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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Michael Bouldin: Two-Faced Kos Kop

This guy is the personification of the word hypocrite.

At the DailyKos, he is MBNYC. He is also a leading contributor to a blog called Daily Gotham. My plan is to keep this website short and sweet. That can be easier said than done. I realise a lot of the entries are cross-posted information and nothing new under the sun. I simply want the whole world to be more likely to be aware of the true colours of folks like Michael Bouldin. Thus, if they google this guy, with a saturated internet, newbies and fence-sitters will be more likely to be able to find out the truth.

Repetition can be good. As long as it is interesting. No one likes spam. But no one with integrity ever rests until injustices are corrected. Here's an example. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of the Daily Kos let slip out a few years back that he is a big fan of the CIA. Yet, how many folks realise he is a rightwinger? How many realise there are an incredible amount of questions concerning his morals or lack of such? This is why kudos go out to Francis Holland. Check out his blog on CIAKos. Run through the extensive links. It is not kooky tinfoil to wonder if the Daily Kos is an intel-operated domain. At a minimum, it can be proven to be a rightwing institution.

Now let's take a quick peek at the duplicitous nature of Michael Bouldin.

Here he rightly pointed out how wrong it was for Laura Ingraham to make fun of John McCain's daughter.

So typical.

"Hey, I think your policy positions might require evaluation"

"Yeah, so what? You're fat."

Yet, here was Bouldin going out of his way to make fun of Dave Weintraub's weight. That makes Bouldin's word meaningless.

Or look at Bill O'Reilly in his now famous meltdown from when he worked for Inside Edition, a tabloid magazine. Especially take note how he went from raving lunatic to smiling fraud in the matter of a second. That is being two-faced.

Michael Bouldin is a member of the UGOGs. Check out that website. Increase the view size for easier reading. Many folks wish for the Kos Kop thingie to be viewed as being a matter of some insignificant blog war among anonymous usernames. No way, Jose. At least not in my humble opinion after reading through the whole thing. It was simply too sophisticated. There were simply too many connections between the UGOGs and the top DKos administrators.

There is a reason why true progressives and peaceniks have been driven off of Daily Kos. It is because Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is part of a controlled opposition which serves the purposes of a vast rightwing conspiracy. On one side of the coin are Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity types. On the other are fakes progressives such as Zuniga and Bouldin.

Dave Weintraub was able to figure out the real names of the top two UGOGs. One is Michael J. Fingerit {MajorFlaw} and the other is Lloyd Lachow {Condoleaser/bottles}. Fingerit can now be tied in with election integrity fakes such as Larisa Alexandrovna and Brett Kimberlin. Lachow lost a license in Colorado for being a sexual predator. A few weeks ago, one of my latest DKos zombies noticed Condoleaser was mentioned. I posted that folks should google that name. The UGOGs went to work and had that post deleted. Because this is the top result.

Posted by WhoIsCondo:

Dailykos kop. Lost his license in Colorado for sexually assaulting a patient. Moved to Maryland to escape shame.

Who is condoleaser? AKA 'voila', 'bottles'

Here was when aspiring political consultant Michael Bouldin admitted to being a full-fledged member of the UGOGs. A poster named Alec82 showed up to confront the fake progressives running the fascist enterprise doing the 'dirty work' for Daily Kos administrators such as Barbara Morrill and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga.

Fingerit wasn't just manipulating democratic processes at Daily Kos. He also admitted to doing the same thing at Democratic Underground. The key to understanding the unfair attacks on Dave Weintraub is to realise that Dave was not afraid to transcend the ambiguous nature of anonymous usernames. He figured out who these people are in 'real life'. Lots of folks want this type of proven conspiracy to be seen as the result of some dorky hobby. I believe that Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Fingerit are part of a fifth column infiltration of progressive politics on the internet. Peeder, the person who did the tech work for DailyKos, has written on a few occasions that the business model of DailyKos has been set up for failure. The Alexa stats show this to be true, as DailyKos has lost approximately 65% in viewership over the last three months.

The DailyKos has had an elaborate scheme by which pseudo-meta wars have been pushed in a cynical objective to hike up view hits. But when so many, in the tens of thousands if not more, have been alienated and driven off of the site, it will be only a matter of time before the advertisers catch up to how DailyKos is no longer a major domain.

In short, the way Daily Kos has operated over the years has ensured that the place would eventually hit this nosedive. Now this begs the question. Is DailyKos being funded by outside sources? How did the DailyKos rise out of nowhere to become one of the big players, if not the #1 domain, for 'progressive' politics? Based on Zuniga's lies about being a progressive, as spelled out by Holland and many others, from false claims of being an immigrant to hollow explanations of how he pulled the Hitchens/Huffington 180 from adoring Ronald Reagan and George Bush, how do we know that Zuniga has not been working for black operations the whole time? If Markos believes that the CIA is such a great organisation, how can he call himself a progressive? How can Bill O'Reilly and others claim him as one? Why are peaceniks and free thinkers unable to post at the major domains?

Where I differ with Holland's conclusion is that I believe Markos Moulitsas Zuniga was transferred into an FBI or NSA type division. It is illegal for the CIA to perform psychological operations on U.S. citizenry. Why would the CIA risk such illegalities when Moulitsas could have simply been transferred to an institution where it is not illegal to do such things?

