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Friday, April 30, 2010

Professor Donkeytale Gave Me Homework

We're talking a summer course with a pass or fail grade, so don't get your hopes up good readers. In short, I'm mailing this one in. p:>
Donkeytale: I dont much care to speculate on McGauley's personal foibles. Let he who is without sin, etc. Im not sure why you'r so derogatory to people who come to yur site. It definitely doesnt help you extract info from them. But I think you should cut and paste the recent dialogue into a FP piece, just for the record. I'd also like to see you tie the Satanic panic hysteria into Sunstein into the whiteysphere as a whole. Very instructive. I'd do it myslef but no time....and it seems to be what yur doing anyway, altho you leave the analysis unfinished, IMHO.
I'll try to be nicer to folks, even when their schticks don't add up. Donkeytale simply doesn't realise that I've been one of the most abused bloggers in whiteysphere history. It may not be a great excuse, but I'm going to use it. Call it the victim card. I admit talk is cheap. I can say I'll be a nicer bloke, but until I am, there's no point in making any guarantees. I am willing to try to be a better person. Babs says it best.

Or maybe Bono does.

What was the question? Oh yeah, donkeytale has suggested I copy and paste the recent give and take from myself and Jackie McGauley from this diary. For those who don't know, Jackie was perhaps the most influential Mom in pushing the case against the McMartin Preschool. She used to live with Ted Gunderson. She owns the "tunnel" report. She reappeared at this humble information palace a week ago. Here it is.
Jackie: I lost track of this and didn't read the comments until I got a blog alert today.

Geraldo had Bobby Fischer's address and hired gunderson to get him on film. gunderson contracted a surveillance guy who gave up. Don't know how much Geraldo paid gunderson,
I ended up helping. I had a van (later stolen) and a video camera.
The results were shown on Geraldo's short lived show Now It Can Be Told.
I have the raw tapes if you need proof
fischerfinder-aka JM

Jackie: I have a contract with the Archaeologist proving that I paid for and own the tunnel report.
Jackie then put her comments in capital letters to offset mine she kept in regular case.
Jackie: Hi Jackie McGaulvey,

Thanks for posting.

Do you have proof for your claims? I don't think you're a willing liar. Clarence Malcolm is on the run for sexually abusing children? That's a serious charge.


Do you know if a Christopher Link Jones was also a webmaster for Ted Gunderson? And if so, is he the same guy who infiltrated Bohemian Grove and became associated with Alex Jones?


What about Debbie Nathan? You must be aware of her essay titled, "McMartin Preschool Tunnel Claims: Evidence of a Hoax." It is reposted on my new blog entry. She says she has various proof, police reports etc.. She says in 1984 you reported to the police that your daughter had been abused by your ex-boyfriend, a reporter for The Daily Breeze. She says you also complained to the police in 1985 that she was molested by a therapist at the Richstone Center.


Nathan also wrote that in 1985 when an initial dig was taking place, a small map was found by investigators with a picture of the school along with two X's pointing to tortoise shells. Any comment?


I see elsewhere that you don't buy into the satanic cult angle brought forth by Gunderson and others. That is to your credit. But why don't you just release the archaeological dig report? Are you holding out to make money off of it? Why wait? What's the point of holding off any longer?


Are you denying that there was a satanic panic that spread across America and into Europe? How do you feel about other high profile cases which revolved around wild claims of satanic ritual abuse and international pedophile rings? Do you think any innocent people went to jail?



Jackie: CONTINUED...

Do you ever consider that you may be wrong? Those of us who believe the McMartin Preschool and other cases were hoaxes do not blame the parents or every cop, social worker, etc. who was involved. Maybe we are upset at those who cannot admit that the crazed panic led to innocent people going to jail. I personally believe that Gunderson as an accomplished FBI man during the cointelpro era was put forward to give the satanic cult meme gravitas. I believe it has been used to cover up provable big conspiracies, for example, those revolving around the Promis software and the Cabazon murders. I believe convolution has been deliberately spread on the internet to muddy the waters.


What's up with those Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell women? I see Brice's real name is Sue Ford. Does anyone know who her family were? Or how her crazy story got started? Gunderson is fully discredited in my book by having gone into their corner. I couldn't care less if Hartwell now purports to hate him. One can also link Gunderson directly to holocaust revisionists and other right woos left propaganda.


We had a case similar to yours in Massachusetts called Fells Acres. It had the same kind of result with innocent people going to jail. Nothing personal, but I don't believe there was any tunnel at the McMartin Preschool. It looks like it was either an area where plumbing was put in, or where waste areas were created. Why are you holding onto the report? If you really wanted to show proof that hundreds of children were abused in satanic rituals at McMartin, surely you would publish the whole report. If noone has paid you money by now, what makes you think someone ever will?


December 26, 2009 9:13 PM


Me: I doubt you were just notified about additional posts made on this entry. You must mean you just checked your email address and found this out.

No one's disputing that you are in control of the tunnel report. People are curious why it was never published in its entirety for all to see. There have also been many convincing words written explaining what was up with your so-called tunnels.

Funny how you offer some video of an old 1992 Geraldo episode purportedly spotting Bobby Fischer. As if that would even mean anything.

Debbie Nathan thoroughly exposed the scam which is the McMartin Daycare PreSchool hoax. In this essay, she offers to share such evidence and merely asks for copying and postage costs.

Hey, if you want to upload the Bobby Fischer Geraldo thingie you are rambling about, more power to you. It appears to have been uploaded before to youtube but has been since deleted.

Me: Hi, we posted at the same time, so my last post will seem like I didn't respond fairly. I can't reply now. If you would like, I can start a new thread on the frontpage for you to post whatever you want to. Otherwise, few are probably going to be reading this. Take it easy.

Me: Hi again. I'll now do my best to respond to your posts.

I haven't a clue on the convolution concerning Gunderson and DeCamp. My gut tells me it is about the willful spreading of disinfo.

I find it thoroughly interesting that Alex Jones can be tied to Ted Gunderson.

And this takes me to our differences. I don't believe you are a willing dispenser of disinformation. The same thing goes for Noreen Gosch. Heck, I've made mistakes myself. It's the reader that decides. There's no need for any hostility, and I apologise for any of that I may have directed at yourself. Anyway, that's where misinfo comes in rather than disinfo. There is a big difference.

We can safely say Gunderson was probably involved with cointelpro. He was a higher up in the FBI during that time. But to call him part of a black budget psyops after he left the FBI, that's a tough call. I think he was. Could he have just gone batshit insane? That's also a possibility.

As to what you say about Debbie Nathan, unless you can show those police reports and how you allege she twisted it, I think it's unfair of you to call her a liar. You picked a side in this thing decades ago. It appears to me that you like many others merely fit things into that belief system. You've put so much time and effort into a well-crafted hoax or hysteria, that it would shock your system to find out you've been had. You might also end up feeling incredible guilt for what kind of life you established for your child.

This is nothing personal, Jackie. I actually feel bad for you. My advice is to try to find a third party, someone with no dog in the hunt who is smart enough to look at all the evidence and tell you the real deal. You owe Debbie Nathan an apology. She's a journalist. She wasn't out to get you or to make a name for herself or whatever. You need to prove your case. Saying Debbie Nathan is a liar dcesn't make it true. In fact, when you make unsubstantiated comments like that, it makes you look like you're suffering some kind of chronic mental illness and need help. You don't want to end up like Noreen Gosch holding onto delusions to the end.

I'm sorry, but the McMartins were completely innocent. The satanic panic was real. Many innocent people like them and the Amiraults went to prison based on hysteria, whether that was induced by a psyop or by social trends.

I don't see you debunking any of the obvious flaws in the McMartin Case. I think I'll be making a new entry soon on this story. You're free to post. I won't censor you.

If you don't mind me asking, how is your child? Are you still in contact with him or her? Does she ever discuss the experience in public, or maybe she was too young to truly remember what happened?

You also mention that Gunderson was in contact with Lyndon LaRouche. How do you know this, and what was there relationship? Thanks for your time.

Jackie: Hi again. I'll now do my best to respond to your posts.


I haven't a clue on the convolution concerning Gunderson and DeCamp. My gut tells me it is about the willful spreading of disinfo.


I find it thoroughly interesting that Alex Jones can be tied to Ted Gunderson.

And this takes me to our differences. I don't believe you are a willing dispenser of disinformation. The same thing goes for Noreen Gosch. TED MET HER THROUGH ME. I KNEW HER SINCE 1984. Heck, I've made mistakes myself. It's the reader that decides. There's no need for any hostility, and I apologise for any of that I may have directed at yourself. THANKS. Anyway, that's where misinfo comes in rather than disinfo. There is a big difference.

