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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin DENIED!

Brad Friedman, the clean-cut front
used to obfuscate the ridiculous
nature of bunk peddled since 2004

the sadistic Neal Rauhauser

an exonerated, ex-political prisoner?
uhm, no.

Convicted drug smuggler, perjurer, domestic terrorist, and (former? Julia Scyphers') murder suspect Brett Kimberlin recently tried to get a peace order extended against me. He has been hoaxing it up through a Maryland court that I am an internet predator.

His apparently obvious associate Neal Rauhauser has tried to astroturf such malicious nonsense through the net. Now it seems Neal is on the run from the law for his alleged criminal harassment of Mike Stack.

This specific convolution first sprung out of Weinergate. According to Neal, somehow I had become a key player in bringing down Anthony Weiner through Twitter. This stuff has been so stupid and insane, that is why the word surreal has often come to mind.

It's all well and good for ye out there in blogland to be chowing on popcorn and having a fun read. But try putting yourself in one of our shoes, especially mine, Aaron's, or Mike's. We have been getting abused in broad daylight.

This is very convoluted stuff. As a law abiding blogger, I was able to uncover facts that Speedy wants deleted. But his act has gotten very stale. As Aaron Worthing pointed out months ago, he has created a Streisand Effect.

In short, I used to write a bit on Brad Friedman's Bradblog. Once I realised Brad Friedman was running a carnival act in pursuit of donations, ad revenue, and paid gigs, I dug and quickly learned if it had not been for Brett Kimberlin, no one would know Brad Friedman even existed.

Then I noticed Larisa Alexandrovna vouching for Kimberlin, saying he had been exonerated for the Speedway bombings. This is fascinating stuff, and I apologise that a lot of it gets repeated. But let's be grateful that it hasn't been buried.

In fact, I won't repeat myself. My only goal is to ensure that the public record is set straight.

I'll just say go read Mark Singer's book on Brett Kimberlin. Check into the bunk put out by Brad Friedman over the years.

I do not like right wing politics. I am not on Team Breitbart. The shite put out by Neal Rauhauser was just that, 100% pure unadulterated hoax shite.

Just because Brad seems to be a great guy and fighting for authentic American ideals, blah, blah, don't take my word for it. Check into the details. Decide for yourself.

Motion to Extend Peace Order DENIED!
Now comes Plaintiff Brett Kimberlin and moves this court to extend the peace order imposed in this matter for another six months. In support of this motion, Plaintiff states that this court issued a peace order on October 13, 2011. Despite this, [Mr. Socrates] has continued to stalk, harass, and intimidate him by posting dozens of defamatory blog posts, comments, and tweets that have caused Plaintiff fear, emotional distress, and concern. Many of these are listed in another motion filed today to enforce the Peace Order by ordering removal of those harassing items.

On January 8, 2011, [Mr Socrate's] associate, [Aaron Worthing], assaulted Plaintiff during a hearing in Plaintiff's civil case against [Mr. Socrates] in Montgomery County Circuit Court. [Mr. Socrates] was communicating with [Mr. Worthing] before and after that assault and even stated on his blog that the assault was well-deserved. That assault resulted in an arrest of [Mr. Socrates'] associate for second-degree assault and also the issuance of a final peace order against [Mr. Worthing].
That was an outright lie. One can read, The Poopocalypse; internet convolution at its finest and read my expose on fake reporter Ron Brynaert falsely claiming the assault had taken place.

Keep in mind that this motion was entered into a so-called family court. This wasn't a criminal proceeding. I am not a criminal and have never been one, unlike the never exonerated, ex-convict Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

The other matter, the original one, was a civil case. Speedy has been desperate to pin me as a criminal and use any means at his disposal to have the truth erased. The following was the second motion he mentioned above.
(DENIED!) Motion to Enforce Peace Order by Requiring Removal of Harassing Blog Posts Published by Defendant [Socrates]

Here comes Plaintiff Brett Kimberlin and moves this court to enfore the final peace order issued against [Socrates] on October 13, 2011. That order prohibits [Mr. Socrates] from harassing Plaintiff through any means, including using cyberspace mediums such as blog posts and comment. He has called Plaintiff a con man, fraudster, terrorist, murderer, psycho, and urged people not to donate to Plaintiff's non-profits.

[Mr. Socrates'] self professed attorney, [Aaron Worthing], appeared uninvited at a civil hearing in Kimberlin v. [Socrates], 339254, in Montgomery County Circuit Court on January 9, 2012, interrupted the proceedings until Judge Nelson Rupp threatened him with removal, and then followed Plaintiff outside the courtroom and assaulted him. The assault resulted in second-degree assault charges against [Mr. Worthing] with a trial date of March 29, 2012.

