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Sunday, March 22, 2009

DKos Disinfo Racket Includes the Undermining of Democratic Processes at the Democratic Underground

Dave was targeted for astroturfed ridicule precisely because he was willing to get beyond mundane meta-wars among anonymous usernames. Not only did he find the UGOG files, he figured out real names. Not only did he prove that such people have been manipulating the Daily Kos, he showed how such activities were being encouraged and sanctioned by upper level administrators including Markos Moulitsas Zuniga.

Dave put his heart and soul into being a blogger. He desired for on-line activism to equate into gains in real life democratic processes. He was not obsessed. He had stumbled onto insidious activities preventing such lofty goals. That is why he had been attacked so viciously.

Dave eventually ventured over to the Democratic Underground. Unfortunately, he had no idea at the time that he was stepping into the same exact hornets' nest that exists at Daily Kos. Correct that, he probably had an inkling, as MajorFlaw {Michael Fingerit} had admitted to being a DU moderator in the UGOG files.

I wish I had gotten to known Dave a lot earlier than I did. Perhaps myself and others could have shown him support which perhaps could have lessened the strain he must have been going through. No one likes to be labelled as obsessed or as a kooky conspiracy theorist. No one likes to have their words and works twisted around. No one likes to get into rigged debates where the other side is full of cheaters.

Here is the link to Dave's journals at DU. He went there with an open mind. Folks are encouraged to read through his threads pertaining to Daily Kos and see how inorganic and seemingly scripted the herd attacks went after him. There was no interacting with his evidence. There was no fairness. The other side were on forum steroids, while Dave was being his good old, innocent self. How was he to know that the same exact fascism taking place at DKos goes on at DU?

Here are the nuts and bolts which prove a direct connection between the fake progressives in control of DKos having the same such control at DU.

From the UGOG files:

From a DKos thread:

To repeat, Michael Fingerit never expected to be outed for being MajorFlaw. Dave simply took things he revealed about himself at the UGOG domain and did research in real life. Fingerit admitted to a case he worked on. With that info, Dave solved his real name. While Jack's Smirking Revenge of the Free Speech Zone blog would like us to believe that Fingerit and others are regular people not deserving of having their true identities revealed, nothing could be further from the truth. What political consultant would be spending such an inordinate amount of time on the net perverting freedom of speech and association at major "progressive" blogs, if such activities were simply a hobby? There is no way, in my humble opinion, that the UGOG/KosKops were regular people. They appear to be in all likelihood paid to post and corrupt democratic processes on the internet.

Fingerit never imagined himself being outed. This explains why he blabbed so much. It is one thing for an anonymous username to be discredited. But if he'd known that his internet activities could be proven to be composed of astroturf, no way would he have given anyone the tools to determine his true identity.

MajorFlaw made a big mistake in not making his UGOG website inaccessible to the public. He made a big mistake in antagonising thoughtful individuals who would sleuth their way to figuring out his true internet motives. From the quote above, it can be now be seen that he outright lied.

There is zero proof that he was ever banned from Democratic Underground, nor that the webmaster Skinner ever posted anything about him. That doesn't mean everything he wrote were lies and misdirection. That is the key to understanding disinformation. Not all of it will be untruthful. He certainly was a powerful influence at DU. He still well very may be. The reason why he didn't provide links to his alleged banning one month before an election integrity activist named TIA was shown the door is because it never happened that way. Fingerit wanted folks at DKos to believe he was a big player at DU. I do believe he was being honest when he said he had the influence to prevent people from being banned. That implies that he had the power to have adversaries banned regardless of any rules being broken. Here is the proof that he lied about his banishment from DU one month before TIA was.

This may wind up getting locked

Here is the proof that MajorFlaw was a DU moderator in April, 2005, well after the time TIA had been shown the door. While TIA posts have henceforth been allowed through his friends, the bottom line is that TruthIsAll was never reinstated by DU.

I had been successful at DU as Prepostericity in exposing the true nature of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and the lies Larisa Alexandrovna had told about him being an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. I also was successful in pointing out the truth about the Michael Connell being threatened by Karl Rove hoax. That has been covered at my humble forum/blog in the astroturfing section.

When I was attacked by the UGOG/KosKops at DKos for posting such factual information that had been censored at DU, I had trouble understanding why MajorFlaw and his astroturfing network would go out of their way to support prolific conspiracy theorists. DKos is known for having established rules against such topics. Folks have probably seen it written there time and time again, that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. So why would MajorFlaw be supporting hoaxsters?

We now have the answer. MajorFlaw {Fingerit} can now be directly linked to fake, election integrity activists.

According to Wilms at DU {emphasis his},

More credit where it's due...

It has been brought to my attention that erstwhile DUer, MajorFlaw, was very helpful in the preparation of the "DRE Reliability..." paper, for which he deserves our full appreciation.

Even in Fingerit's own words at DailyKos, he admitted to his participation in the "election integrity" movement.

I now notice that an image from that thread is no longer available. Could Michael Fingerit have been photographed? I may have a copy of that somewhere. Perhaps I can try to track it down. Probably doesn't matter. But if it did include a photo of him, this shows that this insidious individual is fearful of being exposed. How else to explain the inorganic ganging up on Dave on his threads at DU?

The paper put forth that Wilms said Fingerit helped draft was produced by VoteTrustUSA. That was an EI offshoot of the Verified Voting Foundation established by Andy Stephenson. Alexandrovna was close to Andy. John Gideon, the BradBlog's #1 blogger after Brad, also worked for that group. We now know that Brad Friedman is the frontman for confidence man Brett Kimberlin and his Velvet Revolution. We now know that the Clint Curtis and Spoonamore stories have zero credibility. We also know that a wealthy New Ager heiress named Lori Grace has provided funds to Velvet Revolution.

The bad guys are afraid of all these connections being made. I am not saying that Brad Friedman or even Larisa and Brett are paid disinformation. MajorFlaw, on the other hand, based on the sophisticated nature of the UGOG files, appears to definitely be some form of fifth column.

This is all similar to the proven facts established about Markos Moulitsas Zuniga connecting him to the CIA, Ronald Reagan, attacks on Caroline Kennedy and other Democrats, and with his ties to payola-type schemes. Proving someone is an intel supported troll is very hard to do, if not impossible. At a minimum, however, we can see how successful institutions such as Daily Kos, Velvet Revolution, Black Box Voting, Democratic Underground, and many others have been cash cows. What we don't see any evidence of is that any of them have done any good for true progressives. As for this branch of the "election integrity" movement, the only evidence there is besides the money making capabilities has been of their consistent providing of convolution and strawmen hoaxes, which have served to make election fraud appear to be a non-factor or consisting of too many strawmen to be considered as probable.

I believe the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen by George Bush Jr.. I also believe that election integrity topics which have deserved greater attention have had to take a back seat to outrageous and easily debunked conspiracy theories. This crowd has provided a lot of convolution and not much election integrity ideas. Whether the objectives have been to raise funds through good-hearted yet gullible wealthy donors or to promote strawmen disinfo or both is besides the point. Whether someone is willing disinfo, a confidence man, or a useful idiot, he or she is contributing to the perversion of democratic processes on the internet. And such activities have had bad consequences in real life.

Where would it be most easiest for modern day cointelpro to operate than on the internet? How has what Fingerit and Markos Zuniga done on the internet been anything other than the perverting of high ideals of freedom of speech and association among true peaceniks and progressives?

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