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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My last BD entry

I wrote a few entries here and here. This is going to be the last one. I have no dog in this hunt. It's weird. All I did was notice it.

Preacher was discharged on 10/22/2013.

His linkedin says Bleach Detroit was founded in September 2013 before being discharged. How does that make any sense?

How does posting a white power fist as their emblem make sense? Or what of their use of Anonymous as a so-called brand?

The cop makes no sense. "XTina Lloyd" makes no sense. What part of pro-black bloc anarchists working with police is believable?

These people have been working with cops while flying under the anonymous banner. It's bizarre.

What's up with using the word bleach? It sounds very racist.

I could post a lot more, but I'm not going to. I simply don't care anymore.

I never would have heard of them, if it wasn't for a racist troll who pals around with confirmed FBI informant Jen Emick. What kind of creep would retweet the following?

I stopped following Flint soon after he retweeted that, then blocked him.

Life is too short to spend time with anyone who doesn't deserve to be in one's presence.

That's the freedom of life. There is a soul which transcends any attempts at corrupting it.

You don't have to break bread with certain people.

But that's it. I'm done. Detroit is apparently 83% African-American. Bleach was a most heinous word to use. Maybe they can feign ignorance. I don't get it.

Speaking of arson, I wonder if there are any updates on the Heidelberg Project fires.

Here's one link.

Heidelberg official on fires: Arsonists may want land

Some dude set himself on fire and it was caught on the HP surveillance system. You can see him walking with the gasoline can. He has a certain gait. Maybe someone recognises this certain predator quite possibly covered in burns over his face and neck?


donkeytale said...

Alrighty, then. All questions few answers. I have a few more of both Socrates and No More.

So your doxing of the Preacher is claimed to be without mal intent, you are simply putting innocent questions out there in a "leading question" fashion? This entry seems to have fallen under the general category of exposing the group to police ties and it somehow being a bad thing that the founder of a neighborhood watch in what appears to be one of the worst areas of Detroit. Why would that be even mildly surprising. It would be more surprising if the leader of the group was a wealthy banker or a whiteysheric blogging icon, wouldn't it?

It is interesting that they use a white power salute, if that is what that fist is. You don't document the source of the artwork or even show a comparison with a known white power salute that might valdiate your contention.

Also, since it is black and white artwork it appears impossible to discern whether the fist logo's pigmentation is caucasian, Latino, Asian or black.

The group appeared in Ferguson and according to Mother Jones report put itself in harms way to support the protestors of a black inspired and led demonstration. Interestingly, No More states the leader of BD disavowed that person's quotes in MJ as not representative of BD, which comment seems to demand further explication and contex.

The Ferguson appearance does suggest that BD is not a white power group but there seems to be little persuasive evidence one way or another. You might say they were there undercover representing the police, which is possible but also not necessarily so.

No More indicts your expose as a cybersmear because it simply presents the fact of the Preacher as an ex-con with ties to the police, which as a neighbourhood watch groups seems to be par for the course.

The pictures on their website include persons of colour but pictures in and of themselves prove nothing.

The potential scoop here is that No More suggests the group has disbanded because lives are now in danger and that you are responsible for that by doxing the Preacher.

donkeytale said...

"bad thing the founder of the neighbourhood watch is an ex-con."

Meant to say.

donkeytale said...

There are similarities bewteen the Andre Breivik's "right wing" fist salute and that of BD, as the arm is not raised but held straight out from the shoulder simulating a thrown punch.

donkeytale said...

Is it a mere coincidence that Socrates Twitter feed went dark on March 16 and Failreft's latest posted comment on the Grauniad is dated March 18?

Using my cybersleuthing skills may I deduce by the similar date stamps on these final entries that Socrates is also Fairleft (as I have lo-o-ong suspected, especially given Socrates' recent twitter schtick becoming almost parallel in its similarity to Fairleft's patented brand of fake leftism)?

If true, this confirms once and for all the absolut genius of Socrates, the greatest blogger in the herstory of the Whiteysphere.


socrates said...

Unlike you, I don't read fairleft, so I really don't have a clue what you're talking about.

If you sincerely believe him and I are the same person, you are truly deranged.... unless he is doing some form of JTRIG mimicry. But I wouldn't know that. Because Pffugee and all youse guys are no longer even in the rear view mirror anymore.