We can safely say Gunderson was probably involved with cointelpro. THE BLACK PANTHER INFO IS EASY ENOUGH TO FIND..He was a higher up in the FBI during that time. But to call him part of a black budget psyops after he left the FBI, that's a tough call. YEP, SOMETHING WE HAVE DEBATING FOR YEARS..WE JUST WONDER HOW HE STAYS OUT OF PRISON FOR. I think he was. Could he have just gone batshit insane? That's also a possibility.
As to what you say about Debbie Nathan, unless you can show those police reports and how you allege she twisted it, I think it's unfair of you to call her a liar. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET MY POLICE REPORTS. DIDN'T THINK I HAD TO BUT HTEY ARE MY REPORTS AND UNLESS THE POLICE WERE THE ONES THAT TWISTED THE CONTENT, HICH I DOUBT, THEN DEBBIE IS THE TWISTER. You picked a side in this thing decades ago. WELL, HMMMM IT WAS MY CASE LONG BEFORE DEBBIE CAME ALONG. It appears to me that you like many others merely fit things into that belief system. NO, IT WAS OUR EXPERIENCE AS THE CASE UNFOLDED... You've put so much time and effort into a well-crafted hoax or hysteria, that it would shock your system to find out you've been had. IF I HAD BEEN 'HAD' DEBBIE'S WRITING WOULDN'T BE WHAT WOULD CONVINCE ME.. FOR SURE!! You might also end up feeling incredible guilt for what kind of life you established for your child.


Jackie: This is nothing personal, Jackie. I actually feel bad for you. My advice is to try to find a third party, someone with no dog in the hunt who is smart enough to look at all the evidence and tell you the real deal. THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS LL BIIOUT THE INVESTIGATION AND TRIAL AND I KNOW MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE. POLICE, D.A. FORMER MCMARTIN 'STUDENTS'.. AND NONE OF THEM AGREE WITH YOU AND DEBBIE'S THEORY. ARE YOU TELLING ME I SHOULD LISTEN TO FMSF AND NOT THE PRINCIPALS INVOLVED IN THE CASE? FMSF STARTED WRITING ABOUT THE CASE IN THE 90S-- 10 YEARS AFTER THE FACT. You owe Debbie Nathan an apology. She's a journalist. She wasn't out to get you or to make a name for herself or whatever. SHE NAMED ME AND WENT AFTER ME.. SHE OWES ME AN APOLOGY AND A RETRACTION OF EVERYTHING SHE WROTE ABOUT ME. You need to prove your case. Saying Debbie Nathan is a liar dcesn't make it true. In fact, when you make unsubstantiated comments like that, it makes you look like you're suffering some kind of chronic mental illness and need help. WOW- THINK ABOUT THAT STATEMENT. DEBBIE WROTE THAT JUDY JOHNSON WAS MENTALLY ILL-IT WAS A DEFENSE TACTIC-BUT NOT TRUE. HOW IS A COMMENT ABOUT MY OWN EXPERIENCE UNSUBSTANTIATED? You don't want to end up like Noreen Gosch holding onto delusions to the end.YEAH, I WARNED NOREEN ABOUT GUNDERSON, I KNEW HER HUSBAND JOHN, SR. I THINK SHE WENT ALONG WITH GUNDERSON'S CRAZINESS, ALL OF HER INFORMATION WAS NOT DEVELOPED BY PROFESSIONALS, JUST GUNDERSON. BUT I DON'T PRETEND TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE OR NOT ABOT HER SITUATION.

I'm sorry, but the McMartins were completely innocent. The satanic panic was real. Many innocent people like them and the Amiraults went to prison based on hysteria, whether that was induced by a psyop or by social trends. ASK ANYONE IN PRISON AND THEY WILL SAY THEY ARE INNOCENT...

I don't see you debunking any of the obvious flaws in the McMartin Case. I think I'll be making a new entry soon on this story. You're free to post. I won't censor you. LET ME KNOW.

If you don't mind me asking, how is your child? Are you still in contact with him or her? Does she ever discuss the experience in public, or maybe she was too young to truly remember what happened? MY CHILDREN ARE FINE.

PART 2...

You also mention that Gunderson was in contact with Lyndon LaRouche. How do you know this, and what was there relationship? Thanks for your time.

Jackie: Found it.
NAME BASE PROXIMITY SEARCH. Don't know how this is put together, but it was the first place i saw the connections after hearing it from 2 other sources.
In searching ofr that, i found a ton of references to the gunderson, deCamp, LaRouche connection.

Me: Hi Jackie, thanks for the responses.

I don't mind the all caps to offset my words from your own. I find it kind of cute. (Sorry, I am an internet flirter at times. p:>) Though it's unnecessary. I promise to never delete my posts, so you don't have to repost what I've written.

Also, there's a new thread on the frontpage with McMartin in the heading. Like I said before, since this is in the archives, our posts are less likely to be seen. If you want more exposure for your ideas, you'd be better off posting on that thread. I'll never censor you.

I'll recant a bit. I do see somewhat a connection between DeCamp and Gunderson, and by extension with Michael Aquino and others. This is where the satanic panic meets internet convolution. I do understand what you mean by not believing in a satanic panic. I just think we're looking at that phrase from different perspectives. Of course you believe there was criminal activity taking place at the McMartin Preschool. Thus, you see the satanic panic as what is referred to as a limited hangout used to cover up what you allege were real crimes.

There are logistical problems with getting to the bottom of Ted Gunderson's activities through the internet. The search engines are too cluttered with nonsense coming out of News Making News, Barbara Hartwell, etc..

What crimes do you allege Ted has gotten away with? I think it's important to always separate what we can prove from what we believe.

Debbie Nathan has offered for anyone to write to her with a request for the documents, and if you give her postage and copy costs, she says she'll send them. You might want to try that.

I hope this isn't too painful for you. At some point, it may be in your interest to let it go. I know this has been a big part of your life. But if it's still causing you pain, imho it's not worth it.

As for debating this story, I feel it's not in my interest to do so. People can easily find both sides of the argument and decide for themselves. I don't want you to take that as my saying don't post whatever you want to on this blog.

I mean, I could try to talk this out. For instance, Judy Johnson was definitely out there in regards to mental health. A lot of things got said that couldn't possibly have been true. Months ago, I was fully engrossed in this topic. But I've kind of moved on. This is why I'd much rather you make any additional posts on the new thread, That would force me to make posts in return, or enable any readers to see that this discussion has continued. I did link to this thread in the new one, so no problem there.

I'm very happy to hear your children are doing well. That's the most important thing at this point, along with you too experiencing some peace of mind and happiness.

I know about that name base proximity thingie you mention. I've seen that before. It doesn't really mean anything much more than that different names can be linked to as in links. For example, say I had a real name and was a bigger player for this subject area. For your page, I might be listed, even if we had never met through this blog. Or say there is a page for yourself. Ted would be there. Even people you aren't that directly related to, say for example Kee MacFarlane.

Thanks for the info that the LaRouchian guy visited your place years ago. They have been plugging the satanic ritual abuse/mkultra thingie for years. LaRouche and his organisation have been bizarre. I would not be surprised if he has been some kind of psyop worker for decades. One last thing I'm thinking, there's this guy Webster Tarpley who has been a host on the same disinfo radio network as Alex Jones. He also has been involved directly with LaRouche.

The new thread can be found here:

The McMartin Preschool Scandal Briefly Revisited and Free the West Memphis 3 Immediately

Take care.

Bonus Dialogue. Someone named Frieda showed up. Maybe she is a better example for when I mail it in concerning Sunstein's ideas about polarisation on the net and the need for cognitive infiltration. Jackie's her own cup of tea. She kind of transcends the internet, though she has been seen at a number of websites, from Jeff Well's disinfo Rigorous Intuition to the (Randi JREF) extra cheese debunking forum.
Frieda: To present another side of the case, there was evidence the children were abused at McMartin.

A New York Times article (4/13/85
Reporter’s Notebook: 6 Months of California Case By Robert Lindsey) stated that the prosecution would present 41 former children from the school and that almost all showed physical evidence of having been sexually abused with testimony from physicians.

After the trial, almost all of the jurors stated they believed the children had been abused. (Tapes of Children Decided the Case for Most Jurors L A Times 1/19/90)

Tunnels were found at McMartin.

Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California

The Dark Tunnels of McMartin

There is no evidence that Judy Johnson suffered from any psychological problems when she made the original accusations.

The trial lasted many years and produced several deadlocked jury counts. The case was very complex and hard fought on both sides.

Me: If you look closely at Frieda's post, you will see how believers seek to spread their cult centered around the idea of widespread ritual abuse. They want "their side" to have a veneer of respectability, that we're beyond talking about enigmas, that this unsubstantiated mess of tinfoil is legit.

Ok, what's next? Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake faked their deaths trying to sell some movie or whatnot? That's bullshit. The way Frieda and others present their schticks ditto.

Look at how the post is structured. It goes from the New York Times and blends into materials produced by the deluded. There's no way to converse with such clutter.

No link is given to where the NYT's part is from. There's no way to tell what is written from what may be plagiarised. The first link is from one of those whackjob type sra-mkultra centers like the one Neil Brick runs and probably acts as a referrer for crackpot psychologists.

I guess the deluded realise that no tunnels means the McMartins were railroaded. That's why they continue to make their fantasy world even more elaborate.

This is getting redundant. You can right click for new windows. Ever notice how believers of widespread satanic ritual abuse don't know how to make proper posts?

The underground "tunnels" of the McMartin Preschool

McMartin Preschool Tunnel Claims: Evidence of a Hoax

As for Judy Johnson, sorry, but she was a complete nutjob who set off the hysteria. Diaper rash or whatever is not child abuse. Putting innocent people in prison is one of the worst things society can do to its citizens. To newbies and fence-sitters, I recommend you seek out the best evidence, figure it out using critical thinking skills, then move on. I'm not saying forget about it completely. But when you see these types of responses by people like Frieda, you start to understand that while she technically isn't a troll, her post is technically troll spam.