[Mr. Socrates'] lawyer also began harassing Plaintiff online, with false criminal charges, a malicious civil suit, and a false peace order, which resulted in a peace order against [Mr. Worthing].

[Mr. Socrates] blogged every time [Mr. Worthing] harassed, assaulted, or hurt Plaintiff showing that [Mr. Socrates] and [Mr. Worthing] were working together to harass Plaintiff.

This court can order [Mr. Socrates] to remove all of his blog posts from his personal google blog about Plaintiff because they violate the peace order. Plaintiff has talked with Google lawyers and they have assured Plaintiff if the Court orders [Mr. Socrates] to remove the blog posts and he fails to do so within the time set in the order, Google will permanently remove the posts.

An order is attached listing all of [Mr. Socrates'] harassing blog posts about Plaintiff since the court issued the peace order.

Order Compelling [Socrates] to Permanently Remove Blog Posts

The court having found that Defendant [Socrates] has violated this court's October 13, 2011 final peace order by continuing to harass Plaintiff hereby ORDERS Defendant [Socrates] within five days of the entry of this order to permanently delete the following harassing blog posts he made after this court's order as identified by the following url's.

1. Patterico's Pontweetifications
2. Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Wants Me Imprisoned
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As I've pointed out previously, there was nothing in the peace order that I ever actually did.
Even the incompetent Judge Jordan never told me I couldn't blog on this case. In a nutshell, Kimberlin continues to grasp at straws and displays why he would be better off going to law school than continuing with his jailhouse lawyer schtick. It ain't working for him.

I've still 18 entries left over from his one success at getting posts here removed. I could rewrite those. I do have copies of them. I'd simply repost them, but I'm not a lawyer and am not sure if I can legally do that, despite the fact that Kimberlin never proved things written on this blog were false.

I paid a heavy price for scooping this story. But I'm all the better for it. This is the dude who lied about selling pot to Dan Quayle. This is the dude who generated a lot of bunk with Brad Friedman of BradBlog and parlayed it into hefty donations. I've exposed this dude habitually lying. I wasn't the first. Mark Singer of the New Yorker was.

I love how we now have proof Kimberlin was the source behind Larisa Alexandrovna's "double secret exoneration for the Speedway Bomber" schtick. He also claimed in November he never had his parole revoked among other confabulations fully documented on this blog. Judge Jordan was simply the most recent dumbass to have fallen for his lies. Triple F (Jordan) is now in a select group which includes Doonesbury, an esteemed retired judge, and some other fools.

I am not the true hero. That would be Mark Singer. And let's not forget the true victims in all of this, Carl Delong and his family. Many questions also remain concerning the mysterious murder of Julia Scyphers. That case was never solved. Brett Kimberlin lied in November that he wasn't a prime suspect.

The dude simply needed to be exposed. I am proud to have carried on Mark Singer's legacy.

So the above was all about Kimberlin trying to get my story deleted through a domestic court. Though he didn't just try that route. He has had the civil case reopened. He couldn't accept his $100 token victory due to a flimsy default. He went on to victimise Aaron Worthing, and thankfully he has utterly failed with that nonsense too.

He tried to get me imprisoned for contempt, because I told the truth about Judge Jordan and blogged on the November court theatrics. DENIED!

Now he has appealed that decision. Oooh, I'm so scared. NOT!!!!

Here's part of the recent motion Brett wrote in the appeal process trying to take ownership of this blog.
Order Transferring Blog Domain (DENIED!)

The court having found that Defendant [Socrates] has not paid the judgment imposed in this case on Nov. 14, 2011, and that no stay or appeal has been taken by [Mr. Socrates] hereby ORDERS that [Mr. Socrates], within ten days, transfer his Google web blog to Plaintiff Brett Kimberlin in order to satisfy the $100 Judgment issued in this case.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Nothing feels better than to see Kimberlin lose once again. We truly have the greatest justice system in the world.

Anonymous said...

And Neal finally looks proper with the bald head. He looks like the deranged bully he is. Congrats, they didnt even get $100 out of you

socrates said...

There are old google posts by Neal, from the early 1990's. It's convoluted sex talk. I'm surprised he hasn't deleted those.

I also noticed he used to be a Republican. I'm not saying the right owns him. I'm just pointing out these guys transcend right versus left.

One trait of sociopaths is that they display no empathy.

They will lie if it serves their narcissistic goals.

I'll take being a poor bloke who wrote things based on facts than be a malicious sociopath who'll hurt others whether deserved or not. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

With all the harrassment he's done of conservatives, I'm not sure how anyone could suggest he's neutral or "owned by the right, but..."

socrates said...

My belief is it's all about making money. These are lefties in appearance only. Hoaxes were created which led to hefty grants and donations.