I'm itching to do some Twitter and start blogging again here. I am nowhere else. I don't need this crap anymore to breathe and continue.

I've never been a sock puppet guy. It's for losers who can't just be themselves or start over. For obvious reasons I can never "start" over and do not want to. When you have reached the top of the zeitgeist in real life, there is really nothing to be had from partaking in mindless milieu time wasting.

My new guilty pleasure is the Daily Mail. It is garbage and they do plagiarism 24/7 for big click hits.

But oh my, you can really get a close up view on psychopathy.

I don't read comments anywhere anymore either. It's pointless and degrading.

I was prescient. The shite I've been on about since 2006 has come out to be truthful. The thing is rigged.

You can keep moving the bar. You can do whatever you like. You can even go away!

There's something about the pure idealist ("leftier than thou") that gets in the craw of every sellout who'd like to be seen as a progressive individual.

I have respect for people like Howard Stern who said, "My President lied to me." Kerry was such a loser he still lost, though it was close.

I have respect for people who admit they were wrong. I have whittled away almost every conformist, shallow thinking, democratic party member, useful idiot from my following list.

Twitter is no good. Nothing is really good on the internet. Especially nothing is much good in real life in regards to society and politics.

The military needs to be slashed by 50% with that money going into good jobs and good Dukakis wages. Something like that.

I am not sure why you continue to try to hurt me.

socrates said...

Oh, and that's not what a dox is.

socrates said...

I tried to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Fairleft always seemed to be a bit of a chicken running around with its head chopped off. The last half of that sentence is public domain.

socrates said...

Contrarians share a personality type with narcissism and psychopathy. They cover it up as haha Letterman jokes. He's lucky Oliver Reed didn't clock him one. No court would have convicted the man. Maybe he drank a few too many, but maybe you had to be there. It's on youtube. Cher was prescient. She cut him down.

He was the banality of evil. But then he turned it around confronting Bill O'Reilly. That too is at youtube and for free. Oh, Salon and Slate are awful. The Nation lost its fastball, which may have been overrated the whole time or wtf. The ACLU is garbage or infiltrated, same with the EFF. Paid fakes are everywhere. So are you trying to get a Democrat win?

Sure! We all are. But you are ovder the top. The Ralph Nader obsession was a bit awkward. Yeah, you act as a dem operative, a dino.

Snowden made a nutty comment. He said he still works for the NSA? I didn't watch the movie. To be honest, I think I got the gist of most of it. It seems like a tiny fraction of Snowden data has become available.

Things don't look good. Most people are incompetent and the people in power are corrupt. They are war criminals and abettors.

Don't you hate the way Obama is able to fake being smart? Or how it helped GW to be sincerely moronic? I'm done.

donkeytale said...

I still plan to share my oeuvre with my children someday. I used to think I would leave it for them after I die, and may still do so, but am now leaning towards letting them onto it within the next few years. Maybe self publish and leave it under the Christmas tree without explanation.

Yes, there will be mention of DFQ2.

Hopefully, you will leave this up for eternity.

Internet idealism is like making love to the mirror. It too is a form of narcissism and psychopathy when you get down to it, along the lines of "doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result." Or any result, for that matter.

A total rejection of reality is really all blogging idealism is. It means nothing and counts for nothing in real life. I know that you sense this and perhaps this is the reason you have allowed the wind to leave your sails, too.

Perhaps Jesus [allegedly] said it best:

"By their works they shall be known, not by their blogging."

Jesus was the ultimate idealist but crucially he was also a pragmatist. He (or his Father) set some difficult goals and He did what He had to do to attain them, paying whatever price came due in the process.

Or maybe this is all ancient mythology and a striving after the wind. But you get my drift.

The story set the example for all idealism that followed in the Western world. Take it to the street and relentlessly sacrifice against the PTB in the pursuit of imposing your ideals on society. Or give it up and rot in Hell.

Ciao good buddy. Let's don't end on a sour note. Srsly, dude. I thank you for some great moments and thought provoking exchanges over the years.

And yes, I will keep checking in from time to time to see if you can manage to resurrect your once brilliant career.

If you don't, no worries. There is still a wealth of old material here to savour into that gentle, good night.

donkeytale said...