Notes from an Interview with Judy Johnson

Satanic abuse and McMartin: a global village rumour by RICHARD WEBSTER (excerpt)

THE EVENTS WHICH LED to a full-scale satanic panic in California took place in Manhattan Beach during the summer of 1983. It was here that a thirty-eight-year-old mother, Judy Johnson, who was both devoutly religious and psychiatrically disturbed, concluded on the basis of no firm evidence that her two-year-old son had been anally abused at his daycare nursery by a male teacher. Her own anxieties were officially communicated to two hundred other parents and soon counsellors began to subject young children to a barrage of leading questions designed to elicit ‘disclosures’. Then, as Judy Johnson’s claims became increasingly bizarre, the word spread that the school at the centre of the panic – the McMartin Preschool – was actually the cover for a sex ring.

After a TV reporter had filed a sensational story on these Californian horrors an outside consultant was called in. He was none other than psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder. His theory that McMartin was the visible tip of a vast international satanic conspiracy was eagerly adopted by some parents and therapists and used to obtain yet more ‘disclosures’ from children. Before long the McMartin case had become a coast-to-coast TV sensation, and a full scale national satanic panic had been launched. (Eventually all charges against the accused in the McMartin case would be either rejected by a jury or dismissed.)

Frieda: The New York Times and L A Times articles are available at their websites. The information from them is accurate.

The next two websites are 1) a description of the tunnel report and 2) a legitimate journal article from Summit, an expert researching the case.

The websites you list are special interest websites promoting a slanted perspective on the case.

You have no evidence Johnson had any psychological problems when she made her accusations.

Critical thinking skills show there are two sides to this case.
This is why the case took many years to finish and had several hung juries.

My Response:

(image courtesy of

Frieda: You are right. I am done.
Hey, I didn't respond with don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. Maybe I'm healing.

Tie the Satanic panic hysteria into Sunstein into the whiteysphere as a whole

This is easier done than said. It's fairly obvious. There is little academic give and take on the internet. Cass Sunstein speaks of polarisation preventing the free flow of factual information. I agree. I am a diehard fan of letting the reader decide. But when the net is full of troll spam, noise, and utter nonsense, it gets to be a real bore to keep picking out needles from haystacks.

Sunstein says infiltrate when necessary. If something's obviously bullshit, don't bother. But what Cass doesn't get is that disinfo fockers do the same thing. It's called astroturfing. Look at the loser named Jason Leopold who came out with his Rove indicted nonsense. It should have appeared obvious that he was full of it. But there were so many sock puppets and useful idiots kissing his ass. The same thing has been going on with Friedman and Alexandrovna and their Rove murdered Connell shit. One can't even cognitively infiltrate that crap. I tried. I got my ass booted. Sure, long term Friedman, Kimberlin, and the rest of the Lefty Liars Club is toast. For the short term however they march on.

There's no way to know how many with a healthy brain actually believe there is a satanic cult threat to society. But it certainly has been enough where innocent people continue to be imprisoned. There's Amanda Knox and the West Memphis 3.

There are also all those people with mental illness who are being suckered by those quack psychologists like Colin Ross. No one seems to care about them. I dropped a dime on one of them to a news station in Iowa. They never returned my email. I asked that lady who wrote a book on Susan Polk to check out my schtick. It seems she missed the big picture, that Susan was innocent due to reasons of insanity. I think what's her name figured Susan had been abused by Felix, one of those crackpot shrinks, but she failed to see the big story. Her word means nothing. She said she'd look into it, and she never did. That's another problem. Too many people are out to make a buck and aren't into the truth no matter what it is. That fits the definition of being a hack.

The satanic panic took off partly because of intellectual lightweights and hacks such as Geraldo Rivera and Oprah. Now pretty much most people probably think the satanic panic is history. It isn't. It has evolved into some form of internet disease. All I've tried to do is get the word out, just like a bunch of others have also. All we can do is create pockets of awareness.

As for my being somewhat rude to conspiracy theory freaks, I don't know what I can say. I believe they are just adding a lot of noise. People who know what's going on don't worry about it, because they know what to scroll past. I'm worried about the newbies and fence-sitters getting sidetracked.

Oprah and Geraldo own a lot of blame for this thing taking off in the first place. Check out this crap they peddled.

Vicki Polin-Jewish Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

Donkeytale Exposed As Francis Holland! Not!!!

Francis Holland has been blogging lately at FSZ. This was the admin's response.

His probable sock puppet had opined a similar response on another Holland entry.

I know what you're thinking. MattyJack is saying Holland is me not donkeytale. But you see, the laughingstock of the internet has proclaimed that myself, donkeytale, shadowthief, and David Byron are the same person.

I have a lot of screenshots. I won't post them all. If you right click links, a new window will conveniently open. I also have four DFQ links to share.

The stink up that led to the formation of Pffugee Camp was a direct result of myself and donkeytale having confronted Jack's Smirking Revenge (MattyJack). He had tried to rewrite history in regards to Dave Weintraub's beatdown of the UGOGs. He wanted shared credit, even though he had nothing to do with it. Donkeytale first noticed how Jack had yet again attempted this. Jack deleted the post, but not before donkeytale had seen it. Jack deletes many threads and posts from FSZ. There's nothing free speechy about the Free Speech Zone Blog. He didn't ban me for breaking any of his basic rules. He banned me, because I had poured through archives and seen how he had actually thrown Dave under the bus. Is Jack just some immature douchebag like donkeytale theorises, or has he been part and parcel of a controlled opposition with the UGOGs, as I believe? That's for the reader to decide.

Want to know how Dave really felt about Jack's Smirking Revenge? He felt Jack had no morals or principles, that he was a coward, a hypocrite, and a liar. Dave also gave donkeytale kudos for exposing Jack's bullshit. For that reason alone, donkeytale owns a piece of the DFQ2 pie, whether he likes it or not. p:>

Cowards In Action (excerpt)

I suggest folks check out DFQ, while Antoinette keeps it around. On that entry alone one can see that Jack called the UGOGs regular guys. He referred to Dave as a necessary patsy. He talked a lot of tough guy schtick. Maybe he learned that in some juvenile detention center. He says he has a GED. I wonder why. I think he's probably a black sheep from a rich, Long Island family. He talks up a lot of violence. Here he wrote, "What would happen if I just chucked this fucking chair through the plate glass window?" Here he wrote, "I'm down to toss mollys and the kids in this country piss themselves when a cop comes towards the black bloc to take away the fence we're using for a shield." Got racism?

Here's what Jack's A Lying Douchebag wrote last April at Cometman's blog, after I had simply explained the truth about how Dave truly felt about him. Jack had the nerve to equate Dave's activism with his own activities. This guy is the ultimate loser. I think he'll end up dead before his time or in prison. He's that kind of head case.

He forgot the projection alert with his last comment about dying breeds. He must know deep down that he is the most pitiful troll on the internet. He's the biggest loser of them all. He's the personification of scum.

The guy came up with one scam after another. From what I've heard, he was virtually a non-player at Peeder's original PFF (Political Flesh Feast). Out of nowhere, he became the owner of Peeder's legacy. His FSZ board took off because of Dave's contributions. Then JSR started to do what Peeder never did. He started banning people for no good reason along with making up crap to justify it. There was his throwing of Dave under the bus. He made up some hoax about being threatened by Noom, Shadowthief, Donkeytale, and I think Eric S., all who he claimed were one person. Noom and donkeytale thoroughly set the record straight at My Left Wing.

Jack later come out with other scams. One revolved around his threatened bannings of myself and others. He came up with the persona of Matty Roth or something and claimed it had all been performance art. He did however ban me. And to repeat, I hadn't broken any rule. It then turned up he had a diary at one of his pal's blog claiming his whole FSZ website was a Sociology experiment. Subsequently, he wrote a piss poor diary about FSZ, My Left Wing, and others being part of some sort of association of soapbloxes with a ruling committee or something stupid like that. That was news to Maryscott O'Connor. So basically, there's nothing that has ever been blogged by Jack's Smirking Revenge other than his various scams that have gotten any attention. The guy's an outright fraud. He's either like donkeytale theorises, an immature punk, or what I believe, that he's been in cahoots with the UGOGs.

It is here where I will make a public apology to Noom, aka Keith Moon of DKOS, for thinking he was the notorious donkeytail, the creep who tried to simultaneously make Dave and donkeytale look bad. Though I doubt Noom will ever apologise for claiming I'm shadowthief.

Bouwerie Boys Address Uncovered By Donkeytail

Dave Weintraub: Oh and Hamburglar, I'm not donkeytail, don't know who is donkeytail, and you finally realized mid thread that I'm not donkeytail after making a complete asshole out of yourself again. You and cometman are such losers. Are you sure you are not the offspring of the two German families who pleaded and begged with the Gestapo to kill all your neighbors first when they came to your house before your neighbors? I know your type hamburglar. In the end, everybody hates you and nobody respects you. Such is a life of a weasel.

Also hamburglar, do you know that I wanted about 90% of my comments deleted? Did you know my ban sequence was my GBCW? You lost a whole crew of people with your crap and now all you have left are a couple of good people, a bunch of dead enders, a bunch of anarchists, and some hard left anti-Semites. Can't call you the sewer (UGOG has that title sewed up) but it certainly smells like shit.

