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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Revenge of Abbeysbooks

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This is a cross-post from MyLeftWing. Basically AbbeysBooks warned a UGOG a few years back to disassociate himself from those operatives. MaryScott O'Connor made an appearance. She basically showed how clueless she is, that she is easily manipulated by those fake lefties sending her cash or otherwise kissing her mental illness booboos.

By the way, MSOC has deleted a diary in which she said she'd never accept money from political candidates. My theory on her is that she is making money off of her website. Whether she is a chump getting bird feed from the likes of pro-military whench Curmudgette or from prolific KosKop, KarmaFish and the few other irrelevant writers such as cleverguy82 and devilishadvocate, she has pretty much sealed her fate as being a Markos Alberto Moulitsas Zuniga guarddog. She banned Francis Holland. Scum like Mudge and fishstench are the worst of KosKops. They run someone's reputation into the ground, then they act all innocent saying they didn't want anyone banned.

More after the break. Get yourself a soda. This is gonna be a good one. {also, make sure to check out Francis' Truth About Kos website where yours truly shows once again how guerilla blogging is really done, unlike this fake shit pumped out by MattyJack and the other looooosers.}

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So MattyJack is acting out a fight with fellow operative Laurel S, who only Lord Byron believes is a female, and only because he has some serious issues with vaginas. [/digression]

It's this simple. I kicked KarmaFish's butt in debate. I troll busted his sorry 15,000 post ass in broad daylight. He admitted to going to MyLeftWingNut to "fight" with Francis Holland. Cue up what a fool believes by the Doobies.

And here we have MattyJack trying to rewrite history. He takes down the UGOG files, he puts them back up. He repeats the cycle. I, on the otherhand, never waver from outing cointelpro-like scum on the internet. MattyJack was talking trash about how many lurkers this place was getting. Uhm, it was because of me. I made a diary at DailyKos sticking up for Dave and Francis. There were a quick 200 of the cheesiest fake lefty responses one could imagine. In my defense, I always knew Daily Kos sucked. You chumps with your soap blox and Kos-centric dribble ought to be embarrassed.

Anyway, Francis' blog got a lot of new readers. I'm sure this place did too. But before MattyJack gets too excited, the truth is out there that he had zero to do with the outing of the UGOGs. The truth is out there that this guy is in all probability some kind of plant. Hey, when the #2 or three poster is Curmudgette her smelly self, you know this place is ultimately a joke.

Without further ado....

The Revenge of AbbeysBooks

Revenge is sweet. I hope MSOC doesn't mind a bit of "I told you so" from the lovely and talented Abbeysbooks.

Here's the link {below Dr. Evil} where Abbeysbooks explained in 2007 how she got run off of DailyKos for no good reason. Yeah, at this point we all know that the DailyKos sucks and is full of rightwing Democrats, middle of the road, selfish haters. But for those who ignore the UGOG files, you do so at your own peril. They prove how the internet is rigged. The two most arguably successful, rightwing, cash cows masquerading as progressives have been DKos and the Democratic Underground, and now we have the proof due to David Weintraub's trollbusting that they have been rigged! Sure that link is to an FSZ domain. Don't let that fool you. Dave got banned from FSZ after exposing the UGOGs, and this link was taken down by Jack for a chunk of time, when he claimed that FingerFlaw, Bottles/condoleaser, and Michael Bouldin are regular guys. Yeah, and Manny is just being Manny? Er, maybe a bad example. But you know what I friggen mean.

Abbeysbooks' Revenge

Sometimes, It Feels Good to Respond to Douchebaggery

All I could do was laugh and laugh as I imagined blue vertigo, majorflaw,dadanation, andgarden, truth of angels, DMiller and all the rest of that cabal who stalk you to troll rate and get you banned

dadanation is a great friend of mine. NOT at ALL one of the haters. Don't know where you got the opposite idea, but just to clarify -- SO not the case.

Abbeysbooks to Shriver:
It would be advisable for you to stay away from that group of trolls or you will sink with them. Many others are now on to them. And waiting.

Check out the UGOG files. Dadanation shows up in the first week or two.

FingerFlaw is the one who definitely needs to be investigated. He has acted precisely how one would expect a cointelpro agent to act like if they were dominating major forums. Fifth column.

Meet the real David Weintraub!

Hey, what's this, Markos Zuniga is a big fan of the CIA? Yikes!

June 2nd, 2006 Interview with the Commonwealth Club.

Applied in 2001
"six month process"
Daily Kos formed: May, 2002
Joined Howard Dean Campaign: June, 2003

Care to explain, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga????

Better to listen to Ozzie than the rightwing, mental midget from the Orange Satan.

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