In Zuniga's own words:

The CIA Truth about Kos - Daily Kos

Also, make sure to check out the excellent sleuthing that DFQ came up with at There is a section devoted exclusively to Daily Kos including his exposes on political operative Michael Fingerit. Well-played, David Weintraub. God bless you.


Francis L. Holland said...

Liza Sabater told me to stop bashing MAMZ at her blog, because "MAMZ has done so much good" for progressives. If MAMZ is CIA, and I think we have to assume that he is, based on his own statements, then I don't care if MAMZ has planted trees all up and down the New Jersey Turnpike. Nothing that he does to prop up his Truth About Kosnow-shredded credibility as a progressive can make up for the fact that he sought and received training from the CIA, and that his family is a super-rich tool of the US Government's Overseas Private Investment Council, having received a one million dollar loan guarantee for globalization of Central American tourism.

Michael Bouldin also criticized me for saying that the best thing Elizabeth Edwards could do for Democrats was to go ahead and die of cancer instead of continuing to lie and cover-up facts about her husband in what was an attempt to make him the Democratic nominee, come hell or high water. Now it's obvious that the late Elizabeth Edwards was much more concerned with her campaign for the presidency than she was with nominating a man whose candidacy was about to blow up and become a dire liability to the Democratic Party as a whole.

I don't have any sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards behavior in the 2008 nominating contest. Had she not died of cancer she should have shot herself in the head instead, when it became obvious that she was trying to foist a soon-to-be-acknowledged morally-challenged and extremely narcissistic pig into the role of Democratic Party nominee.

She should have paid for her own firing squad to end her life, had cancer not been the source of her physical undoing and THE BIG LIE not been the source of her political undoing.

I don't understand the relationship between Liza Sabater and Michael Bouldin, but I disagree with Sabater that MAMZ contributed anything to progressives by founding DailyKos when he was in training with the CIA.

I don't think it is fair to refer to MAMZ as "Kos" because Kos is the name of a Greek Island known for its gay friendliness and I think MAMZ's friends in the US military were subtly branding him when they gave him the nickname Kos, even if MAMZ himself believes the nickname to be acceptable. I think the nickname "Kos" was a reference to the gay island mecca off the coast of Greece, and was therefore an attempt to intimidate gay people in the US military.

Francis L. Holland said...

These posts are a little old, but then so is the US Constitution. Some information remains relevant long after it is first exposed to the light of public scrutiny.

I find the relationship between Michael Bouldin and Liza Sabater to be very repugnant. Liza says she is a liberal concerned with issues of skin color and culture, but Michael Bouldin, apparently a partner in Culture Kitchen, has shown himself to be reactionary, manipulative and insensitive.

A few examples: When I criticized Culture Kitchen's defense of CIA-trained MAMZ, Michael Bouldin visited my blog and said, "I can't believe I'm arguing with a crazy man."

I have acknowledged that I struggle with BiPolar II, otherwise known as manic depression. I never expected Michael Bouldin to raise that sensitive question in an attempt to humiliate, defame and manipulate me.

Michael Bouldin also threatened to take other steps which, if carried out, could have threatened the existence and independence of all leftist and Black-owned and operated blogs.

I found the whole discussion so repugnant that it is the only one I have removed from my blog in four years old blogging.

Since that time, a few things about which I argued with Michael Bouldin have put our disagreements into context.

MAMZ (owner of DailyKos) has acknowledged that it annoys him that many people believe the "conspiracy theory" that he works for the CIA. The theory is based on the fact that MAMZ told an audience that he was trained by the CIA for two years, between 2001 and 2003 (he started DailyKos in 2002, during his CIA training period) and MAMZ said he would be willing to work for them in the present. The obvious question is, then, whether MAMZ DOES work for the CIA in the present.

It is certainly understandable that MAMZ will not come right out and say so, even if he gives us all of the information we need to assume that he does. And the CIA is not known for publishing the names of its agents or acknowledging that they are CIA agents when they are outed as such.

socrates said...

Hi Francis. We were talking about you at All good stuff. We like you.

Michael Bouldin is very sadistic. It's not surprising he played dirty with you in debate. When some people can't discuss alarming facts, they become bullies with authoritarian personalities.

I wish I wasn't so busy in real life. I'd check into that Liza Sabater connection. There's another group called Progressive PST with ties to Daily Kos. They seem to be running dirty campaigns, way over the top towards their perceived enemies.

What you have here are fake lefties, period. They smelled which way the wind was blowing since 2000 and GW and created a brand model. They don't care who they hurt, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

Of course Markos Moulitsas is not left wing. No one who is would have called the CIA a liberal institution with its head in the right place, or whatever he said.

They get away with it for a few reasons. For one, they control the moderating. Anyone who speaks truth to e-thugs are simultaneously silenced and smeared. Secondly, they are preying on people who are left leaning. They tell them what they want to hear. They work psychology on people with good hearts but weak minds. Long term it is a bad business model, because eventually people see through it.

But dude, just remember that a lot of us like and care for you. You're a good guy.