I think Hamburglar was that dude who ran the Pickle soapblox. It was basically a country club blog for the FSZ crew. Dave was thoroughly thrown under the bus by Jack and his cronies. They might as well have been part and parcel of the UGOGs. I think they were.

Donkeytail/DogFu**ker Was UGOGER Trashablanca at FSZ

Dave Weintraub: A few days ago, DFQ was accused of being donkeytail by the "Free Speech Zone" crowd. Then a user named "dogfu**cker" reposted some sick bestiality diary and appeared to be the sockpuppet of donkeytail.

Now I told people the truth about FSZ. I was MajorFlaud and told Jack that on day one, something Jack confirmed openly. I was also davefromqueens and never another name. Yet I was blamed for being donkeytail and others.

Someone at FSZ caught on and suggested that these sockpuppets were actually coming from UGOG and that their goal was to try and pretend to be me with the sole purpose of trying to discredit me. (Keep trying ugogers, basically their argument has come down to "he's fat so don't believe a word he says." So Jack checked the reverse addresses and lo and behold, the sockpuppets came from ugog. (Hint - they have other nics there as well) Once again, DFQ tells the truth as he is surrounded by hypocrites.

Losers such as Laura and supersoling from Pffugee Camp have recently tried to spin donkeytail as having been Eric S.. This is one of the reasons we are able to say that Pffugee Camp has been a fake response to Jack's meltdowns. Supersoling calls me Shadowthief. The patterns have been fairly clear. Dave and donkeytale both figured out the whole FSZ scam. Jack protected the UGOGs. He called them regular guys. There has never really been any free speech at FSZ and Pffugee. There are other ways of censoring people without outright banning them. Laura and supersoling attacked Eric's good name. I've been unmercifully attacked by both FSZ and Pffugee. Anyone who has pointed out the anti-semitic or hypocritical nature of both blogs has become a target for unsubstantiated ridicule.

Jack treated Dave like dirt. There's no reasonable explanation for why he would have protected FingerFlaw while calling Dave a necessary patsy. Why did Major Flaw even go after Dave in the first place? The reason is available to anyone who looks. Dave was a big thorn in Sean Hannity's backside. Major Flaw was all about protecting Hannity. Michael Fingerit is no regular guy. He comes across as likely being the proverbial disinfo agent.

Interesting exchange between donkeytail and Dave in the comments
DFQ: ...Hannity is the best weapon liberals have going for them. Nobody turns moderates into liberals faster than Handy Hannity.

donkeytail: ...My impression of Jack is that he's very easily led. All it took to get him to abandon the principles that supposedly guide his blog was a few people complaining about my diaries. Interestingly, I get banned for posting diaries with sexual content, yet he encourages--and even promotes to the front page--diaries that are explicitly racist and antisemitic.

DFQ: I get the impression that there are some people over there working hand and hand with the sewer denizens. It's okay, you broke no rules of the site and neither did I.

See I have no problem with Jack banning people for any reason he wants but when you advertise rules and you ban people who don't break them, that makes one a big time hypocrite. Jack is not honest, he means well and has potential but he is not honest. His site was created the exact same time as UGOG meaning the two could be working hand and hand....

Michael F Bouldin reminds me of the guy Boggs in Shawshank. With him, trash, condo, and Michael Fingerit of Glen Cove still at Daily Kos, the site continues to get destroyed....

Kestrel9000 has never stopped being a Kos Kop. He gets on the side of the supposed enemies and reports back. This way he gets inside info. Of course he throws a few bone and feigns outrage against them from time to time but it's all a ruse. He's still a Kos Kop and the diary I just checked proved it. Once again he squelches meta. His concern trolling of "oh you've lost me" was classic Kostapo.
The list of dubious associates of Jack is long. Kestrel9000 is a KosKop. He has a Confederate flag hanging on his wall. There's Pinche Tejano, who very well could be another proverbial astroturfer. There's Lauren S. who used to run with the KosKops. There are even folks like Triv33 and Pager who also threw Dave under the bus on a number of occasions.

That last comment from Pager was outrageous. Dave Weintraub was a major blogger. That he was driven off of DKos yet fought back to expose the UGOGs, yet here were these weasels at FSZ running interference for Bouldin, Fingerit, and Lloyd Lachow is disgusting. Hmmm. Kestrel9000 showed up on a youtube video comment section to support Lachow (condoleaser/bottles). That kind of says it all about him. That's the type of person Jack's tight with.

I'll wrap up this entry with a few more screenshots. To repeat, you can right click for convenient new windows.

Jack throwing Dave under the bus and sticking up for the UGOGs:

Here was Jack trying to blow off his April banning purge as being "an elaborate meta hoax." Check out Cometman's signature. That was in reference to myself having trollbusted Brad Friedman of BradBlog.


Someone named Greenwood showed up out of nowhere to stalk my posts at FSZ. Here he accused me of being someone named NeoKong. He like others alluded to the mailbox lie I nailed larisa as having made concerning the Michael Connell hoax. Also notice how he pretty much admits through his signature that he was involved with the stupid project to make myself and donkeytale appear to be the same person. Way too much attention was being paid to my blogging. These guys were all over me. I wonder why. Is it because my theories about a disinfo network operating on so-called progressive blogs is true?


Here's a screenshot pertaining to Jack's idiotic claim that FSZ was a Sociology project gone wrong. Check out how he was pretty much trying to co-opt my schtick about political operatives being all over "progressive" blogs. But wait. He had called Fingerit and Co. regular guys, not political operatives. WTF?


Here's Jack trying to explain further about how political operatives have been trying to get FSZ shut down. He mentions the donkeytail bestiality thingie as an example.


He said such a thing was probably done in retaliation for something posted on his website. But Jack doesn't add up. He was all about saying the UGOGs were regular guys, that Dave had been the problem. Now who do you think he tried to pin these attacks on his board as coming from? That would be myself and donkeytale. Oh wait, check that. He has said we are the same person and also Shadowthief, David Byron, and now even Francis Holland. He shouldn't change his username to MattyJack. It should read as Jack's A Lying Douchebag.

Jack to Vox Humana: What this was really about was just pitching a tent for the PFF crowd so they didn't lose each other. Figure I'd be the grunt to take up the task with my DIY nature but should have known that you have the potential to get shit on....

I thought "free speech" would allow people to feel free enough to talk and argue about different opinions without fear of getting banned.

Never factored in those who wanted to take a shit in the middle of the room and throw it at people only to scream "free speech!" when I asked them "wtf was their problem?".

That kind of opening gives the crafty wordsmiths and dirties of political tricksters to try out their tongue on the new media.....but that's another story.


But according to Jack, that wasn't another story. He was claiming that myself and donkeytale are DLC political operatives who were out to wreck his blog. The UGOGs are regular guys. Myself and donkeytale are political operatives. That's the ticket.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Former Marine Corps Weatherman Admits Fake Clouds Are Being Produced

A Pacific Northwest weatherman made a startling statement on the air. He said that military aircraft are producing fake cirrus. While his explanation was that it had to do with chaff for radar purposes (not what "chemtrails" are really about) doesn't take away from the fact that what many of us have sensed, this man has confirmed. All Aircraft Are Not Involved! The only part of the segment ye might want to watch is from about a minute into the clip.
Here in Southern Oregon and Northern California, we've got a bit of an unusual situation. Now this first portion of the radar cycle is fairly bland and typical, but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region. That is not rain. That is not snow. Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region are dropping chaff- small bits of aluminum, sometimes it's made of plastic, even metallized paper products. But it's used as an anti-radar issue, and obviously they're up there practicing. Now they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for many years, and I'll tell you right now, that's what it is.

Now this first portion of the radar cycle is fairly bland and typical

but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the
region. That is not rain. That is not snow.

Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region are dropping
chaff... Now they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for
many years, and I'll tell you right now, that's what it is.

MSNBC has come out with a report on plans for geo-engineering.

MSNBC video link if youtube one is pulled

Like I've said many times before, I don't think chemtrails are for geoengineering global warming. Though it is pretty much the same process, just lower it to the troposphere. Here are some bizarre looking chemclouds from Canberra, Australia. Pay heed to the fine sheet which has formed in front of the sun. That's what chemtrails evolve into. The follow-up trails are for reinforcement. HAARP allows the ptb's to be able to manipulate the jet stream and spread the gunk out to their satisfaction. The top sheet could be geo-engineering, while the lower trails could be for blocking out harmful solar radiation getting through due to holes in the ozone layer. The bottom line is that these are not trails inadvertently forming from commercial air traffic contrails. They are being deliberately produced. Climate change is considered an issue of national security. Thus we are not being consulted.

Related Reading: Frankensteinian Atmospheric Shenanigans

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The McMartin Preschool Scandal Briefly Revisited and Free the West Memphis 3 Immediately

Jackie McGauley, the parent who did more than any other to promote the bogus case against the McMartins, has reappeared on this blog. You can check that out here. I then decided to make a new entry, so she could have the opportunity to post whatever she wanted to. I figured any comments made to old diaries are less likely to be read.