Shirley it is pure coincidence, but Fairleft's return to the infoboobtubes was also sprachen ze 4/5/15. Just sayin.

Yes, Obama is the smartest man in the room but admittedly its not a very bright room.

If you wish to entertain even gloomier thoughts consider that Hillary, a far more intellectually dismal not to mention unelectable and old lumpy sack of bullshite will not win in 2016 and some eviled reviled version of cop/soldier/NSA/MIC/surveillance lovin/negro hatin Gomer Pyle from Mayberry RFP will lead the unfree world.

My other prediction is that you will still be on Twitter for another 8 years of non-inspiring tweeting. Worse, I will follow along in Lurkerland well into my 70s. LOL.

Here's a newsflash. Rondo is barely the 2nd best point guard in Dallas.
Sorry, the guy is simply not that good and detrimental from a floor chemistry standpoint. Worst player efficiency rating on the team by far (of the actual players who playing matters).

Maybe he had one grate playoff series run in Boston which I suppose is enough for a Celtics fan. But admit it, you are happy he's gone.

He'll not be re-signed next year unless Dallas is dying to once again compete for the lower shelves of Western conference play-off non contention.

I see him wasting everyone's time in Lakerland.

socrates said...

Asshole continues to insinuate I use sock puppets, even when he knows I was smeared for that in the most ridiculous manner by Kimberlin and Rauhauser. Just go away. I couldn't care less about you at this point.

donkeytale said...

Yur right. You cant be Fairleft.

He still exhibits at least a speck of a sense of humour occasionally.

Have Excellent Life, Looser

socrates said...

Yay, he's gone!

socrates said...

That dude came up with personas, yet he tosses it around with me like I too have been psychotic like donkeytale.

He claimed to be 20-ish as Pete Richards at a DKos off-shoot. This guy is the proverbial sicko who makes up false personas for kicks.

Boo Tribbing Daily Kossacks Under My Left Wing At the Last Hurrah

It wasn't only just that. There was a Petey at DKos right before donkeytale joined who had the exact third party sucks schtick.

This is why many believed he is a democratic party operative. That could actually be a front for something even more sinister. Or maybe he is a smarter than average, random kook. Who knows and who cares?

socrates said...

You are so lucky BoomanTribune is not completely archived at re: the illusionsofmagicians or wtf username. Seems you faked being from New Orleans during Katrina. But I'm the loser.

I want nothing more ever to do with you.

socrates said...

robots.txt for Booman, not all of it but most.

donkeytale said...

LOL. Thanks for retro look into my prescient brilliance. BT was one of my better stops along the way for online hijinks and comical diaretics. I was doing DFQ before Dave, in fact, outing Kos Kops, as I'll explain below.

Dickhead Booman deleted IOM so that is why you can't find anything. Too bad, it was fine work overall. Susan Hu was a moderator and you can see she sent me an email (unread) and asked for more IOM poetry, which is all I posted there until my fateful Open Letter about Katrina.

And absolutely you are wrong that I proclaimed that I was in New Orleans during Katrina. In fact, the brilliant blog I posted (correctly, as it turned out, of course) questioning all the urban myth spreading across the internet and in BT among other fake lefty blogs from the hurricane's immediate aftermath, was written during the hurricane's immediate aftermath.

There was no blogging from NO during that period, as you might recall, although again in a critical moment of whiteysphere herstory you were nowhere to be found.. The, uhhhm, electricity was down pretty much all over southern Louisiana.. Which is why all these horror stories leaking out at BT and elsewhere were so obviously fakeable and fake.

pete richards was a zombie who came in after the banning of illusions of magicians, for the record my original handle at BT. Interesting, as you can tell from comments in the linked thread had more than a few fans.

This was an experiment which had value as it led to the outing of a concept known as "superusers", Dickhead Booman's version of the Kos Kops.

The reason Brinnaine is so down on me in the linked thread is because she was pete richard's superuser, a fact so grindingly obvious after the admission of superusers came out in one of my threads. She had immediately entered pete's first diary thread and tried to ingratiate herself while asking all sorts of stupid questions. Of course, I played along and slagged her off humourously but she eventually got over the butthurt, believe it or not.

