would help when they definitely know the language.

I love French movies but that's about it with them. Oh, french bread is delightful.

socrates said...

We should do a live baked blogging. We'll call it The Green Report.

Brad's got a Green Report. I forget when he started that. It might have been implemented during a lull in between hoaxes.

McCain and the rest of the wingnuts are all giddy over tomorrow.

I know you read The Thrilla in Vanilla. Hopefully you also checked out the January transcript I transcribed.

I still can't believe McCain censored you. I guess now it makes sense. They are all about the freaking tip jar.

Maybe I should start a weed jar. Once enough is collected to get me a nice bag of wheaties, I'll shut off paypal.

My life depends on it! Socrathon™

Anonymous said...

OK, K. Pedro was the best pitcher of his generation. There. I said it.

But please. Don't ever again mention him in the same sentence as Koufax. That's like mentioning my bedroom ceiling with the Sistine Chapel.

dude, Koufax is the best of all time in many, many people's book.

Three world titles, a pennant and a three game playoff loss in 7 seasons all for a team that couldn't hit or play defense worth a damn.

Frankly, while Pedro means something no doubt immensely measurable to Red Sox fans I'd forgotten he ever existed until you mentioned him.

People will be talking about Koufax for centuries.

He was a giant, although he played for the Dodgers, and as an added bonus, a Brooklyn jew to boot.

Never played in the minour leagues.

I think Pedro had some very excellent years, is Hall of Fame of worthy although he may have generally failed in the biggest moments as a number one starter.

Koufax sits atop Mount Olympus with the greatest southpaws. Walter Johnson. Lefty Grove. Satchel Paige. Wayne Gretzky. Bill Russell. Paul McCartney.


The problem with a tip jar is pretty soon you'd change in order to make money, the edginess would be gone, you'd be fake angry.

I don't see it. Where would you be as a blogger if you lost your sanctimoniousness?


socrates said...

You forget that it was Pedro who said he'd bean Babe Ruth in the arse. He gave Zimmer the face rake. Schilling is the one who gets more credit than he deserves imho. It was Keith Foulke and David Ortiz who got it done.

Yes, the Red Sox winning the 2004 season was the beginning and end of all baseball history. Deal with it.

I was kidding about the tip jar. Yopu've also forgotten about Zilla Stevenson. I socratised her. She's a small potato but kind of in big with, get this, they call it the dextrosphere. WTF?????

It was basically a joke for the fourteen people who wonder about Zilla's schtick. It wasn't simply inside blogging baseball, it was inside inside.

Aaron's going to be on the radio Saturday with a right winger from Worchester. Along with his superpac lawyer. I'd call in but I'll probably forget about it or sleep in.

Yup, no tip jar. ever. It's not worth selling my soul to get weed money. I'll just have to cut back. Did I mention that I like weed and it likes me?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Pedro is grateness. WTF was Zimmy trying to achieve anyway? That was one of the weirder moments.

I would have liked to have seen pedro carry the team all the way in his prime as numero uno. I seem to recall some failures in that department probably his only true drawback. Wasn't there a crusing loss to the Yankees in that same game? A Jeter tater? Memory fades.

Funny thing is I've probably smoked more weed than should be humanly possible and also love it but...I'm clean and sober for 3 months now and ain't going back.

Its subtle but its a high (haha) price I pay as an addictive personality. If you can control it more powr to ya, but me, no middle ground. Its all or nothing at all, as Frank sang.

Better in that case nothing at all

socrates said...

I think Pedro simply lost his high cheese. He got injured with his shoulder and it never healed.

Zimmer definitely lost his mind for that moment. I know it's tough to give Martinez flak for his response. I kinda think Pedey didn't have to do what he did. But perhaps it is a grey area.

That's cool that you were able to quit weed. The problem is we build up a tolerance. It takes more volume to maintain the buzz.

Like I could easily spread it out so I have it all the time. But I wouldn't be as baked. Like you I find it difficult not to devour it like a soda on a summer day.

If you're worried about your lungs, I understand.

If you're not, then I'm sure you'll smoke it again. Maybe five times a year for special occasions, holidays.

There is actually a buzz you get as a stoner from quitting it. It's like oh yeah, this is what it's like not high.

I think the biggest problem is the stuff got too good. I don't want to get plastered. Sure, limit the seeds or at best have none in the bag. But some of it imho is simply too strong. I don't think it's meant to get us that baked.