Before I knew it, I had found a recent blog post made by BoyInTheMachine concerning the McMartin Preschool satanic panic example. I figured I could link to that, write a few sentences, and my work for the day would be done. If his username sounds familiar, he made a few posts on this blog a couple months ago. Anyway, I was checking out his blog. After which I went to this link he prominently displays at the top. (right click on below image for new window)

Long story short, some hours later I had become completely aware that three innocent people are locked up in prison for crimes they never committed. They are referred to as the West Memphis 3. Celebrities have come out in support of their obvious innocence.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Anyone who investigates this story will see there is zero evidence against them. In fact, evidence has been uncovered linking a stepfather of one of the victims to the crime scene. The police, judges, and prosecutors involved should be disbarred and possibly criminally prosecuted for aiding and abetting wrongful imprisonment.

The current West Memphis police chief needs to be fired. He and his corrupt police department have been exposed for continuing to cover up their having railroaded innocent people, who've now been in prison for over 17 years for no good reason. He's gotten his panties in a bunch, because the CBS news show 48 Hours and others have been doing his job for him. He claims if there was new evidence, he'd be the first to reopen the case. However, for one there is new dna evidence linking that stepfather to the crime scene. Secondly, there has never been any legitimate evidence linking the Memphis 3 to those horrific murders. The satanic panic continues to wreak damage. Just because the wrongly convicted alleged ringleader wore black and was an "outsider freak" teenager, the kid has had his adult life robbed. The only "evidence" against him was that an acquaintance with an iq of 72 was browbeaten by police for twelve hours into making a false confession. Only the last 45 minutes or so of the "interview" were made available. Hmmm.

I also noticed BoyInTheMachine has been getting severely trolled on. My hunch is that it's being done by this creep.

Here's the show done by CBS. I feel sick to my stomach.

48 Hours Mystery : A Cry for Innocence

Monday, April 19, 2010

Four Blog Entries In One

This diary product was originally titled Degrees of Kevin Bacon Gone Bad. But seeing as we have almost locked down legendary blogger donkeytale® to a lucrative contract, it behooves DFQ2 to try as hard as possible to not obfuscate his entries. Thus, I'm gonna cram a lot of goodies into this one preserving his latest masterpiece in the #2 frontpage slot.

#1 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Gone Bad

The biggest reason the internet is such a colossal waste of time is because it's too easy to drift from one link to the next, and it just never seems to end like a 21 inning Red Sox game in Seattle.

On the other hand, some of the best stuff can be found from going with the flow and seeing where it takes you. My new fad has been watching old flicks at youtube. The only Montgomery Clift movie I didn't get to see was The Search. One of the good ones was called The Heiress. If it's still there, I advise you the good readers to get on your asses and watch it.

Anyway, the degrees of separation led me to Olivia DeHavilland. Before I knew it, I was watching Bette Davis movies. You get the point. It's like that shampoo ad from a few decades ago- I told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.... I guess you had to be there.

Sometimes this approach backfires. I was impressed with Monty and Brando in The Young Lions. I wanted to then watch Brando in The Wild One or A Streetcar Named Desire. Unfortunately, some of the best movies are not available. And if you want to try one of those illegal places, good luck scrubbing possible viruses ending up on your computer.

So I watched this flick called The Brave. It might have been Brando's last movie, not sure. It was put together by Johnny Depp. That dude has definite acting skills. In this movie he reminded me of The Red Hot Chili Pepper dude, which has to be considered a positive. In short, the movie sucks. I think Depp suckered Brando into doing the picture because it did do a good job of highlighting the sorry plight of Native-Americans on reservations. But the script was utter nonsense. For one, it was based on an urban legend, that snuff films are for real. No, they're not. Some guy came up with the idea in a book, and that then took on a life of its own. The #1 reason this movie is stupid is because unless you want to start making up reasons for such and such meaning something, the thing is an utter downer with no universal themes. It ended up making the main character look like both a hero and a loser. Better put, it's just downright confusing and disturbing to think about. Depp's character got an advance for a snuff film he agreed to do for 50 grand. So what did he do with that money? He bought his kids frivolous crap. I think the book might be a lot better, and this was perhaps a case of Depp and his writers ruining what could have been a decent idea for a movie.

The bottom line is I advise folks to not watch it. You'll end up twisting your brain around trying to make sense out of the senseless. It had good acting, nice scenery, etc.. So what. When you get past the packaging of a movie, it all comes down to the story. This one didn't add up.

The problem with a lot of them is too much fiddling gets done to the original. Donkeytale has mentioned Miss Lonely Hearts by Nathaniel West as being a classic book. I bet it is. I enjoyed the movie starring a post-accident Montgomery Clift. I got a sense of the cynicism expressed in the book. I'd like to read it someday. I give the movie a grade of B. It's missing something, perhaps what can be found in the book.

I guess I'm saying when you're surfing anything Kevin Bacon style, some results will be good, others bad. I messed up by watching the Depp picture. Don't make that same mistake.

#2 Calling Something Dated is a Nice Way of Saying the Thing Sucks

I don't care when something was produced. It's either good or bad. Nothing is dated. That's a myth. We'd never be able to discuss History, if things could be dated. The Civil War? Oh, that's dated. Forget about it. Not.

There was something called the Hays Code, which came out around 1930 but took about 5 years to kick in. It was basically about enforcing "values." The small window before it kicked in is referred to as the Pre-Code Era. I saw two of them, one brilliant and the other exploitative and of the stupid variety.

Of Human Bondage with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis can't be recommended enough. While it would be rated PG-13 today, it had an R rating type sensibility to it. Probably not suitable for the too young.

The other one I saw was called Night Nurse with Barbara Stanwyck. It would be called dated today. Lots of legs, women undressing, bootlegger hitman is the hero, bleh, blah, bluh etc.. It's just a bad movie with a silly script. It did promote some good criticism of the medical establishment. Bottom line for this one is it was an exploitation film. Warner Bros. made a lot of those back then. It was during the Depression. People didn't have the cash flow to waste. This was lowest common denominator tactics used by the film industry.

Before there was Katie Couric, there was Barbara Stanwyck. Yes, they focussed in on Barbara's leg as seen below.

Donkeytale has mentioned a thing he has for Claudette Colbert. I don't blame him. She was a definite sweetie. Though she was covered up pretty good in a movie she did with Clark Gable due to the Hays Code. Here's a decent article on the Hays Code.

Columbia Tristar/Getty Images

Released in 1934, It Happened One Night was among
the first films to follow the Hays Code. No "scenes
of passion" here; a bashful Colbert shields her body
from Clark Gable's eyes with full pajamas and a
blanket divider.

Night Nurse didn't have a very good script and story compared to the likes of The Little Foxes with Bette Davis, which exposed greed while presenting it in art form. That brings me up to Film Noir. That category would dominate the industry from the WW2 Era into the late Fifties. They were black and white, full of cynicism, and had vernacular dialogue and plots. I don't know how to better describe the genre. There'd usually be a crime, and it would be unravelled over the course of the flick. Sunset Boulevard had to be the best one. It not only had a great storyline and acting, it confronted the bullshit which is Hollywood. Rent it out. Watch it on tv, if it shows up. Do not miss that one.

The last example of Film Noir I watched was Double Indemnity. I've never been more disappointed in a movie that that one. Yes, Depp's The Brave was trash, but if you look around, it's not like many are saying otherwise. Double Indemnity is made out to be some perfect movie. It's not. There's no character development. There's no real anything. It's like pop music. It's just there, unlike Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset Boulevard (Wilder, 1950)

#3 Donkeytale is Wrong that We are a Conservative Electorate

Donkeytale is a politics as the art of the possible kind of dude. Fine. The problem is it makes him appear as some form of Democratic Leadership Council operative. At this point, I do realise he's just some intriguing slob from Texas. He believes in free speech. He is pro-Democratic Party. He is averse to holding Obama's feet to the fire. He doesn't realise that triangulation is bad news. He fears what a Republican controlled Presidency would do at this point to America. I agree with that last point. There are profound differences between the two major parties. Nonetheless, I also see this as playing it safe, playing to not lose. That doesn't work in sports. You get a big lead then stop doing the things that established the cushion. Then by the last quarter the opposition has crept back in.

His premise is that we are a very conservative country. I agree there is a strong base from middle of the road to conservative. I just don't think he understands how liberal we are also. How many people actually vote? How many people are unfairly not allowed to vote because of a criminal record? I am not saying that donkeytale is completely wrong. I just think that if more people were registered to vote and did so, we would see a shift to the Left.

Clinton said, "It's the economy, stupid." Obama needs to do what he can to get unemployment down. That will decide if he gets a second term, nothing else.

#4 Donkeytale Would Like to See Some of His Old PFF Stuff

I'm sorry, dude. I'm not saying to totally give up, but it's not looking good. keeps returning a lot of "Not in Archive" messages. Here's what's left of the front pages. I tried clicking on various entries, and they wouldn't show. Our best bet is this page. It has 500 results and will take you to complete diaries with the comments. Hopefully somewhere in there are some Donkeytale entries.

Too bad Denali, Ormond, and a few others forced Peeder's hand into closing down the joint. As a lover of pouring through archives, I regrettably can only get a small picture of what PFF accomplished. It's the same with through Not everything is available. What I could see through looking at NowhereWeb is that Donkeytale is who he says he is, one of the first to expose DKos for being a fraud website. Donkeytale didn't stop there. He would later have his blogging hopes further crushed by MLW, Booman, FSZ, and then finally Pffugee yet eventually get his revenge.