She, of course, soon enough was herslef banned at Booman's too once she realised how creepy was the place and her kos kop role with in it.

She became friendly with me in fact a defender in some cases later at MLW as 5hearts, where she was also banned same time as meslef and Byron during the historic dawning of PFF.

She was also Brin at Marisacat's. IRL some looser grad student at UT Austin.

Yes, indeed, I played with my persona. So what? Who doesn't, including you, eh Kendrick?

And notice in your link I outed myself.

By the way, your hero DFQ also used zombies and socks routinely on FSZ, where he savaged his enemies to hilarious effect.

Too bad you have lost your sense of humour to the twittersphere. I know you are acting tough to get rid of me.

LOL. Leave this up, looser and I will truly go.

socrates said...

I'd be much happier if you went away. Otherwise, I will have to set comments on moderation to block your insanity. While this is not legally stalking, you do possess similar traits to that of stalkers.

Yes, from one person to another, I would have a better life if you weren't in it.

Not everyone in this world is a narcissistic, sadistic contrarian with stalker traits. Those of us who aren't shouldn't be faulted for wanting to have nothing to do with people like you.

donkeytale said...

I'm going to go with "layoff Rondo" although that could be misconstrued as defending the indefensible. What is really means is stop defending someone who is so bad you don't need to bother defending him.

"Layoff" and let her shoot bricks all day from the perimeter. If by chance she tries to go to the rim hack her and send her to the line from where she shoots worse than Wilt and Shaq combined.

Wow. Flaming meltdowns are painful to watch except when they happen to torch Marky Mark Cuban's fat backside. Cubes, who has now fallen below even Jerry Jones as the worst sports team owning billionaire in Highland Park... speaking of flame out meltdowns.

Word is Carlisle is buddiez with Ainge and so having that insider perspective on Rondo he argued vociferously against the trade that cost Dallas a number 1 and some assorted spare parts.

Carlisle's classic press conference was a work of masterful self-critical and frank vindictiveness worthy of one of our classic dialogies.

"The players need to play better, the coaches need to coach better and the owner needs to own better."


Great trade for the Celts, if Ainge himself is capable of drafting anything more than spare parts, which to date isn't readily apparent given the make-up of the current roster. Boston is well-coached but woefully bereft of playing talent, especially anything resembling the franchise- building variety.

donkeytale said...

This is exceedingly difficult, even distasteful, to admit but I must say I have been almost impressed at the relative boldness of Hillary this time around.

Sure, rife with corruption and centrist DLC DNA, but tacking to the left at least on some issues. Immigration. What's next, civil rights?

I thought I would tempt you with a lollipop rainbow hanging out over the middle of the plate for you to turn into and deposit out on Landsdowne Street.

I always enjoyed 'your donkeytale is Al From schtick'. You can feel free to ignore this if you want. I saw your invite to chatter on Twitter but here we can simply talk past each in different media and neither will need to directly respond to the other. No one will see or read this comment anyway. Well played James.

It does say something that Hilliary is gleaning a leftiness from the electoral zeitgeist, for to make it above 55 million votes she will need to follow along astutely for Hilliary, like Obama and Bill previously is a pure follower of fashion..

Like those two she will also lead from behind.

donkeytale said...

My schtick is not anti-Sanders nor have I ever been anti-candidates from the left. In fact, I have long argued for the left to take back the Demotardic machinery or at least push the party to the left in the attempt to take back the party

I am anti-third party candidacies, a la Nader, as these ego tripping phenomena of defeat dissipate leftist energy to make change, tossing idealism away into vacuums of irrelevancy. Never more true than today in the era of mega-donors to the Parties.

Ironically, Sanders turns the Naderite third party schtick on its head.

He is the independent running as a Demotard.

For this alone I applaud Sanders running and no, I believe Clinton is in reality a very beatable candidate who could easily be upended in the general election by any number of GOP car clowns, including Paul, who at least carries some correct positions wrt foreign policy, criminal justice reform and weed legalization.

Sanders fulfills a useful function and he is there in case Clinton implodes (always a possibility) but his presence in the race will at least force Hilliary to track leftier than she otherwise would in the absence of any challenge to the nomination.

I admit that I do not like Hilliary, believe her to be dangerously underqualified and a tool for the status quo.

Of the two, give me Sanders.