I'll do what I can looking through the last link above. If I find anything good, I'll link to it in the comment section for Four Blog Entries in One. To wrap this up, I cybersleuthed and found out that Donkeytale stole Frau Tale's heart from the King. At 59 seconds you can see Donkeytale's wife fawning over Presley with the Donkster in the background thinking, "Hey Presley KingFace, you can't compete with my sideburns."

Elvis Presley: Meta Memories

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Church of the Abundant Life

The sun cracked the crest of Kellogg Hill on the eastern end of the San Gabriel Valley as I popped my first top in the early Sunday morning gloaming. I watched in humble gratification as the beer foam sizzled and swelled briefly out of its hole before retreating to safety back inside the ice-cold metallic cylinder of abundant life.

Budweiser. Tall boys.

Rosario had invited me to visit his church for the Sunday morning services. It was only after meeting up that morning in the parking lot at MacDonalds that he informed me that the Church of the Abundant Life in the Parque was actually now his "former" church. about a coupla egg Mcmuffins, holmes? I'm fucking starving, man.

The second Bud obliterated the dry egg yolk gathering in my craw. The third washed away most everything else standing between me and a personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour. I cracked a sharp burp and sauntered over to relieve myself in the Spring honeysuckle blooming over the chainlink fence at the rear of the parking lot.

Rosario snorted when I returned to the hood of the 1963 Chevy and fished another cold one from the ice cooler of the abundant life.

--Whosoever shall come to the father through the Son shall drink in the spirit of eternal life.

--Shit man, we're out of beer. Do they take a piss in Heaven?

--You will shed your earthly countenance for all time upon entering the kingdom of the father. I believe that includes the shedding of your bladder, among other consternations...

--What about my dick? Do I have to give that up too?

--You will be neither man nor woman on that glorious day.

--What? You mean I'll be like one of those aphrodites? Why can't I just stay here and be me, man?

I lavisly scratched my abundant scrotum for emphasis. Rosario waited until I finished before tilting his head back in guzzlement. He wiped his mouth on his flannel shirt.

--If we could 'just stay here' we would have no need of salvation. There would be no Father, no Son, no Holy Spirit.

--That sounds pretty good to me, actually. Sorta how I would like to picture heaven, in fact.

--The problem is we can't stay here. Well, we can stay here, but 'here' won't be 'here' for very long. 'Here' will become 'there' and we cannot experience ourselves as ourselves outside the very moment of that singular understanding of the experience, which passes by in a flash, and instantly changes our relationship, which changes us. The tree grows, adds branches which become limbs. The tree's shape changes in time until it become unrecognizable to the image of the tree we hold in our minds. The tree's leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground. The tree itslef finally dies and disappears. The image of the tree we hold in our minds also does not exist. It is purely a work of the imagination.

--What the fuck are you talking about?

--Temporality. The very purpose of living is to continually remind 'us' that 'we' are not who 'we' think 'we' are and just when 'we' think 'we' are here 'we' look into the mirror to find someone else staring back at 'us' from a different place and time.

--Your fulla shit, dude. And stop putting everything into quotation marks with your fingers when you talk to me. Thats irritating as shit, man. When I look into the mirror I know exactly who I am and where I stand. I may not like what I see but at least I have the knowledge.

--Forgive him Father for he knows not what the fuck he is talking about.

--Shit, we're out of beer. Can we stop at the liquor store on the way to church?


People milled about in small groups, talking earnestly and listening to each other with an exagerrated sense of "connection." So this was the Jesus Movement I'd been hearing about, from chicks mostly. It seemed that most every one whose pants I wished to enter had converted recently. This circumstance was an immediate detriment in the pursuit of my shortterm goals. I took it as a personal affront.

I was a modern-day Job, down to the boils on my face and the afflictions of my soul. I felt tortured not salved, humiliated not glorified in His presence. Yet, I felt a small spark of hope somewhere inside that day that maybe I could find the connection I sought, the validation I needed in order to enter through the front door to the Kingdom, instead of constantly feeling like I needed to slink around outside without the key to open the locked door.

It didn't help matters that Rosario's own goal for that day appeared to be much different than mine. His spirit became redfaced with vengeance from the moment we arrived. I recognized a girl and went over to say hi. I hadn't seen her since graduation night, the night I found myself being booked into the West Covina jail, strip searched, full body cavity searched, bent, folded, spindled and mutilated. And had not considered the portent for even a single moment.

--Pete! You've come. So nice to see you. What have you been doing with yourslef since graduation?

--Court appearances, mostly. Some community service. Getting high every day, not working at all, just hanging out. And you?

Grace laughed. She had the prettiest, sweetest smile that would stand the test of time.

--Oh, Pete. You've been drinking already this morning?

She smiled warmly and reached out to touch my shoulder. I looked into her eyes for a moment, until someone else came up to break the brief spell. As she turned her attention to him I went off looking for Rosario, who had found a spot off to the side of the concrete stage under a tree.

I would not see her again until today on Facebook. She is a middle-aged beauty elegant, smiling and cheerully appearing.

Haunting me.

Rosario had been absolutely correct in his wisdom on that long ago misbegotten Sunday morning. The image of the tree which I had nurtured in my mind all of these years is not the tree.

That tree is gone and this moment is now.

Goodbye, Gracie.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Blog Entries In One

Air Force Blogger Exposed?

Without a doubt they are on the internet. Here's the proof.
(excerpt) USAF Blog Response
Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders
By Noah Shachtman
January 06, 2009

Bloggers: If you suddenly find Air Force officers leaving barbed comments after one of your posts, don't be surprised. They're just following the service's new "counter-blogging" flow chart. In a twelve-point plan, put together by the emerging technology division of the Air Force's public affairs arm, airmen are given guidance on how to handle "trolls," "ragers" -- and even well-informed online writers, too. It's all part of an Air Force push to "counter the people out there in the blogosphere who have negative opinions about the U.S. government and the Air Force," Captain David Faggard says....

At Democratic Underground, a suspicious blogger has arrived to run interference for the Wikileaks story. His avatar is an Air Force star. This link will take you there, but here's a warning that there are a lot of images to upload. It could stall your computer. Here's one sequence where he got his ass kicked.

Beckstcw has only made 36 posts. Strangely enough, he was at DU back in 2006. On a thread bemoaning that a news panel had two Republicans and one Democrat, this was his reaction.

Anyone who looks into the major whiteysphere forums will see that the moderating is unfair. This asshat, probably part of the Air Force Keyboard Commando Unit, gets to post anti-Democratic Party comments. I'm not allowed there, simply because I decided to put rude debunkers on ignore back in 2007 who were trolling my weather mitigation schtick. Do I think this guy is a paid fake? Yes I do!

I tried posting on the Wikileaks story over at Huffington. I haven't been blogging there too much since 2005-06. I didn't like the way Arianna treated Peter Rost, nor did I appreciate her taking various George Clooney interview segments and presenting it as an original post. Google Clooneygate probably, if you're interested in that one.

Anyway, when I signed into HuffPo a couple days ago and tried to make a comment, I was rudely welcomed with the following message.

A month or two ago, I had tried to make the following post on a Brad Friedman entry. It wasn't allowed. This is what got me banned.

It's no big loss. Huffington Post is very overrated. It takes too long for the advertisement filled pages to load. There is a lot of fluff. Stories are always getting backpaged too quickly. The moderating there is probably as bad as it is at DKos and DU. Arianna Huffington is a manipulative poser, period.

Tiger Woods is a Creep

I think Tiger is the sports version of the mentally ill, Hollywood child star stereotype. He's been an exceptional golfer since around the age of four. Most know of his appearance on the Mike Douglas Show.

That new Nike ad is clearly nuts. From Kevin Dupont of The Boston Globe.
(excerpt) They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky...

Wait. Before you snap your fingers twice and shout, “Hey, Morticia, it’s the Addams family!’’ we’re actually talking about the even kookier Woods family, whose infamous and prodigal son, Tiger, has a chance today to win the Masters. Win or lose, it has been one heck of a week for a guy who disappeared from golf to have his libido realigned and deal with a swing coach who prefers to tutor solely at golf courses and not mix-and-match Tupperware parties with hot babes in the ’burbs.

But just when it looked as if Tiger was taking his first baby steps toward image rehab, he went out and pulled the oldest trick in the book: He summoned his dead father to the rescue.

Again we ask, as we have a million times lately, what was Tiger thinking?

Yep, ol’ Earl Woods himself, who died from prostate cancer in 2006, teamed up posthumously with Nike last week — coincidentally, just as the Christian world was celebrating Easter. That’s a comeback. Woods the elder, no stranger to straying off-course in his own marital life, voiced over a 30-second Nike TV spot that is the oddest, creepiest, kookiest, altogether ookiest half-minute of advertising ever to ooze Bloblike out of the boob tube....

Olivia De Havilland is Hot Shit

I watched Lady in a Cage last night. It might seem to have been an exploitation flick based on the trailer below, but I disagree. One needs to see the movie to understand that it was way ahead of its time. It attacked the concept of me-first capitalism. It was about showcasing the morally, degrading direction our country was headed towards. The full movie is at present available at youtube. This was one where I thought it would be stupid, but it was the opposite. The beginning was excellent. The soundtrack was unnerving. There was a dead dog in the road that not one car stopped for to see what was up. A young girl was roller skating over a wino. Such imagery established the movie's central theme of a cold, selfish society on the downslide. The whole movie made me think of that one woman who was brutally attacked in NYC and no one lifted a finger to help her. Now I see we are committing war crimes in Iraq and innocent people are being murdered by the US Military, and few of us are speaking out against it.

Olivia De Havilland is definitely one of the greatest actresses of all time. I enjoyed her immensely in The Snake Pit, The Heiress, Hold Back the Dawn, and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. I speak of her in the present tense, because she's still alive! She's 93, a lifelong Democrat, and disgusted with the Iraq War.

Hollywood's sweetheart: Olivia de Havilland by Hermione Eyre 19.03.10 from the London Evening Standard

Olivia as Melanie in Gone With the Wind (1939)

Monday, April 5, 2010

US War Crimes Exposed by Wikileaks and some Disturbing Meta from a FakeLeft Blog

This is big news, but it's doubtful how much press it will get. I see nothing on, the Globe's website. I'm not seeing anything from The New York Times. The Huffington Post has it covered close to the top. The Guardian is on it. Time will tell what kind of coverage this gets. I believe this should be the #1 story of the last couple years. It shows that the US Military is corrupt and needs to be downsized as much as possible.

One can google around themselves to figure this one out. Donkeytale says I should go on a hiatus like the Cold Cream Soda Spy. I don't think I'm gonna take his advice. What I'm gonna do, however, is stop trying so hard. Maybe he'll take that as a hint to start adding some blog entries to DFQ2, winner of the Golden Schtick Award handed out by Meta Magazine.

I think Wikileaks has delivered the goods and deserves our praise and support. I'm going to embed two videos. The first is the one that they obtained and then decrypted. I warn folks that it is very graphic. The second is an interview done with courageous Wikileaks Director Julien Assange.

Collateral Murder

Al-Jazeera interview with Wikileaks director Julien Assange

PffugeeCamp.Com and its Aiming Higher Campaign

The owner, known as LauraJohn, put up the following diary.

I tracked down the story to go with the image, and it can be found here.

The big conflict that resulted in myself getting banned from FSZ was over MattyJack deleting of posts that made him look bad. He had tried to make it seem he was best buddies with Dave Weintraub (davefromqueens). Myself and donkeytale took him to task, resulting with myself getting the heave-ho despite having not broken any rules. That led to the creation of PffugeeCamp. LauraJohn has just done the same thing MattyJack did. Not very free speech-like of 'her'.Here are quotes from various noombots exposing her crossing the Peeder line.
Great Photo (4.00 / 1)
That's a great photo on the front. Something about it captures something.

they're like the Bonnie and Clyde of the nut job radical Mooslim set...

Sheez dead isn't she? Blew herslef to smithereens along with a trainload oov bipedal yammering apes. Wrong place at the wrong time 4 soom unluckeys.

boot LJ, eye note you deleted a comment. Was it due to itz incoherence? Due to itz sympathetic leanings towards this moronic martyr wearing buffoonery headress and cloak? (Altho eye grant you she looks damn good in it)

wtf's up? whiffs of Jack's stench are wafting thru this blog all oov a sooden

by: fake noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 10:05:20 AM CDT

oh snap! where's donk? (4.00 / 1)
hey donk,

laura's smirking revenge deleted one of her own comments! the shitestorm has begun!

baqaw qaw qaw!

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 15:27:55 PM CDT
Noomie then tracked down LauraJohn on Stu's new diary pertaining to the Wikileaks scoop.
More importantly, their race was arab (0.00 / 0)
They would've been shot if they were carrying a balloon bouquet.

Points in a game.
by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 17:20:18 PM CDT

laura's smirking revenge (4.00 / 1)
you can cop to the fact that u deleted a post and state that this is how you intend to run your blog, joost like every udder gd loser blog owner.

one set of reules for yoo and one for the regular posters.

yoo deleted it in the still oov the night when nobody was around... however! eye caught a glimpse oov it around 11:35 PM when eye was watching the encore performance oov Breaking Bad.

LSR , it seems yoor not quite so blase' as you portray yourslef seeing as yoo thawt it necessasry to delete one oov yore posts. Why did yoo delete it?

qaw qaw
by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 18:28:20 PM CDT

AhhaHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! (0.00 / 0)
You caught that? LOOOOSER!

Ok, it went a little somethin like this:

~~~~~It's not proper to say, but I hate people who have toime to blog, shout out to those who don't, who float above. (Something about feeling like a heretic and predicting the course of martyrology or something equally as pointless)~~~~~

Youknow, my standard drunk post.

Two snetences, iirc. I promptly deleted it because it was a whiny whiny bo-biney shit post and I was watching The Passion Joan of Arc and feeling all sorts of minimalistic.

And no, I've never done that before...but I reserve the right to. LOL. I would never do that to you sweetie noom, no matter how many times you pimp The New York Post.

So who cares about some retarded two-sentence post I deleted in the middle of the night right after I made it? NOOM!

You never complain about the 'posts' lost in replies to spam, from you and post wasn't even that important. Where is Donkey by the way to stand up for pffethics?! Won't anybody please think of the CHILDREN?!
by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 18:58:24 PM CDT

wow, yer hysterical (0.00 / 0)
and busted

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:04:21 PM CDT

Oh yeah. BUSTED! (4.00 / 1)
by BOTH nooms.

by: Laura @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:10:47 PM CDT

hey (0.00 / 0)
yoor sharp, even when hysterical....

eye met fake noom at a party, pffoony dude....

fanks queenie

baqaw qaw

by: pff noom @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 19:27:21 PM CDT
As for Stu Piddy, he is either very stupid or a paid fake. One or the other. There is no spectrum to the possibilities of who this person is behind the username.
Wikileaks a CIA front? (0.00 / 0)
I couldn't watch the whole thing. I stopped when they targeted the van trying to rescue the injured person.

There are some who are accusing Wikileaks of being a CIA front. I thought initially that makes sense...and it does....but after seeing this....unless....I am out of step ....or unaware of something ...I can't see it.

Is it possible the CIA uses this to justify the actions of the Drone community?

Maybe the commentary ahead of the video got in my way.

Not sure what to think about Wikileaks....
by: Stu Piddy @ Mon Apr 05, 2010 at 17:51:46 PM CDT
The source behind the rumour that Wikileaks is a CIA front appears to have been John Young of cryptome followed by the likes of Wayne Madsen. You can't make this schtuff up. There's definitely a lot of things boiling beneath the surface, and hopefully in time all of this will start to make more sense.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Does Alex Jones Suffer From Hal Turneritis?

(***UPDATE*** Larry the conspiracy theorist doesn't think Alex Jones incites violence, despite the growing number of wingnuts who followed Jones' websites going over the edge into law breaking. I will say that Jones may not cross the line, but he clearly does rile up emotions and make it seem that the time for violence is now. An anonymous linked to a very interesting minute of Jones being interviewed while driving. Technically Alex Jones may not be breaking any laws, but imho, he is clearly sparking violent tendencies in unhinged fans of his. According to Jones we are under attack. According to Jones, he is ready to spill some blood. But he won't be the one doing so. It'll be the people who believe the nonsense he spews.


The good news is that US Intelligence is pretty much admitting the threat of domestic terrorism is coming mostly from wingnuts and not the left. The bad news is some fake lefties have used such an obvious and basic truth as justification for silencing authentic progressives and peaceniks on their bluedog, democratic domains. It's the garbage astroturf that socialism (social justice) and peace are dirty words. An anonymous recently posted that this shows the handwriting is on the wall. The US economy is crumbling. The cycle of US hegemony has long since passed its peak. What goes up must come down. Internet fakery is a symptom. It's a last ditch attempt to prop up fake grassroot support for war and inequality. Let's get on with the show.

Shock jock Hal Turner takes witness stand

Hal Turner accused the FBI of urging him to make violent statements as a
way of infiltrating extremist right-wing groups.

I can read minds. Is that Hal Turner's daughter in the background? If so, she's thinking, "Why is my Daddy a wingnut?"

The answer sweetie, in short, is that Hal Turner was being paid by the FBI to "flush out the crazies." Your daddy was acting! Sure, he's always been a far right wing kookster. He's been buddies for many years with Sean Hannity of Fox News. He was merely acting as a complete Nazi in order to encourage violent nutjobs to step forward. Daddy messed up by inciting violence against specific individuals. You can't do that. Free speech is only protected so far. Daddy not so bright.

Now why would anyone think Hal Turner is some anomaly, rather than just one of many performing the paid task of "flushing out crazies?" I think he was just stupid enough to expose the program. When he was predictably arrested, he sung like a stool pigeon are prone to do when busted. I have no paystub to prove it, but I believe Alex Jones has been on the same payroll as Hal. To Alex's credit, he has been smart enough to not cross the line Turner did. Yet, his act has had many similarities to Hal's.

(I'm adding in another Alex Jones video. The original link was scrubbed.)

Plenty o'evidence is starting to pile up, that Alex Jones has a knack for flushing out right wing nutjobs.

Feds Investigate Death Threats to IRS Employees After Health Bill Approval by Jana Winter (excerpt)
Hundreds of comments were posted in response to an incendiary story on, the radical far-right Web site owned by radio host Alex Jones. The story, entitled, "The Cost Of Defying Obamacare: $2,250 a Month And IRS Goons Pointing Guns At Your Family," focused on the “increasing militarization of the IRS” and its expansion of powers under the new health care law.

One commenter wrote: "If they actually try to do this, there is going to be a whole lot of thugs start vanishing. This is the last line in the sand. Those fools have just signed their death warrants!!!"

"theres gonna be alot of IRS agents needing healthcare if they try to terrorize us Americans," another comment read. Yet another wrote, "Come and take them…….they will have to hire so many IRS agents because…well when 10 a day get killed….you do the math." ...
A man from Roanoke, Virginia has learned the hard way that not all free speech is protected. He made online death threats against a couple policemen on Jones' forum. It's one thing to be critical of corrupt bacon products who turn their profession into one to be mocked. It's quite another for a crazy to break the law by posting violent threats.

Roanoke man charged with making online threats by Laurence Hammack (excerpt)
A Roanoke man faces charges of making online threats against two police officers -- one in Oakland, Calif., and one in Martinsville -- after reading newspaper accounts of incidents in which they used deadly force.

Jeffrey L. Weaver, 47, made the threatening comments in January on a news Web site called, according to a complaint filed earlier this week in U.S. District Court in Roanoke.

Weaver, who was ordered held without bond Friday, logged onto the site using the name "F---ThePIGS," the complaint states.

After reading a newspaper article on that described how a 17-year-old boy died after being shocked with a Taser by a Martinsville police officer in January, Weaver wrote: "this makes my blood boil."

"Maybe I should drive to Martinsville with my 9mm Glock and some Teflon coated armor-piercing Black Rhino hollow point rounds and do the world a favor by ridding the world of this piece of s--- pig," the message read....
*** We now interrupt this blog entry for a newsflash from the DFQ2 Newsdesk. I'm listening to the radio. The DJ just said Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, has just been extradited from Ireland to the US. This has not been confirmed as yet. I thought I'd mention this, because she is yet another example of how the shit has been hitting the fan in regards to crazies being flushed out through the internet. One question I'm starting to wonder is whether such people would have ever become potential terrorists if not for Operation Crazy Flush (I just made up that phrase, so put the googler down). We now return to regularly scheduled blogging. p:> ***

Domestic terrorism clearly appears to be on the uprise. Virginia FBI have been quite busy of late. Tea Party leaders from that state blipped on the FBI radar, after one of them posted what he thought was Rep. Tom Perriello's home address. The TeaNuts were upset with Perriello's speech made in favour of the health care reform bill. The result was his brother Bo's gas line was severed. The FBI is now scouring online posts for signs of who has been behind that and apparently other violent attempts made at Bo's home.

Here's an excerpt from the above linked to article written by Virginia McCabe.
Threats and acts of violence have increased against Democrats in the days before and after the signing of the Health Care Reform bill by President Barack Obama. However one Republican congressman has now reported a violent act at his office.

On Thurs. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va) reported that shots had been fired outside of his Virginia campaign office.

The Daily Progress reported the incident was immediately reported.

“We do know that there were shots fired earlier this week,” said Megan Whittemore, Cantor’s deputy press secretary. The shots were fired late Monday or early Tuesday, she said.

The gunfire triggered the office’s alarm and an incident report was filed immediately. Richmond police are investigating.

“There is an ongoing investigation,” Whittemore said.

Around the country dozens of Democratic headquarters have been the subject of vandalism and threats against elected officials have increased, according to the FBI. However, Virginia and Tea Party members are currently the on the front burner of law enforcement.

Virginia Tea Party Leader Nigel Coleman has been on the radar of the state police, FBI and Secret Service, according to a complaint letter he wrote to the Attorney General in Virginia in July 2009. Coleman is one of the men who posted the address of Perriello online.

Coleman complained that he was being followed by the Secret Service, state police and the FBI during a Tea Party protest of Perriello last summer. Coleman stated that his rights are being abridged by state police.

On Wednesday Supervisory Special Agent MH Myers of Virginia confirmed the investigation into the severed gas line at the Perriello home. He did not speak about Coleman in relation to the Perriello incident.

"We are confirming that we are aware that some threats were made against the congressman perhaps related to an internet posting. We did respond to the congressman brother’s house (Tuesday) in relation to that incident," Myers said....
Threats against Congressmen and women made around the time of the historic vote on health care reform have not been limited to Virginia. The FBI has been investigating more than ten threats made against Democratic House members.

Hmmm. Fox News has been doing a good job lately reporting on right wingnuts. Perhaps they are taking a page out of the DLC handbook to portray some lefties as fringe, in order to astroturf that they aren't a part of that. Are Republicans plotting their own form of triangulation? But I digress.

We'll wrap this up by going back to a bit on Alex Jones, on how some of his readers have gone the domestic terrorist route. We'll then take a quick look at some fake lefties posting in the same incendiary fashion to be found by TeaNuts. We'll then conclude with the developing story of Chachi Arcola being pestered by crazies.

At this point, most of us have heard of Richard Poplawski, the crazy who murdered three policemen last year. It turns out he was influenced by the rantings of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.

Richard Poplawski: Influenced By Fox News Host Glenn Beck And Right-Wing Radio??

According to Max Blumenthal, the answer is yes.
Did Paranoid Right-Wing Media Fuel the Pittsburgh Cop Killer’s Rage? (excerpt)

By Max Blumenthal, The Daily Beast. Posted April 8, 2009.

Richard Poplawski, the man who allegedly murdered three Pittsburgh cops, was clearly influenced by Fox News’s Glenn Beck and right-wing radio.

On April 6, two days after the 22-year-old Richard Poplawski allegedly murdered three police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a radio host named Alex Jones settled in before a microphone in his studio in Austin, Texas to do some damage control. “The mainstream media has certainly enjoyed tying me into this story,” Jones complained. “They’re attacking me and saying I’m delusional and there’s no New World Order The Second Amendment, what the country’s founded on–it’s all my fault!”

Poplawski was a neo-Nazi wannabe who railed against blacks, Jews, “Zionists,” and gun control. And like many members of the far-right fringe, he allegedly visited Jones’ Web sites and posted alarming reports by Jones’ writers on the white supremacist message board, Stormfront. (Poplawski’s posts are here, authored under the handle, “Braced For Fate.”) While Alex Jones generally avoids overt racism, he has found an eager audience on Stormfront by conjuring dark visions of an impending New World Order, claiming FEMA is secretly building a national concentration camp network, and announcing that President Barack Obama has planned mass gun seizures on his way to establishing a leftist dictatorship. “Remember, the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens,” warned a March 13 commentary on Jones’ website, Prison Planet.

In the wake of Poplawski’s alleged murder spree, the killer’s friends and family members painted a portrait of a paranoid young man whose worldview was informed almost totally by the kind of conspiratorial themes entertained by Jones. Poplawski’s best friend, Edward Perkovic, who also spouted white supremacist rhetoric, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that his friend “grew angry recently over fears Obama would outlaw guns.” Poplawski’s mother remarked to police investigators that her son targeted cops “because he believed that as a result of economic collapse, the police were no longer able to protect society.” ...
The Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn posted on Alex Jones' forum. Is Alex Jones on the same FBI payroll that Turner used to receive paystubs from? Let's just say it shouldn't surprise anyone if true.

Some fake lefties join the circus

There is a disgusting fake lefty website called I'm not saying it's run by paid fakes. Though yet again, it wouldn't surprise me if it is. These people are big time supporters of the Holocaust denying President of Iran. Their #1 blogger, well-known as Fakeleft or Failreft, has claimed that Richard Nixon was the last liberal American President. He has called for surveillance cameras in urban areas. Along with the blog owner (better known as LauraJohn), Fakeleft has been singing praises for Huey Long. LauraJohn has been begging for proof that Huey was corrupt. That's riotous, as donkeytale would say.

There's a reason why donkeytale has been entered into the Blogging Hall of Fame. For the last several months, in fact close to a year, he has thoroughly exposed that armpit of a forum as representative of the fake left (whiteysphere). He deserves most of the credit for doing so. I'll take perhaps a smidgen. I wish that dude would blog here on a regular basis. I'm knocking on wood he does. I'm mostly hoping he won't ever again post at PffugeeCamp. Though that's a hard addiction to break. Most of the posts there beg ridicule.

One thing I've noticed with Pffugee bloggers is they seem to be able to post their own incendiary comments without fear of an FBI investigation. Could they, like Alex Jones, also possibly be afflicted with Turneritis?

DavidByron is perhaps the most well-known of all lefty historic trolls. A couple months ago he crossed the Hal Turner line. I've known he was a fake lefty ever since realising how much he despises women. Not very lefty of him. Now I think there's a good chance he was at an FBI seminar with Hal Turner.

The Aiming Higher Campaign


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

There's this dude who goes by the username Stu Piddy. He made a recent post saying he has a friend in Al Queda. His plausible deniability is he wrote that on April Fool's Day. But still. Who would post such a thing and risk causing a blip on the FBI's domestic terrorism radar?


This is the same guy who recently went the "Jooos Did It" route. Hmmmm.

Quacks Like Internet Cointelpro

The historic troll Ormond Otvos was covered on this DFQ2 entry. Who in their right mind would ever suggest Joseph Stack's actions were heroic? Would it be someone who may or may not be involved with Operation Crazy Flush?


(Not Very) Related Reading:
Happy Days star Scott Baio gets Twitter death threats after Michelle Obama 'joke'